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We have learnt our  lessons, the hard way 31 March 2019 THE recent Cyclone Idai — which devastated parts of Manicaland, Masvingo and Mash East provinces of the country — has brought us face-to-face with the power of nature. 
All talk and no trousers 31 March 2019 THE Pfeesident is becoming a little too predictable. Last week, he left Zimbabwe, perish the thought, in the throes of a very devastating cyclone on account of a gratuitous state visit to United Arab Emirates. 
Like father, like son: They travel in nautical miles. . . ED's mounting foreign trips expose him 31 March 2019 I will not allow the raging debate and shaming of the chief ruler's penchant for frequent and extravagantly lavish travels without my pound of flesh. 
Mwonzora, Chamisa duel good for fair competition 30 March 2019 A LOT of Zimbabweans still believe in the power of fair competition. Douglas Mwonzora has thrown down the gauntlet and is running for MDC presidency, meaning Nelson Chamisa faces a congress challenge.
Cyclone Idai aid looters are heartless 29 March 2019 ALLEGED looting of donated goods for victims of recent Cyclone Idai by government and Zanu PF officials are depressing and show that Zimbabwe is indeed in trouble.
Stop Spreading myths about each other 29 March 2019 Stop spreading myths about each otherBrenton Tarrant attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, just a few weeks ago, murdering at least 50 people.
Mobilise for more medical supplies 28 March 2019 While Zimbabweans and the world have collected donations towards victims of Cyclone Idai in Manicaland and Masvingo with several truck-loads of food and clothes, what has been in short supply are medicines.
Zim should have long invested in sniffer dogs 28 March 2019 With close to 400 people still missing since Cyclone Idai hit the eastern parts of the country over a week ago, it is sad to note that Zimbabwe had to ask for special sniffer dogs from neighbouring South Africa.
Cde Mohadi, I hope you're listening! 27 March 2019 WHILE in Bulawayo on Zanu PF business over the weekend, Vice President Kembo Mohadi grieved over the ruling party's failure to regain lost ground in Harare and Bulawayo ever since the death of Joshua Nkomo in July 1999.
The huge heart of Zim after Cyclone Idai 27 March 2019 WE'VE hardly slept for a week in Zimbabwe, not since we heard those dreaded words: “a cyclone is coming.”
Govt must probe Sunday's stampede 26 March 2019 SUNDAY should just have been a day to celebrate the achievements of the senior men's soccer team, the Warriors — for securing a berth at this year's African Cup of Nations — to be held in Egypt in three months' time.
Cyclone Idai: After the floods,  famine and then more of the same 26 March 2019 OVERNIGHT, Mozambique's second-largest city disappeared. All the lights in Beira went off. Its buildings vanished under six metres of water. 
Price, tariff tragedy of regulated sectors 25 March 2019 OVER the past year or so we have seen inflation pressures escalating in Zimbabwe. The latest figure of 59,39 percent for January has invoked fears among Zimbabweans who do not want a repeat of the last decade's experiences when hyperinflation reached alarming levels.  
Open letter to the President 24 March 2019 PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa's admission that he is the one who authorised the deployment of soldiers to quell street protests on August 1, 2018 and in January this year was brave but leaves neutrals confused.
Parly stirs hornet's nest Should minors have access to contraceptives? 24 March 2019 DEBATE in the National Assembly to enable minors as young as 12 to obtain contraceptives has won the backing of several stakeholders.
We have learnt nothing from our immediate past 24 March 2019 IT was recently reported that the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has travelled to New York to attend the United Nations 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).
Even politicians  will not divide us 23 March 2019 ZIMBABWE is currently battling to come to terms with Cyclone Idai-induced devastation and politicians have conveniently taken advantage of the obtaining human suffering to score cheap political goals.
Bureaux de change are indeed the way to go 23 March 2019 OUR country's economic instability over the past couple of decades has left many of us so bruised and faithless in policies implemented by any government body such that when opportunities are presented, our first instinct is to reject them out rightly.
Accountability crucial  on cyclone donations 22 March 2019 THE massive response by corporates, churches, musicians, Diasporans, ordinary people and fellow States following the Cyclone Idai disaster in part of Manicaland has been overwhelming. 
Prevention better than cure 22 March 2019 ZIMBABWE like many other developing countries is facing increased prevalence rates of non-communicable diseases in addition to existing high rate of communicable diseases.
This is not it Mr President! 20 March 2019 LAST WEEK, at long last, seven long months after last year's August 1 killings that claimed at least six lives, President Emmerson Mnangagwa finally admitted he deployed the army on the fateful day.
Of Cyclones, uncertainty 20 March 2019 IN Zimbabwe cyclones off the Mozambique coast are almost always bad news.  Typically, our rainfall starts in November each year and runs through to March or April. 
Wonders never cease 17 March 2019 AFTER watching the Pfeesident's sidekick Victor Matemadanda's soporific homily on one online television, one gets an abiding feeling that indeed Zimbabwe is a God-forsaken country. 
Preparedness can help save lives, property 16 March 2019 WITH the memory of Cyclone Eline still fresh in everyone's mind, it's the right moment to point out that everyone in Zimbabwe needs to pay close attention to the fast approaching Cyclone Idai.
Responses to Zim highlight gulf between the region, the west 13 March 2019 The post-Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe continues to struggle to establish its legitimacy. 
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