Zim needs our prayers

Editor — It is as if Zimbabwe has been left totally leaderless: rudderless. Millions of citizens have been left in the dark as to the way forward. That our economy is crashing and burning is not under dispute. We get no clear solutions from the ones who have caused our problems: the Zanu PF government. 

In fact all they seem to be doing is to be preparing to crush any dissent, stay aways, protests or demonstrations. One newspaper informed us that the Zim security forces were buying new weapons in order to combat looming street protests.

If that is the answer to Zanu PF’s 39 years of gross misrule and maladministration they should resign in shame and be sent packing.
They offer no apology: the utterances often coming from ministers are abhorrent and clueless; there is absolutely no accountability and no responsibility taken. In any normal society or situation they would have had the grace to resign and step down. 

But as we all know Zanu PF will not do the honourable thing. They will oppress and terrorise and threaten. That is the answer to their complete inability to govern our nation. I have lost all respect and trust for that party as a liberation movement.

President ED has broken every promise made from November 2017 when many in this nation were beguiled into believing he was a reformer. It was a bald-faced lie and utter deception. Anyone who expects us to believe anything emanating from any ministry, including the Finance ministry and the RBZ is dreaming. 

The new Energy minister is equally inept with regards to solving the massive energy problem that faces Zimbabwe. The hole they have dug for themselves and for the nation is indeed deep and dark.

Recently, the ex-mayor of Harare, Ben Manyenyeni, pointed out that the whole country has a 30-year infrastructure deficit. The last high rise in Zimbabwe, Joina Centre, broke ground 20 years ago and the last hotel to be built was the Cresta Lodge. What does that say to us? The City of Harare has been patching the 60-year-old Morton Jeffrey Water Works. Why has this never been replaced or totally upgraded? 

Where has all Zimbabwe’s wealth and national assets gone to? We can ask the powers that be who have governed this nation for 39 years and unashamedly fleeced and used and abused billions. There is a conservative estimate that 80 billion has been corrupted and stolen since independence. 

That, me thinks, is the tip of the iceberg. And then there is the incredible wastage and misgovernance. Who with half a brain cell builds a sports stadium above housing, hospitals and schools on attainment of independence and more recently a new Parliament when the economy is sub-zero and they cannot even govern to fill a pothole from the current Parliament.

Zimbabwe inherited a pristine infrastructure and a strong economy built on the back of the most stringent of sanctions. What happened? Where did it all go? Our capital city is a tip with no water. Water is a human right. Who is involved in the water and chemicals cartel? Please can we have some investigative reporting. 

The ruling party portrays itself as a liberation party. What liberation have they led Zimbabwe and its millions into? Every promise of ED Mnangagwa has been blown into the wind. He meant not one word of it. Reformist indeed! Zanu PF has one agenda and one agenda only. A very selfish one. 

In their world Zimbabwe does not matter. It is all about self enrichment and the preservation of a bloody party that believes it has a licence to strip this nation and run it as their own private piggy bank. It’s time the national till was slammed shut on the fat greedy fingers who are for ever dipping into State coffers. 

Zimbabwe needs truth and justice. Zimbabwe has never had justice. Zimbabwe is run by a kleptocratic group of avaristic cartels who need to be torn down and exposed. The greed of the few has impoverished the many.

It does not take a PHD to know how to fix the problem and how to implement best business practices. Zimbabwe is fixable but not with the current crop of corrupt self-serving politicians who refuse to acknowledge that they are the problem and who refuse to accept responsibility always pointing fingers in every other direction. 

Zimbabwe needs unity now as never before. This nation needs to stand together and say, “This far and no further.” And this cannot be achieved by a myriad of different groupings speaking with different voices.

Zimbabwe must now speak with ONE voice. Who will be our unifier and who will be the leader our land so desperately longs for?

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