Letters to the Editor

Let's pray for our country 6 May 2019 © EDITOR — For Zimbabwe to go forward it needs all of us to pray..  We need press freedom, freedom of speech, rule of law (all citizens to respect rule of law without political affiliation), transparency, and accountable leadership.
Let's work on the Africa that we want 4 May 2019 © EDITOR — During the 8th African Union Summit which took place in Addis Ababa in 2007, the heads of State and government decided to launch a competition for the selection of a new flag for the Union.
Be proactive in addressing our country's challenges 4 May 2019 © EDITOR — Lack of patriotism and political polarisation are the leading factors hampering progress and development in the country. 
Desist from abusing female students 2 May 2019 EDITOR — College and university lecturers must desist from asking for sexual favours from female students in return for academic favours.  The issue of sexual harassment has been at play for some time now without any fruitful solutions to nip it right off the bud.  Sexual harassment in tertiar...
Let's pray for our nation 2 May 2019 Editor — It seems to me that Zimbabwe has entered into 2019 in a negative position. Not one thing is functional or normal about this nation. Phrases like ''Banana Republic,” and “Failed State,” come to mind. The people are in a sombre, uncertain and almost depressed mood. There is also a lot of a...
Govt should set up  innovation hubs 2 May 2019 © EDITOR — Zimbabweans are hard-working people who strive by all means to make a living. We have young and old people who can bring the glory to our nation. 
African govts need to come out of their comfort zones 2 May 2019 © EDITOR— The term “citizen sector” applies to the realm of activity that brings the power of private citizens to bear on important public issues.
Govt must create jobs urgently 2 May 2019 © EDITOR — It is sad that the government has been harassing ordinary Zimbabweans who are trying to fend for their families through proper means and not engaging in criminal activities.
Austerity measures haunting citizens   30 April 2019 EDITOR — The ugly implications of Finance minister Mthuli Ncube's austerity package are now haunting all citizens as we predicted.  Bread which used to cost 90 cents in January 2019 now costs up to $3,60, a 400 percent rise.  Incomes have either remained stagnant or just slightly increased, tea...
Government needs to find a way to fight corruption 30 April 2019 EDITOR — As President Emmerson Mnangagwa has just discovered, corruption is endemic and prosecution virtually impossible as most officials in the prosecution chain are complicit.  Two articles in your last Thursday edition show a) how prosecution is difficult and b) a method of exposing corrupti...
Leaders should understand people 30 April 2019 EDITOR — Somewhere in the Scriptures there is a part which says even if someone returns to earth from the dead, people would still not believe... or words to that effect.  [GoogleAd] Even if leaders in this country went to places like Mbare, Sakubva, Makokoba, Mbizo, Mtapa or Mucheke, they ...
Multi-stakeholder approach critical in combating road traffic accidents 30 April 2019 EDITOR — The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) has been fencing farms on the country’s major highways. The initiative if completed as planned is citizen-centric and has a high impact on protecting livestock, reducing related accidents and loss of lives.  [GoogleAd] Sadly, the gains...
Caledonia's Eastview  residents deserve better 29 April 2019 © EDITOR— For a considerable period now I have been going around some of the emerging residential suburbs in and around Harare.
MDC members must think wisely about gender balance 29 April 2019 © EDITOR — The MDC remains Zimbabweans' main hope for dethroning the failed Zanu PF regime.  The party's congresses up to provincial level in preparation for the party's main congress are almost done, apart from the South African congress.
Public drinking now a nuisance 26 April 2019 Editor — I have watched with dismay over the years how city by-laws in Harare are being rubbished. 
Theatre, an integral  vehicle for social change 26 April 2019 EDITOR — Theatre has the potential to being a democratic medium, in which the audiences may play an active role in programming, and therefore in producing and distributing messages.
Stiffer penalties must be meted out to rapists 26 April 2019 EDITOR — As one goes through the newspapers  these days, one only seems to read about more and more cases of rape. I think Zimbabwe as a country is going through a dark period in which men are raping women and children of all ages.
You need a barrier breaker mindset 25 April 2019 ©  EDITOR — Sometimes situations can be so stubborn to the extend of accepting them as part of life.  You are born to succeed. If others are making it in life, it's a sign which shows that you too can make it. Your present situation should not determine your future. 
Cyclone Idai victims remembered 25 April 2019 ©  EDITOR — On the weekend of March 15 – 17, 2019, both Chimanimani and Chipinge districts suffered multiple destruction from Cyclone Idai with survivors needing shelter, water, food, medication and blankets. 
Road markings need constant maintenance 23 April 2019 EDITOR — I often travel to Rusape and have noticed many things wrong with the road and drivers that contribute to the high accident rate on our roads. But which comes first the chicken or the egg? Loads of drivers ignore white lines and speed restrictions. I am not blameless.
Change attitude towards environment...condemns SA xenophobic attacks 23 April 2019 EDITOR — The environment is a critical component of our livelihood, unfortunately taken as a nonessential and freely given resource.  We humans as super beings tend to take the earth system contemptuously, and a resource without limit. 
Sudan crisis shows there's no such thing as real power 23 April 2019 EDITOR —The axing of former Sudan president Omar al-Bashir strips naked the overrated thing called power.  It robs of its beauty and admiration and reveals how political trap power can be.
Public officials should fight corruption 22 April 2019 EDITOR — Corruption can be defined as the misuse of public power for private benefit, involving underhand deals such as misappropriation of public funds.  The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has vowed to take stringent measures against corruption in all its operations. 
War vets must align with the suffering masses 22 April 2019 Editor — Instead of looking for more benefits and entitlement, it is time for the war veterans to proffer ideas to save their country.  In their prime age now, most war veterans are grandfathers and grandmothers.
We must conserve  underground water 22 April 2019 EDITOR — The water situation in Harare has become so critical such that many people are turning to boreholes for  clean water.  Borehole water in this country was especially used to keep lawns and vegetation green during the dry season.
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