Zanu PF wants Mugabe stripped of honours

ZANU PF youth league has escalated its  attacks on former leader Robert Mugabe, pictured, whom it now wants stripped of all honours bestowed on him during his disastrous 37 years at the helm of the country.

This follows Mugabe’s withering criticism of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s style of governance, particularly his government’s vicious crackdown against protesters in the January riots.
Last week, the youth league warned their former darling that he had crossed the line and agitated for harsher treatment by Mnangagwa who has, to his credit, so far remained unmoved by Mugabe’s attacks.

Zanu PF youth league leader Pupurai Togarepi has warned Mugabe that he could be stripped of his domestic honours because of his continued brawling with Mnangagwa and his government.
“As I reflected on events of the past month, itself a month of love, I thought about our former leader, a man whose birthday on February 21 is now a public holiday where youths from across the political divide take a breather and reflect, but do we really need to honour such a person? “Yes then but I am now confused.

“Can we keep our international airport named after a bitter man?  Can we walk on roads named after a person who destroyed the dreams and aspirations of a generation, these are questions that we need to discuss and debate.
“Least I am regarded as a revisionist, no I am not, I am only a Zanu PF son who loves his nation,” Togarepi said in a Facebook post.

During his reign, the ruling Zanu PF government honoured Mugabe by naming at one road in every city and town after the former strongman who ironically had the Harare International Airport named after him just months away from the stunning military coup which swept him from power.

The nonagenarian, who was ousted from power via a stunning military coup in November 2017, chose the occasion of his 95th birthday celebrations last month to once again stick the boot into Mnangagwa — whom he described as “cruel and rogue”.
Mugabe’s rant against Mnangagwa caught many by surprise as he was lately seen to be now tolerant of the country’s ‘new dispensation’ — even going to the extent, at some point, of praising his successor for “helping” his family.

Reacting to Mugabe’s latest attacks on Mnangagwa and his government, senior Zanu PF officials called for tough action against the frail nonagenarian this week, while also bemoaning the fact that he was being treated like a “little god” by his successor.

The officials from the ruling party’s youth and women’s leagues said as Mugabe was “unrepentant”, he did not deserve “the respect” that he was being accorded by Mnangagwa and the government.

Mugabe chose his 95th birthday celebrations at his palatial Borrowdale home — which is commonly referred to as the Blue Roof — to renew his feud with his once longtime aide, Mnangagwa, following his fall from power after nearly four decades at the helm of the country.

“You want to shower yourself with praises despite being at the top? You are not God ED. Today you are at the top, tomorrow you will be at the bottom. Keep that in mind. “God has his own way of punishing rogues and cruel people.

“He who is obsessed with seeing corpses everyday will soon realise that people would clamour too to see his corpse one day. I say to soldiers ‘stop killing people’. “What you are doing (killing people) is going to catch up with you very, very soon. Just tomorrow, it would have caught up with you,” the bitter Mugabe warned ominously in reports relayed to the outside world via his associates.

The nonagenarian was believed to be referring to the recent riots in which up to 20 people were killed when angry protesters clashed with security forces during a stayaway called by labour unions.
Pro-democracy and rights groups alleged that some rogue soldiers had also raped women during night raids, although the military has denied the allegations — saying this had been done by armed robbers and members who had deserted the security forces.

The January riots were sparked by steep fuel price hikes which were announced by Mnangagwa ahead of his trip to Eastern Europe.
“People should love their army ... they should not fear the army. We can’t continue with people being bashed on the head.

“So, I say to you, ‘get your lessons correct’. Let’s create an environment where our people are happy, not what’s happening now.
“We will not shy away or be afraid to talk. No! Let’s be frank with each other,” Mugabe said further during his birthday celebrations.

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    There they go again. The Zanu youths focussing on the wrong things whilst the country burns. Take Mugabe honours so what?

    Inyika - 5 March 2019

    Those idiots have started again... ass leaking... When Mugabe busy destroying the country, they Zanu youths and elders were busy leaking mugabe' s ass... Fuck the shit, idiots...

