Environment is our  responsibility

© EDITOR — The environment is a critical component of our livelihood, unfortunately taken as a nonessential and freely given resource. 

We humans as super beings tend to take the earth system contemptuously, and a resource without limit. 

If we take it from the foundation of  nature and the human race, God created nature first and later humanity and both to coexist as complemental entities, and God commanded men to “subdue and have dominion” over  nature. It is in this vein that humanity chooses to express superiority and destructiveness against nature. Literally, nature supports our survival and abusing and destroying it is like cutting a tree branch that you are seated on, and surely this is against the environmentalism concept God had in mind.

I am entirely on the stewardship world view that places a higher ethical responsibility on humanity to take care of the earth, nature and its natural systems, we are supposed to leave it better than we found  it. Remember we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children (Native American proverb).

The state of our environment is pathetically deteriorating and we seem not to care, all we care is to meet our own needs without regard for the future. We have pushed it (nature) beyond its biophysical limit and it’s beginning to retaliate, once a prey now a predator. We are faced with unprecedented labyrinth of complexities and myriad systemic dysfunction. To say the causes are masturbatory in nature is a lying statement, humanity is involved in this indictment directly and I must say it boldly, we are entirely responsible for all these calamities.

Our environment has reached a limit where it is beginning to give out vital signs (Brown et al 1995). I am not a prophet of doom but we are facing a crisis and is predicted to worsen if we don’t change our attitude towards nature. The same direction we are heading in is the same direction our environmental woes are coming from.

The Gaia hypothesis implies that the earth is a single system, coherent and self-regulatory, it will adjust to any impact of any nature, however, the adjustment may alter to exclude man much as the introduction of oxygen into the atmosphere by photosynthetic bacteria alter to exclude anaerobic bacteria. The environment is likely to ship us out and spew us from the whole system and imagine, this will mean the end of human existence.
Luke 3 verse 10 says “My epistle is directed to you oh Theophilus of this age, not to intimidate nor scare you but to alter your activities and have the environmental fragility in mind.”

What shall we do then? Perhaps you are asking! Repent and be baptised or perish! Change your attitude towards the environment or perish! Litter no more and be responsible for all your action, avoid cutting trees irresponsibly, instead plant more. Actually if you thought you were more superior to the environment, let me shock you, 

Ecclesiastes 3 verse 9 also says “Man’s fate is like that of the animal, the same fate awaits them both, as one dies so does the other, all have the same breadth or spirit.”
Men are virtually no better than animals at all! We are but just a component of nature!

There is need to change our attitude towards nature and the entire environment at individual level. Each effort made will make a significant difference at corporate level. 

Difference starts with me and you! We need to embrace the concept of sustainable development for the sake of generations to come, our own children and grand- grandchildren. Imagine this same debilitated environment is the same we expect to support and sustain their lives. 

We need to eradicate our greed-driven behaviour! We can make this environment better and habitable for ourselves and generations to come!!


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