Wellness Day for  Warren Park residents

Harare's Warren Park residents were treated to a Health and Wellness Day at an event held at Magamba Hall that drew partners from the government, health departments and various non-governmental organisations.

Talia Women’s Network director Saliwe Zakariya said this had become routine for the organisation to bring International Women’s Day celebrations to Warren Park where they target women and men from surrounding areas and teaching them several topical issues on legal, health and financial aspects. 

“Since 2017 we realised we had a mandate to keep on bringing our services annually and this includes lessons in legal issues such as wills, inheritance issues, mental health issues among many other intricate issues that mostly affect women,” Zakariya said.
Linda Longwe-Musesengwa who runs a local leadership company and is affiliated with the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce urged women to aim for better and worthy lives through forgiveness, networking and having a positive outlook. 
“Let’s take this chance on Women’s Day to remind each other that we are each other’s keeper. As women we should learn to network, forgive and push towards better results in society.