Views on Independence 18 April 2019 MDC-T vice president Obert Gutu said: “After ushering in political independence, the next frontier of the battle should be to ensure socio-economic independence for the masses of Zimbabwe.
Celebrating  39 years of  Independence 18 April 2019 Since 18 April 1980, each year Zimbabwe celebrates its birthday with national pride and unity of purpose.  It is a day attained through supreme sacrifice by thousands of sons and daughters of this great land per a long and protracted armed liberation struggle against colonialism and settlerism.
Zacc appointees must be beyond reproach 14 April 2019 PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa must appoint credible commissioners to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) who are capable of fighting graft, including in high places.
Stigma: Barrier to TB eradication 14 April 2019 FOR years, Mthobisi Ndebele eked out a relatively decent living as a cross-border transporter of goods, otherwise known as malayitsha in the local language.
More betrayed spouses demand compensation 14 April 2019 ZIMBABWEAN courts have started granting estranged wives thousands of dollars in damages after suing "small houses" for stealing their men.
'Museveni ZITF invite a mistake'  14 April 2019 PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has come under attack for inviting Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to officially open this year's 60th Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) despite his alleged dictatorial tendencies.
Hopewell, I challenge you to go a step further 14 April 2019 I hardly knew of Hopewell Chin'ono before September 2018, nor did I take much notice of his writings.  In September 2018, a post on a social media group attracted my attention. [GoogleAd]  It was an online link titled Time the Zimbabwean Men Start to Think of Investing in Their Villages. I ...
Zim lady's boerewors conquer UK palates 14 April 2019 ZIMBABWE-BORN Delight Mapasure's decision to introduce boerewors on the United Kingdom market has surpassed her wildest dreams. [GoogleAd] In October last year, Mapasure and her South Africa-born husband Keitumetse Ngwenya co-founded a sausage-making company called K's Wors which is already...
Role of medical aid societies in the delivery of healthcare Part 2 14 April 2019 Ernest Gwinyai & Alex Majongwe Out of a population of 16 million about 800 000 to 1 000 000 Zimbabweans are on medical aid cover. As at December 31,  2017 about $650 million in contributions accrued to the medical aid sector. [GoogleAd] These funds almost equate to the nation's annual he...
Rian Malan muses on 'Two Weeks in November' 14 April 2019 Roger's novel is set in the demi-monde of Zimbabwe's politics at the end of Robert Mugabe's reign. Malan considers the portents for South Africa. [GoogleAd] “Two Weeks in November” features several characters whose identity is concealed behind pseudonyms, a factor that would normally seem s...
Singer turns into Sangoma 14 April 2019 AFRO-fusion singer Ammi Jamanda who recently collaborated with Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo, is on the cusp of becoming a traditional healer. [GoogleAd] She collaborated with Mapfumo, popularly known as Mukanya, his baboon totem, on the song Ruva Rangu. Candid and unapologetic abo...
Easter Holiday upon us! 14 April 2019 THE Easter Holiday, a season where Christians from all over the world celebrate the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ, is upon us! [GoogleAd] Jesus is believed to have been crucified on a Friday and then resurrected on the third day. Like any other holidays, Easter, a Christ...
Six years later, no devolution 7 April 2019 WHEN the 2013 Constitution came into force, it provided for devolution of power through the creation of provincial and metropolitan councils.
Council beer halls — The end of an era 7 April 2019 AS I walked past the infamous Matapi Police Station in the capital city's oldest suburb of Mbare, thoughts raced through my mind as I remembered the famed former High Court judge Justice Fergus Blackie who spent a night at the station's smelly cells as a guest of the State way back in 2002.
ED's excessive travels stoke more debate 7 April 2019 PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa continues to stoke heated debate over his excessive foreign trips, with analysts saying his advisors must counsel him to cut down on his costs of travel.
Mugabe's hatchet men going scot-free 7 April 2019 THE Emmerson Mnangagwa-l ed government is grappling with growing demands for compensation by victims of oppression and torture under his predecessor Robert Mugabe's regime.
Water crisis: Bulawayo's worsening headache 7 April 2019 THIS beautiful city, with its gorgeous and serene environment, a rich culture, coupled with conventional tree-lined streets, is facing a worsening water crisis.
What a circus. Where do we get such VPs from? 7 April 2019 It sure is a comic circus of tragic proportions. Thank God, the life of Senator Tambudzani Mohadi was spared after the vice president's aide restrained him from getting his gun. 
Medical aid  societies, delivery of healthcare: Part 1 7 April 2019 The total number of Zimbabweans on Medical Aid Cover ranges between 800 000 and 1000 000 members. This represents as at December 31, 2017 about $650 million that has accrued to the sector as income on annual basis. 
Chinodya: The reality of illusions 7 April 2019 Chairman of Fools, By Shimmer Chinodya, Harare, Weaver Press, 2005, (2006 edition) 182 Pages. ISBN: 1-77922-041-3 (Paperback) 
I am brutally honest in my writing: Phiri 7 April 2019 CELEBRATED writer Virginia Phiri has released her fourth fiction novel titled Grey Angels which follows on the success of other novels like Highway Queen (2010), Destiny (2006) and Desperate (2002).
Zim Catholic Church rocked by sodomy scandal 7 April 2019 A HARARE man who claimed he was sexually abused by a Jesuit priest and contracted HIV is demanding compensation from the country's Roman Catholic Church — the first such civil case in the country.
National clean-up campaign: Every citizen obliged to participate 5 April 2019 Every first Friday of the month is now a national clean-up day as part of government's efforts to entrench sustainable environment management and waste disposal systems.
Passport woes ground cross-border traders. . . RG's office has backlog of 200 000 documents 31 March 2019 CECILIA Majanyuke flips through the pages of her passport everytime it is stamped by immigration officials.
MDC bigwigs sweat over congress 31 March 2019 THE heat is on in the MDC where fearful bigwigs have forged alliances with their would-be rivals for posts at the party's looming congress which could usher in a new breed of politicians in the country's largest opposition party.
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