Chiweshe man jailed  18 years for murder

A CHIWESHE man was jailed 18 years by the High Court last Thursday for murdering a reveller.

Kudakwashe Chikukwa was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in jail for murder by High Court judge Esther Muremba.

Prosecutor Venancia Mutake proved that on April 12 last year Chikukwa was drinking beer with the now deceased at Givemore Muzunde’s homestead.

The now deceased person had a puppy with a leash tied on its neck.
Chikukwa began accusing the now deceased of trying to kill the puppy because the leash was too tight and a misunderstanding ensued between the two.

Chikukuwa took the puppy and began running away and was followed by the deceased before they began fighting.
During the fight, the two fell down but Chikukwa managed to get up first and reached for a log which he used to strike the now deceased who then fell down.

He got up and walked for 80 metres before falling on his back and Chikukwa stamped him in the stomach with booted feet before leaving him there.
Muzunde found the now deceased person and took him to his residence where he was discovered dead the following morning by Peter Majuru.

Chikukwa had already been arrested over disorderly conduct and booked into Chombira Police Station.
When the murder report was filed, Chikukwa was taken to the scene and made indications.