Let us unite for a better Zim

EDITOR — The political trajectory in Zimbabwe is disturbing.
Zimbabweans both home and in the Diaspora have been taken for another gruesome ride under the Zanu PF government which has since exhibited it’s failures to take this economy to a sound level.

We have a huge task to accomplish as true sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who still have the stamina and zeal to rescue this beautiful country from the jaws of economic poverty.

The standards of our health care system has been deteriorating each and every year coupled with shortage of drugs in our major hospitals ad clinics.

We have lost our beloved ones due to insufficient supply of very important drugs. The well being of general Zimbabweans and their standards of living have gone down with a family of five living under $2. 

We have been under the yoke of anticipating each and every year , guessing what would be the day like  tomorrow. The future has become bleak for some of the people. Resiliency has been the order of the day. People have endured long winding queues in the banking halls spending their time to withdraw their partly hard earned cash. 
Electronic transactions have been forced onto us because of cash shortages.

Greedy politicians have not bothered to fix the challenges facing the country but have turned a blind eye to the ill-treatment of the majority of Zimbabweans who are struggling to put a decent meal on their tables.

We see them drive flashy cars and had never seen them in fuel queues or banking halls . One does not need to be a rocket scientist to see how this regime has grounded the once vibrant economy.  

We used to be the bread basket of Africa exporting agricultural products but all has vanished. Recently we have witnessed the shortage of fuel hitting the country.

This has been showing signs of mismanagement of our government. The government has been running like a tuck shop a  mafia style, type of a hit and run movie. 
It is sad that the country is being run by people with mediocre intellectual mind. We have dismally failed for the past 10 years to have our own local currency.

Many economic analysts have forewarned the government of the impending dangers of introducing travellers cheques,  bearer notes and  these current bond notes but the government decided to ignore. 

More bond notes have been unleashed thus pushing up the black market causing a price hike of basic commodities on the retail market.

People have felt the heat and have been pushed at the corner. The only way to find a breathing space would be to get out of that thermal disturbance and free themselves. It is not going to be easy task though, but change will come. People will vow to continue fighting for the betterment of their lives. Rome was not built in a day.

There are certain steps to be carried first. People with a vision will never fail. Demonstrations and toyi-toying at this juncture will not suffice. The opposition need to surprise the ruling party in the ballot box.

This is a do or die encounter where the future of young Zimbabweans will be determined by the power to vote for the leaders of their choice.
Zimbabwe cannot afford another sham election in 2023.

Youths want jobs. Yes they can be their own employers but where can they get the funds to start the businesses? 
The streets are full of vendors. Ours has become a vending country from snort apples to roasted maize.

Our sunshine city has become a hive of vendors from Kaguvi to the Eighth  Street. People have become so hopeless and the young have resorted to smoking marijuana and prostitution thereby exposing themselves to HIV and Aids.

The ruling party must be reminded that they can rig the election but they cannot rig the economy. It is now crystal clear that those in power right now have no the people’s endorsement but through hook and crook.