Soul Jah Love  mends his  relations with South Africa

HARARE - Dancehall star Soul Jah Love seems to have mended his relations with his followers in South Africa if his latest expedition is anything to go by. Sauro as the chanter is fondly known has had sour relations with the South African folk resulting in clashes but it seems all that has passed now.

The singer had a recent successful outing in the neighbouring country, staging three gigs together with rising singer Jahnoz.
“We are happy with the reception we got in South Africa, the turnout was overwhelming. All that noise is now a thing of the past, we are on a new journey now and we are happy that it is bearing fruits,” his manager Simba Dammer said.

Born Saul Musaka, Soul Jah Love said 2019 is the year to make amends and correct his mistakes. “This is the year to make amends. You know here and there we are found on the wrong side and I’m trying to cut on that,” he said. Soul Jah Love missed court on Tuesday resulting in a warrant of arrest being issued against him and his handlers say he is a law-abiding citizen.

“He is a law-abiding citizen and may not willingly abscond court. He will attend and make sure due process is followed,” he added.
The Naka Dhula Dhaka singer is on a restructuring exercise, cleansing his image and making more music. He has been performing in the country with shows such as in Bindura drawing huge crowds.

“We have embarked on a new journey and people are being appreciative. A lot has been said about Soul Jah Love and we are now showing the other side, the things he can do,” his handler added.