Schools: New havens for sexual abuse 24 March 2019 LONG back, parents and guardians used not to worry at all about the safety of their children the moment they entered the school yard.
Conceding defeat in  fight against nature ... as Gokwe's worsening water crisis goes unnoticed 24 March 2019 THE sun is ruthlessly scorching the cotton hub province, with the white gold and maize crops giving in to the vagaries of the sun, while rivers and water streams dry-up.
Whipped by Idai as the rulers watch 24 March 2019 HOW much more embarrassingly ridiculous can it get? How much more arrogant and nauseating can it get? Please God, how much more shall we suffer in pain, agony, and in fear of both the fury of nature and the battery and neglect from our wretched rulers?  Dear Mbuya Nehanda, how much more will you..
Oncologist declares war against cancer 24 March 2019 CANCER is one of the silent killer diseases claiming lives worldwide with 8,8 million people dying from the disease every year.
War: The worst of man-made woes 24 March 2019 A Fine Madness; By Mashingaidze Gomo, With a Preface By Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Oxfordshire, Ayebia Clarke Publishing Limited, 2010.  192 pp
Zimoco lands haval in Zim 20 March 2019 ZIMOCO, the country's sole premier Mercedes Benz dealer has brought to Zimbabwe a new range of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) called the Haval H range.
Corruption in prisons getting out of hand 17 March 2019 ZIMBABWE is ranked amongst the most corrupt nations in the world. It is often said that the well-heeled who are corrupt have their way of escaping the long arm of the law, hence it is essentially the “small fish” that go to prison.
Who really was behind Gukurahundi? Mugabe, former lieutenants shift blame 17 March 2019 WHEN former president Robert Mugabe was swept away through a popular coup, the world celebrated the departure of an “evil dictator”.
People with albinism bemoan steep sunscreen prices 17 March 2019 LIKE most 12-year-old girls of her age, Primrose Moyo — who has pale skin due to a pigment disorder that barely protects the skin from the sun's radiation — used to enjoy playing outside with her friends even when the sun was blazing hot.
MDC Congress: Proposals to achieve unity, progress 17 March 2019 THERE is nothing amiss about the split of political parties, churches, football or other sporting teams, partnerships, corporates, or any voluntary organisation for that matter. 
Will the Health minister act? 17 March 2019 THE tears and emotion of one specialist consultant are more than just that. These are tears that capture the decay of our healthcare delivery over the past 20 years. 
'Harare's new parking fees  now at par with Sadc cities' 17 March 2019 THIS month the City of Harare hiked parking fees by 100 percent, citing an increase in operational costs. The Daily News on Sunday's Helen Kadirire sat down for an interview with City Parking spokesperson Francis Mandaza to hear more about his development which has infuriated motorists
Piracy: Cancer that kills creativity 17 March 2019 THE cancer of piracy has continued to gnaw at the very survival of what remains of the book sector.
What are they reading? 17 March 2019 The Daily News on Sunday's Assistant Editor Maxwell Sibanda caught up with different personalities who shared with us the books they have been reading lately.
GMM to set Byo alight 17 March 2019 BULAWAYO's White City Stadium B Arena will reverberate when the Goodness and Mercy Ministries train invades the venue in the Zimbabwe's second city in two weeks' time.
Miracle Paul to resume crusades 17 March 2019 YOUTHFUL televangelist and New Revelations Ministries' leader Miracle Paul, famed for Abraham's Tent, is set to continue with his gospel crusades next month.
A divided opinion on national dialogue 10 March 2019 Zimbabwe's prolonged crisis has not only polarised society but it has simultaneously sown a pervasive sense of doubt, suspicion, mistrust and even indifference on anything political, especially when it has to do with Zanu PF government. 
Tax issues of medical claims 10 March 2019 Sickness has no respect of affluence and it befalls us all. At a given point in time, we may not all be in a position to cover the medical bills associated with such sickness and to guard against that some may decide to take medical insurance. 
Complementarity crucial in health care delivery 10 March 2019 Public and private hospitals can collaborate and complement to deliver healthcare.
Poniso Watema: A force to reckon with in the education sector 10 March 2019 Growing up full of zest to one day become a leader, counsellor and role model to some, Poniso Watema has persevered and conquered her space in society, becoming the only female principal in Zimbabwe's eight polytechnic colleges.
Female mortician shares her fascinating career 10 March 2019 Not many people are able to handle just the sight of a lifeless body around them, worse still if it is not that of a relative or friend.
. . . as child support dwindles, Children in broken homes suffering, Shut out of society without birth certificates 3 March 2019 The Daily News on Sunday can report a perfect storm of worsening economic conditions and poverty is putting a squeeze on the source of income for poor single-mother families, many are once again flooding the courts seeking upward variations of their maintenance orders.
Drugs Derail Youths 28 February 2019 Gazing into an empty space, with a silver chandelier dangling from a nicely decorated ceiling, and a nicely built house that can be mistook for a mansion, Melody Mapanda looked upset and emotionally drained. 
Mungoshi's passing enriches heavens' anthology of authors 28 February 2019 IN his survey of Black English writers from this part of the world that we proudly call home, American author Tim McLoughlin described Charles Mungoshi as “Zimbabwe's most substantial writer not least because he offers such a penetrating and complex image.
Dress for the red carpet 28 February 2019 In previous decades a red carpet was used to mark the route used by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions. In recent years, it has been extended to be used by VIPs and celebrities for formal events like awards ceremonies.
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