. . . as Dairibord offers the singer maheu

Contemporary musician Jah Prayzah who has been circulating as a Pfuko Maheu meme following his white outfit in his latest video Chikomo has had the last laugh.

While others found it as a way to cartoon the musician, Dairibord Zimbabwe, the manufacturers of maheu have offered to give him some. A photograph of the musician in the white robe started circulating on social media over the weekend giving rise to different memes including the Pfuko Maheu one.

Among other memes is a picture from the yesteryear’s film Power Rangers which the musician has also shared. Others have also started a social media challenge sharing images in their white robes imitating the musician.

On Tuesday, Jah Prayzah took the joke lightly and shared the image with the caption “Huh Dairibord ndisoteiwo 2 ma case ePfuko ndiswere ndichinwa pa office nhasi, honai zvandaitwa nema customer enyu.  zvisinei, tirimo hedu muChikomo.” (Dairibord look what your customers have done to me, please give me two cases of Pfuko to enjoy at my office).

The image was widely shared and could not escape the eyes of the manufacturing firm who also shared it on their social media with the caption, “Jah Prayzah Tanzwa zvichemo zvevanhu, huya utore #Pfuko.” (We have heard people’s concerns, come and get Pfuko).

This is the latest example of how social media jokes have led to the benefit of the supposed victim with examples such as Lorraine Guyo of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame and the Chicken Inn couple.

Jah Prayzah expressed delight at the organisation’s response.
“Thank you Dairibord and everyone who managed to get the message through, come and we share the maheu,” he said.