Force4Good  Awards beckon

THE Eatout Movement is hosting the Force4Good Awards at a local hotel this Friday. 

The awards were created by the EatOut Movement as a platform to honour, recognise and award individuals, organisations and corporates that are going an extra mile in helping prevent and fight homelessness and other social ills.

According to founder Henry Ngoni Chigama, the Force4Good Awards also seek to create awareness on homelessness, fundraise and help challenge others to act.

“Fourteen categories have been created using programmes being carried out by the EatOut Movement to fight homelessness. The categories include Shelter, Education, Food & Nutrition, Employment, Youth Initiatives, Orphans, Women & Children, Social Innovation, Disabled Community, Community Development, Prevention Projects, Philanthropy and Volunteering Services,” said the EatOut Movement founder.

Chigama, who at one time was homeless, founded the EatOut Movement Africa with the help of a number of corporates and volunteers.

“The EatOut Movement’s mission is to provide long-lasting, sustainable assistance to the homeless, the neglected and those socially excluded in the community by raising awareness of their plight, fostering partnerships, fundraising to assist with their needs and restoring a sense of dignity to their lives.