Tocky,  Soul Jah Love  collaborate

DANCEHALL star Tocky Vibes will collaborate with fellow chanter Soul Jah Love in a new song titled Vakorinde.

The record is among a number of singles he is working on before the release of his new album.

“We are doing a song together titled Vakorinde. This is something for our fans to look forward to. Currently, I’m working on a number of singles before the release of my new album,” he said.

The two chanters are arguably among the biggest names in Zimdancehall circles and a lot is expected from their duet.
Tocky said he is also doing another duet with Jamaican star Sir Ford for him to broaden his audience. 

“I’m not working with locals only. We are doing another song with Sir Ford from Jamaica.”
The musician is currently working on a new album titled The Villagers’ Money which he said is now being polished before release. 

He said the album carries at least 23 tracks which will be divided in Volume One and Volume Two.
“The album will be different, it will have two volumes. Volume One will be the reggae and slow tempo songs while the Volume Two will be strictly dancehall,” he said.

“I used to sing about people’s stories and this new album is me telling my story. If I don’t write my own story who will write? This is what to expect from the album,” he added.
The album will also carry along rural-themed videos to explain the title.

“The videos will do the talking, explaining the title. So far three videos are done and they will be coming out together with the album,” he said.