Graft prosecutors gain notoriety 16 June 2019 © PROSECUTORS from the Special Anti-Corruption Unit (Sacu) have gained notoriety for absconding court, failing to serve accused persons with requested papers and not responding to applications on time, amongst other shenanigans.
Partisan food distribution dominates Parly discourse 16 June 2019 © AS THE economic situation in the country continues to deteriorate, opposition legislators are now putting more pressure on government to deal with the issue of partisan food distribution.
Time for a National Health Insurance Scheme for all Zimbabweans 16 June 2019 © IN the absence of a national safety net coupled with the current prohibitive cost of healthcare services, it is imperative that Zimbabwe sets up a national health insurance scheme that caters comprehensively for every citizen to ensure the attainment of universal health coverage (UHC). 
Retrenchment opened  doors for ambitious Charehwa 16 June 2019 © WHEN retrenchment knocked on Roselyn Musarurwa Charehwa's door more than a decade ago while she was comfortably working for the Southern African Development Community (Sadc), she was devastated.
Released activists speak on 14-day prison ordeal 16 June 2019 © IMMEDIATELY after being charged with subversion, George Makoni, Gamuchirai Mukura and Sithabile Dewa were among the seven activists that were whisked to Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison where they would endure a two-week stay as rights lawyers battled to have them freed.
Zim — The curse of abandoned dreams 16 June 2019 © AS I snaked up the dusty dirt road that links Waterfalls and Highfield in Harare, I reached a rocky outcrop where the road seemed to reach a dead end. 
Govt has made people voiceless: Chief Ndiweni 16 June 2019 © CONTROVERSIAL Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna believes that while former president Robert Mugabe had serious imperfections in terms of his rule, the Second Republic is even worse.
. . . as he stokes fierce debate over chiefs' association with political parties 16 June 2019 © CHIEF Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni has set tongues wagging. An eloquent speaker, the Chief of Ntabazinduna has emerged to be one of the fiercest critics of Zanu PF.
Impact of English writing  on reading, authorship 9 June 2019 © WRITING is an art that does not come easily but the best creators have done so in their own languages. However, most people argue that the best way of learning how to write is through reading what others would have written. 
All is set for Arise o  Deborah conference 9 June 2019 © PREPARATIONS for the inaugural Arise o Deborah, a women's conference meant to promote women spiritually and materially. The event is slated for the Agricultural Society Exhibition Park on July 25 through to 27.
Pharmaceuticals — To 'make' or 'buy' 9 June 2019 © It is impossible for Zimbabwe to establish health security through donated medicines in the absence of a viable and sustainable system of public and private sector medicines procurement and manufacturing.
Doctors under scrutiny as  negligence claims rise. . . collapsing health services, poor working conditions cited 9 June 2019 © IN 1997, British-born anaesthetist Richard McGown was arrested and found guilty of causing the deaths of patients after he experimented on them.
New MDC  secretary-general preaches unity…says whatever happened before congress is now all in the past 9 June 2019 © THE country's largest opposition party, the MDC last month held its elective congress,  where Nelson Chamisa became substantive leader for the next five years during time which he will be complemented by a new team with personnel such as new secretary-general Chalton Hwende...
Amanzi offers superb dining experience 9 June 2019 © Amanzi offers superb dining experienceTHE Daily News on Sunday this week launches a brand new feature: a weekly restaurant column, written by the experienced food writer Epicurean, and designed to alert readers to the wealth of enjoyable and entertaining dining opportunities available...
Clampdown on human rights activists continues …as ED govt mimicking Mugabe's footstepsists continues …as ED govt mimicking Mugabe's footstepsv 6 June 2019 WHEN President Emmerson Mnangagwa ascended to power in November 2017, many hoped he will chart a new path and depart from his predecessor, former president Robert Mugabe’s ruinous ways. Upon occupying office, Mnangagwa’s government is mimicking Mugabe’s regime in so many ways. [GoogleAd] Hu...
Anti-graft fight targets bank accounts. . . many still sceptical of motives 2 June 2019 © A RECENT anti-corruption drive targeting individuals with tremendous amounts of money in their bank accounts has divided opinions.
Dying while giving birth 2 June 2019 © Dying while giving lifeA UNITED Nations Population Fund (UNFP) report revealed recently that approximately nine women in Zimbabwe die every day while giving birth.
Cheating among students rampant 2 June 2019 © GIVEN a choice, everyone desires everything to come either with little effort or at a pint-sized cost.Those born in the 1950s and 1960s often talk about hard work and how difficult it was during their “days” to attain a certificate or degree.
Two weeks in November – The story of how Mugabe was toppled 2 June 2019 © Two weeks in November by Douglas Rogers published by Jonathan Ball Publishers.A battered white Toyota Hilux hooted outside an apartment block in downtown Johannesburg. 
Royal experience propels Mbizvo 27 May 2019 © AT 24, Nyasha Mbizvo has had the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with the heavyweights of the United Arab Emirates, in a very unique but proud way.
Zim adopts generic  of latest Aids drug . . . new ARV eliminates side effects 26 May 2019 © ZIMBABWE has started using a generic version of the latest HIV/Aids drug that can improve and prolong the lives of people who suffer severe side effects and resistance to other treatments.
Open letter to Misihairabwi-Mushonga : School fees pose barrier    to children's education 26 May 2019 © WE are encouraged that the Education Amendment Bill explicitly entitles every child to “basic State-funded education,” including from early childhood to lower secondary education. The amended Act should provide the basis for Zimbabwe to guarantee the right to free education.
Court cases expose  police excesses 26 May 2019 © TWENTY FIVE years ago, Harare was turned into a war zone when irate members of the public torched a police car and went on a looting frenzy.
Honey Bee and medicines from It 22 May 2019 © Bees, honey and pollen are referenced in nearly every major scripture and culture, the Jewish and Christian bibles and Moslem Quran.
Does the Pac exist? 19 May 2019 © FIVE months on after President Emmerson Mnangagwa established a 26-member Presidential Advisory Council (Pac) to advise and assist him in formulating key economic policies and strategies, their value is yet to be felt as there appears to be no solution to the economic turmoil being experienced.
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