High Court ruling opens a can of worms

© Editor — please allow me to express my opinion on this matter. I feel strongly that the recent High Court judgment on the contentious MDC leadership affects inclusion of Thokozani Khupe and Nelson Chamisa in the July 2018 presidential race as contestants to take charge of Zimbabwe’s affairs.


They were both not legitimate leaders of their parties at the time according to the ruling which means they render the presidential race invalid.  This means Zec made a huge mistake in registering them to be voted for rendering the results null and void. 

I think Justice Mushore’s verdict implies that the election outcome should as well be set aside and usher in a caretaker government. 
It might also mean Khupe and others engaged in dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa are wasting their time. 

It is surprising how Khupe quickly jumped in to take over Chamisa’s position before the dust even settled after the release of the judgment as if she knew beforehand about the ruling, after all she is not the one who took the case to court. This suggests that this is something that was hatched with her knowledge. 

In my opinion, Khupe cannot dump her party like that. I am appealing to other readers to comment on this issue so that we all get a clear understanding of the matter.
Miffed Citizen.