Govt must unite citizens to save our economy

Austerity measures announced by the authorities ostensibly to stabilise or resuscitate the comatose economy, are in reality an act of removing a life jacket to a situation that had drifted to the deep end.

That Zimbabwe’s economy has ground to a halt is a painful truth hard to accept and believe. So much effort has or is being put to get the economy moving but all the effort is being overpowered by the force and weight of the economic challenges Zimbabwe has endured since the late 90s.

The plain truth is government is overwhelmed by situations needing its attention as much as they may want to portray a sense of courage and bravery their efforts are not yielding much for the suffering majority to appreciate and ailing businesses to acknowledge.
The government has to move with speed and sincerity to ensure the few businesses still operational having fought hard to keep their heads above the water are rescued from collapsing as a result of imminent or already increased rentals for leased business premises, stagnant sales volumes and ever increasing input costs.
There has been so much confusion on the rental pricing structure as a result of the announced RTGS dollar and the FCA accounts. 
Government has to clarify. 
The reality of record business closures this year is as sure as the sun sets in the west.
It is unfortunate that politics has emerged as the queen mother of determining the functionality of our nation at the expense of citizens determining and working toward a harmonious nation where every citizen feels proud to belong, take collective responsibility and effort to preserve.
After all there are so many institutions where there is convergence of citizens irrespective of different political inclination.
Now is the time for all citizens of this great country to unite in another push to revive our ailing economy.