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Parly stirs hornet's nest Should minors have access to contraceptives? 24 March 2019 DEBATE in the National Assembly to enable minors as young as 12 to obtain contraceptives has won the backing of several stakeholders.
We have learnt nothing from our immediate past 24 March 2019 IT was recently reported that the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has travelled to New York to attend the United Nations 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).
Even politicians  will not divide us 23 March 2019 ZIMBABWE is currently battling to come to terms with Cyclone Idai-induced devastation and politicians have conveniently taken advantage of the obtaining human suffering to score cheap political goals.
Bureaux de change are indeed the way to go 23 March 2019 OUR country's economic instability over the past couple of decades has left many of us so bruised and faithless in policies implemented by any government body such that when opportunities are presented, our first instinct is to reject them out rightly.
Accountability crucial  on cyclone donations 22 March 2019 THE massive response by corporates, churches, musicians, Diasporans, ordinary people and fellow States following the Cyclone Idai disaster in part of Manicaland has been overwhelming. 
Prevention better than cure 22 March 2019 ZIMBABWE like many other developing countries is facing increased prevalence rates of non-communicable diseases in addition to existing high rate of communicable diseases.
This is not it Mr President! 20 March 2019 LAST WEEK, at long last, seven long months after last year's August 1 killings that claimed at least six lives, President Emmerson Mnangagwa finally admitted he deployed the army on the fateful day.
Of Cyclones, uncertainty 20 March 2019 IN Zimbabwe cyclones off the Mozambique coast are almost always bad news.  Typically, our rainfall starts in November each year and runs through to March or April. 
Wonders never cease 17 March 2019 AFTER watching the Pfeesident's sidekick Victor Matemadanda's soporific homily on one online television, one gets an abiding feeling that indeed Zimbabwe is a God-forsaken country. 
Preparedness can help save lives, property 16 March 2019 WITH the memory of Cyclone Eline still fresh in everyone's mind, it's the right moment to point out that everyone in Zimbabwe needs to pay close attention to the fast approaching Cyclone Idai.
Responses to Zim highlight gulf between the region, the west 13 March 2019 The post-Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe continues to struggle to establish its legitimacy. 
Has Zimbabwe become an Oliver Twist? 13 March 2019 A couple of days ago, central bank governor John Mangudya aptly described Zimbabwe in Parliament as “a step child in a family of nations.”
Contest of the bizarre  in the spiritual world 11 March 2019 The “resurrection” miracle performed by popular Congolese pastor — Alph Lukau — on a “dead” Zimbabwean man about a fortnight ago in South Africa has raised a lot of questions.
Diplomat extraordinaire gone 11 March 2019 It was on a hot, sunny noon in Bulawayo on March 5, 2019 that we laid Ambassador Buzwani Donald Mothobi to rest at Lady Stanley Cemetery — not far from Mzilkikazi and Makhokhoba townships.
Food security remains key for any economy 10 March 2019 The reality of a drought this farming season is beginning to dawn on most people as crops they grew with positive expectations fail under their watch.
Power transition in Zim: From frying pan into fire? 10 March 2019 A time comes when overwhelmed Africans desperately desire to see a change in leadership and don't pay rapt attention to the details of the next leadership provided it is a new face. 
Rhodesia super than Zimbabwe? 10 March 2019 The  urban Idiot is a very complex idiot. Just a few months back the urban idiot was celebrating the fall of Robert Gabriel Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe, but today the urban idiot is all over social media expressing how they miss the man because he was much better than ED pfeeee. 
Stop the circus, end  people's suffering 7 March 2019 Zimbabwean politics has for long been like reading a wrong syllabus for an examination and I see no end to this as we are already in the 2023 electioneering mode.
Stop the rot at  Mutare City Council 7 March 2019 The Mutare City Council forensic land audit report covering 2007 to March 2018 has exposed rampant corruption in the valuation of stands in the local authority with low density stands selling for as little as 60 cents per square metre.
Hold on to a sense of purpose 7 March 2019 Psychotherapist Viktor Frankl emerged from the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps to found a new dogma of existential analysis which he named logo-therapy and explained in his seminal book. 
The world doesn't owe us a living 6 March 2019 ZIMBABWE has accumulated a gigantic debt which is creeping towards US$20 billion but with very little to show for it. A huge portion of that debt went into consumptive spending, with meagre amounts supporting infrastructure development and the productive sector.
How to extricate sinking AirZim 5 March 2019 LATE last month Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) confirmed its plane's departure from the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport was delayed because it had developed a technical problem.
Attacks on Mwonzora  bad for democracy 5 March 2019 In the past two decades or so, ordinary Zimbabweans have had to contend with the political banter — a form of teasing either opponents or allies — which normally ends in a pleasant way, at least according to the dictionary.
Dialogue has to be inclusive 4 March 2019 AS one of the contesting presidential candidates in the 2018 harmonised elections, I am happy that for once President Emmerson Mnangagwa has listened to the voice of the people and decided to sit down and dialogue. [GoogleAd] As candidates and leaders of political parties when we meet with ...
Zim aviation in slow, but positive climb 3 March 2019 LAST week, the local skies welcomed the arrival of the restructured fellow southern African carrier, Air Tanzania.
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