Does the Pac exist? 19 May 2019 © FIVE months on after President Emmerson Mnangagwa established a 26-member Presidential Advisory Council (Pac) to advise and assist him in formulating key economic policies and strategies, their value is yet to be felt as there appears to be no solution to the economic turmoil being experienced.
Sale of sex drugs  booming in Harare 19 May 2019 © FIVE Avenue Shopping Centre — a bustling arcade just outside Harare's central business district — is growing into a thriving location for the sale of illicit libido-enhancing drugs.
Zim losing hope of salvaging economy 19 May 2019 © THE country is losing its only remaining hope of salvaging its economy.
City fathers sleeping  behind the wheel. . . ignore solutions to Harare's water crisis 19 May 2019 © OVER the years, the Harare City Council (HCC) has been conducting various research studies on how best the city can improve on its water quality. Notwithstanding these efforts, none of the findings have been implemented.
It's cold out there. . . ex-Zanu PF bigwigs hit hard times after expulsion 19 May 2019 © PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa once said “ukabuda muZanu, unosvava seshizha rabva pana mai varo”, literally meaning life is difficult outside the ruling party.
I came to write through reading' 19 May 2019 University of Zimbabwe lecturer Memory Chirere is one Zimbabwean writer who is comfortable writing across the major languages of English and Shona. Chirere, who has published short stories in No More Plastic Balls (1999), A Roof to Repair (2000), Writing Still (2003) and Creatures Great and Small...
Church leaders call for lifting of sanctions 19 May 2019 © CHURCH leaders in Zimbabwe have called on the international community to lift economic sanctions against the country, to ease the burden on ordinary Zimbabwean citizens.  They also announced plans to host a National Convention later this year to “seek practical solutions” to the country’s conti...
I'm Simon Peter of the Zim  democracy movement: Tsvangirai 12 May 2019 © IT IS now over a year since the founding president of the MDC, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, passed to heavenly glory. I want to share with fellow freedom and democracy proponents my last political tête-à-tête with him in November 2017.
Tsvangirai divides MDC in death 12 May 2019 © Tsvangirai divides MDC in deathA SIGNIFICANT section of the MDC family, including the opposition political party's leadership, is convinced that the Zanu PF government played a role in the death of the party's founding father Morgan Tsvangirai who succumbed to cancer of the colon...
ED should have long resigned: Ngarivhume 12 May 2019 © JACOB Ngarivhume, leader of Transform Zimbabwe (TZ), does not see any difference between the old and new dispensations. If anything, he believes President Emmerson Mnangagwa is actually worse than his predecessor.
. . . ED's appointments raise eyebrows 12 May 2019 © WHEN he came to power through a military coup in 2017, President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised Zimbabweans a clean break from the past.
Fight for equality: The forgotten rural woman 12 May 2019 © ABOUT 60 kilometres northwest of Bulawayo in the semi-arid lands of Umguza, the Mkhwananzi family earns a living from providing manual labour within their village.
Entrepreneur invents poultry equipment 12 May 2019 © THE pain and guilt of losing 35 chicks due to her negligence when she was a young girl decades ago spurred Evangelista Chekera to dream of coming up with innovative solutions to the problems they regularly encountered at her father's poultry farm.
Reforms overdue for medical aid societies 12 May 2019 © A well regulated and effective medical aid insurance sector could lessen the cost burden on members and reduce the incidence of shortfalls. 
Achebe — An artist who  could see beyond his time 12 May 2019 © CHINUA Achebe ranks among the topmost writers to emerge from the African continent mainly because he happens to have been a pioneer in telling the story of the continent, especially following its contact with European imperialism.
'I don't know how my children will survive' 5 May 2019 © Mutemarare, 61, walks through his corn field, desperately looking for remnants of maize.He's not expecting to find any, as most of his crop wilted before reaching maturity, the result of the devastating drought that has hit Zimbabwe.
Battle for survival as urban poverty wreaks havoc 5 May 2019 © IT'S around 4pm in the sprawling town of Chitungwiza at Chigovanyika Shopping Centre, flies spin and tumble on the spreading beds of raw meat; women and men shout themselves hoarse at the same time, furiously warding off the excited flies.  It is a war of sorts —
Conflict heightens as water crisis bites in Gokwe North 5 May 2019 © IN the scorching heat amid gusty winds in a hot afternoon in Gokwe North, busty leaves swirl around Mercy Shanya from Mandiya Village as she sits under an acacia tree by a bone-dry river, queuing with her
Power, fame fuel   chieftainship wrangles 5 May 2019 © A CHIEFTAINSHIP wrangle in Makoni, where a member of the Muswere clan has dragged President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Local Government minister July Moyo to the High Court, has reignited debate over what could be causing these disputes.
Harare grapples with  garbage collection crisis 5 May 2019 © HARARE has become one huge dumpsite. Small mounds of garbage can be seen at every street corner in the city's suburbs because council is failing to collect rubbish on schedule.
Musekiwa's  fresh veggie  start-up flourishes 5 May 2019 © WATCHING her father waking up in the early hours of every morning heading to Mbare Musika to fend for the family aroused a passion in a little girl's heart.
Machine failures frustrate fight against cancer 5 May 2019 © PERENNIAL equipment breakdown problems at our main referral public hospitals have resulted in many cancer patients being turned away at a time they need help. 
Chegutu on health time bomb 5 May 2019 © IT IS almost a decade when water last ran through the now rusty tap of Mbuya Chikowo's home in Chegutu town. Standing at the door of her dilapidated two-roomed house where she stays with her four grandchildren, Mbuya Chikowo said a cholera outbreak is a constant scare for...
Unique chronicle of Zimbabwe's history 5 May 2019 © The Struggle Continues: 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe, By David Coltart; Auckland Park, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4314-2318-7 (Paperback)
'We are determined to continue evolving into a dynamic multi-platform' 2 May 2019 © IT IS now over eight years since the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) — the publishers of the Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday — bounced back after being undeservedly banned by the government of the day in September 2003. We have not looked back since the Zimbabwe Media Commission..
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