Letters to the Editor

Artuz condemns SA xenophobic attacks 2 April 2019 EDITOR — When Sadc leaders meet for their routine jamborees they have failed to construct a clear economic framework of rescuing our region from poverty. 
Parents should lead exemplary lives 2 April 2019 EDITOR — I wonder everyday when I walk through the streets of Harare and see the youth of today's disturbing behaviour. It hurts me more to see them indulge in activities that they know are deviant to our society.
Cyclone Idai: Leadership failure epitomised 30 March 2019 EDITOR — As one who hails from Manicaland Province, one who has relatives who died, were injured and some unaccounted for, at least for now, I have found it very difficult to take in the level of betrayal by our leadership of the day. Yes, it is a leadership failure, right across.
Shame on you Zanu PF 30 March 2019 EDITOR — The move by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) to bar Zanu PF bigwigs from interfering with food distribution in the Cyclone Idai ravaged areas is quite commendable.
Not too late to fix economy 29 March 2019 EDITOR — Zanu PF can boost our economy if it really wants to.  By getting priorities right and doing the right things fearlessly the party can mend the economy and make Zimbabweans smile again. 
Let's find ways to prevent crime 29 March 2019 EDITOR —  House robberies and break-ins are on the rise especially in low density suburbs of Harare. My house was recently broken into for the second time in a week.
Bread now too expensive 28 March 2019 EDITOR — The price of bread — reported to have increased from $1,40 to between $1,80-$2 is just too excessive. This is very expensive especially when everything in this country seems to be going up.
ED must walk the talk on economic revival 28 March 2019 EDITOR — Zimbabweans have suffered a lot for the past 38 years with nothing tangible to show. 
In memory of Cyclone Idai victims, survivors 27 March 2019 EDITOR — The whole nation plunged into mourning following the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai. 
Thank you Zimbabwe for the love shown 27 March 2019 EDITOR — I would like to thank the Government of Zimbabwe, churches, local companies, individuals and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who are assisting the victims of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani and the surrounding areas. 
Let us unite for a better Zim 26 March 2019 EDITOR — The political trajectory in Zimbabwe is disturbing. Zimbabweans both home and in the Diaspora have been taken for another gruesome ride under the Zanu PF government which has since exhibited it's failures to take this economy to a sound level.
Our environment needs us 26 March 2019 EDITOR —It is important for us to conserve our environment. I have noticed that not many people are concerned or really know the impact of destroying the environment whether be it via pollution or deforestation.
ED should cut down on foreign trips 25 March 2019 EDITOR — I am certain that by now President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lost count of the foreign trips he has embarked on since he came into power in 2017.
Tobacco farmers deserve better 25 March 2019 EDITOR — Government should recognise  the value of tobacco farmers. These are people who work all year round for the benefit of the nation. Their hard work should be recognised and rewarded accordingly.
International trade  significant for Zim 24 March 2019 EDITOR — Trade is a very important industry in every part of the world. It is simply the trading of something for something else. This can be one good for another good, one good for money, one good for a service, a service for a good, money for a service, etc.
Let's stimulate local trade 23 March 2019 Trade is a very important industry in every part of the world. 
Address street children's plight 23 March 2019 EDITOR — A wide range of factors has made the street children issue in the country a difficult challenge to deal with. 
Theatre can be a powerful tool in edutainment 22 March 2019 Theatre has the potential for being a democratic medium, in which the audiences may play an active role in medium-programming, and therefore in producing and distributing messages. 
New farmers should preserve our land 22 March 2019 Our agriculture seems to have been improving despite the harsh conditions of climate change but we need to guard against the evil of monoculture that is growing maize on the same piece of land year after year.
Warriors need to be cautious 20 March 2019 EDITOR — On Sunday, our national team have a chance to return to the continental show piece once again.
Stop politicising cyclone donations 20 March 2019 EDITOR — It is thoroughly dispiriting to hear that some people in this country are so divided to the extent of finding comic relief through the suffering of the masses.
Reform now before it's too late 16 March 2019 EDITOR — Someone once said that it is never too late to turn back and do the right thing. What Zanu PF seems to be blind to is that in their exclusion of all and anything not perceived to be Zanu PF they are more and more isolating the very people they supposedly went to war for.
Selfish Zanu PF govt behind our suffering 16 March 2019 EDITOR — Zimbabwe is my motherland. My heart bleeds when I see Zimbabwe in such a terrible state. Our elders took over the reigns from colonial masters and we all celebrated because we thought we are now in full ownership of our country.
Govt must urgently solve doctor's grievances 14 March 2019 Government should seriously look at concerns raised by senior doctors over the dire situation at the country's public hospitals. Yesterday, the senior doctors took their grievances to the street as they have realised it is the only way to draw government's attention.
Enact sanction-busting measures 14 March 2019 Editor — Following the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Ian Smith on November 11, 1965, the international community imposed economic sanctions on Rhodesia. The Rhodesian said, “if we have to eat sadza, then we will, to hell with the Scottish shortbread.” 
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