Arrest of touts by police from January 2019 to date

© EDITOR — Reference is made to a letter to the editor by BG in the Daily News of May 8, 2019 titled, Please deal with touts at pick up points.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) appreciates and acknowledges the comment and concern by the reader.
Since January 18, 2019, the ZRP has been conducting an operation to rid bus ranks and transport pick up points of touts or rank marshals. 

A total of 9 599 marshals have been arrested to date. 
Some have been taken to court while others have deposited fines according to the provisions of section 40 of the Road Motor Transportation  Statutory Instrument 1/97.

In order to decisively deal with touts, the ZRP implores transport operators, local authorities and relevant stakeholders to come on board and ensure touting activities are dealt with once and for all. 
We call upon some operators and their crew to stop employing touts who harass potential passengers, contribute to criminal activities at ranks and engage in all sorts of abuse to the travelling public.

Economic development can only take place where there is law and order. In this regard, we call upon transporters to play ball and assist the police to remove touts from bus ranks and pick-up points.

Nyathi P Assistant Commissioner
Acting Chief Staff Officer (Press, Public and International Relations)