Our environment needs us

EDITOR —It is important for us to conserve our environment. I have noticed that not many people are concerned or really know the impact of destroying the environment whether be it via pollution or deforestation.

During the summer season veld fires are mostly common.
Some are deliberate mainly caused by farmers as they prepare their field for the upcoming farming season.

Then there are those caused by ignorance like cigarette stubs.
Over the years, an average of a million hectares is burnt each year, resulting in loss of pasture, forestry resources, plantations, livestock, property and sadly human lives. In the past years several lives were lost and property worth millions of dollars was destroyed.

It is my sincere hope that the Environmental Management Agency make it a priority to conscientise the people especially those in the rural areas about the hazards of veld fires and most importantly the dangers they pose to the environment.

We are now living in an era where climate change has taken centre stage. It may not mean much now, but surely in the future. 
Already we are seeing effects of climate change in weather patterns throughout the world. 

Let us value our environment and safeguard the lives of future generations.