Harare water rationing prompts call for boreholes

HARARE - Harare City Council is now under pressure to rehabilitate its boreholes as the city starts instituting a strict water rationing regime that should see residents receiving water at least twice a week.

According to the new water rationing schedule for March, only Mbare, Highfield, Sunnigdale, Mufakose, Graniteside, Willowvale, Ardbennie, Southerton Industrial area and the Central Business District will receive water everyday.

Other areas will get water twice or thrice every week with suburbs such as Kambanji, Glen Lorne, Philadelphia, Mandara, Chisipite, Highlands and Ballantyne Park set to get water once a week
Town clerk Hosiah Chisango said the city was in the process of rehabilitating boreholes that were not decommissioned.

He said they would be installing solar-powered boreholes after councillors complained that the manual pumps were too strenuous on residents. “We have already started installing solar powered boreholes in areas such as Mabvuku. “We doing everything in our powers to ensure that we provide the ratepayers with water. 

“We are also looking into other technologies to ensure water is available and with an acceptable quality,” Chisango said.
He said some of the measures they were instituting include the use of chlorine dioxide which is still at trial level.

Chisango emphasised that if the trials prove to be positive, the city will save on other water treatment chemicals and use the new one which will provide the same quality but for a lesser cost.
During a full council meeting, acting distribution manager Tapiwa Kunyadini indicated that council was now pumping 300 megalitres (ML) of water daily against 620ML they were pumping last year.

“We are hoping that with the works that we are undertaking at Morton Jaffray and the commissioning of Avondale pump station, we will be able to have returned water production to over 500ML by end of April,” he said.