Thank you Zimbabwe for the love shown

EDITOR — I would like to thank the Government of Zimbabwe, churches, local companies, individuals and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who are assisting the victims of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani and the surrounding areas. 

According to our African culture, in times like this, we are bound to join hands and put our heads together, despite our religious, political, cultural and social differences, in helping one another.

The move adds up to our culture and indeed it is highly applauded. That inherent value which is the spirit of Ubuntu and love has to extend beyond all boundaries, to share whatever we have no matter how big or small.

May I take this opportunity to convey my condolence massage to the bereaved families, friends and relatives of those who lost their precious lives to Cyclone Idai. 
May their souls rest in peace. Death is a mystery and sometimes how people die adds to the mystery. In addition, I wish a speedy recovery to all those who were injured. 

In this age of technology, we are well-equipped with weather instruments and equipment like weather radars that can detect such disasters well in advance before they befall us. I urge our government to be prepared in future. 

If it means displacing people from the targeted areas, let it be so to save human lives and avoid injuries, of which once life is lost, will never be replaced. 

We are not like the biblical Pharaoh who waited until the 10th plague consumes his first born to realise that he is up against more superior forces than the pathetic god he worshiped. 

Pardon Makunike,
Zimre Park, Harare.