Stop politicising cyclone donations

EDITOR — It is thoroughly dispiriting to hear that some people in this country are so divided to the extent of finding comic relief through the suffering of the masses.

The tragedy brought about by Cyclone Idai which ravaged most parts of Manicaland is no laughing matter. It would be prudent if people stop this uncouth habit of politicising donations that are being mobilised for the victims. This tragedy, I am sure has affected people from across the political divide.

We have witnessed the sad chapter of farming inputs being distributed along partisan lines. My thinking is everyone who is willing to help to be allowed to lend a hand. Credit should go to individuals and corporates who have mobilised resources in this challenging economy to help the victims of the cyclone.

Zimbabwe has been torn apart because of the divisions that have been brought about by politics. As a country we should be united more than ever so that we feel and share the pain that has been brought by nature on our fellow countrymen.

Despite this being a huge disaster, the cyclone should present a forum for every single Zimbabwean, home or abroad to  present a united front. The country has seen so much already, because the drought that ravaged the farming season means that more people than usual are going to require food aid.

The resources that are being mobilised should be handled in a transparent manner such that more can be channelled towards aid.
What is holding back the development trajectory of this country is this animal called politics?

Zimbabweans should never allow partisan lines to cloud their judgment.
The pictures and videos that are coming from Chimanimani are dishearting and as a country we should feel for those who are affected.

Let us remain united through thick and thin.
— Mufaro.