    Domingos Rui - 5 March 2019

    Yes and a big YES, the Robbers and Muggers should be stripped off his honours, legacy and respect. Remember, instead of retiring and enjoying his pensions like other retired leaders in SADC region rather the old man is causing political turmoil in Zimbabwe. People are suffering in Zimbabwe No cdes, the old man has no respect at all hence ZANU PF youths are angry. He is the one behind the G40 sponsoring anarchy in Zimbabwe. He is also fingered as one of the sponsors in the last demonstration which turned to be ugly. He must learn a lesson. I will also support the War Veterans who are calling for his name to be removed and thrown in the airport dustbin. The old man has no manners at all. Zim is under sanctions all because of him. Are Zimbabweans fools who can easily forget that its him who messed up everything. Is he jealous that ED is trying to fix his mistakes and whatever he messed up. We cant have mess on a devil like the Robbers and Muggers. I think, those minions supporting the old man are not normal at all. he does not deserve to be respected Otherwise, we made a big mistake of just letting him go after the soft coup. Rather, we were supposed to just eliminate the old and bile spewing idiot. If it could in other countries, we could have assassinated him quietly for his sins. Is he forgetting that he is responsible for the Gukurahundi massacre, the disappearance of the likes of journalists, politicians and other senior military guys we can not mention here. He must be told that he is also responsible for the accidents of the likes of Peter Pamire. He must be reminded that the Robbers and Muggers have no ball at all to make children as in the name of Robert Chatunga Mugabe and others whom he claims to be his sons. Please, just tell him and silence him with those few words and guess he will shut up. Nonsense old man.

    Clemence Tashaya - 5 March 2019

    Unfortunately there are no honors in heaven. Whether they strip him or not at least he is telling the truth. What's in a street or airport being named Mugabe or Mnangagwa. Nothing really. A name is just a name. You can call it baboon airport or donkey airport, no one cares. The nation doesn't feed on names. Nxaaa

    yohwe - 5 March 2019

    @Clemence Tashaya you seem to be missing the point here by blaming it ALL on Robert Mugabe yet Mnangagwa was by Mugabe's side during the ruinous years. They are both equally to blame for the Zimbabwe state of affairs right now and sad to think that Mnangangwa will fix the economy today which he presided over it's demise with Mugabe is expecting too much. As for the 'supper' boys (Zanu PF Youth league), nothing sensible comes out from this heap of shit. Remember they were falling over other when Mugabe was at the helm declaring that he would even rule from a wheel chair etc and now have turned to praise sing for ED... Stripping Mugabe of whatever will NEVER change anything.The pot-holes will remain, cost of living will remain high etc. So it's a waste of time. Maybe Togarepi is trying to gain favours after he was saved shortly from being fired for NOT singing loudly for ED.

    WaMachekera - 5 March 2019

    KKKKK vashaya zvekuita manje ma youth eZANU. Especially this togarepi guy. Whether or not you strip him of everything, that doesnt change anything. Instead focus on the economy. The man will forever remain in the hearts and minds of people, for both the good and the bad. so who cares???? Zimbos dont

    Nebforum - 5 March 2019

    Zanu pf has no shortage of slow or no learners. RGM is realizing too late that cruelty begets cruelty and ED and his pfeerists are still to learn that. The youth league are not learning at all the blunders of worshipping an individual vs an ideal or vision. Too sad.

    Sagitarr - 5 March 2019

    is that jealousy or what?Mugabe is more learned than your dull ED.RG is recognised worldwidde even if you strip him of his honours.VIVA RG let them bark,they have failed to control the country's ailing economy.

    NjobvU Onasmas - 5 March 2019

    Freedom of speech is part of our legacy. What we should allow is smutching of millions by Mugabe and his family. Why do they have 21 farms? Where did the millions in a briefcase come from How is the family able to pay for luxury home and none investigates the family externalizing The Mugabes are citizens with free speech but equally accountable in law

    Mufaro Sibanda - 5 March 2019

    the problem in zim it's not about what people say especially those not in power, the zanu youth leader should be helping ed with vibrant ideas to address youth challenges caused by progressive years of poor leadership by zanu. Taking back all the honours from mugabe will just show how venegeful is the new dispensation lot are and will not improve zim by an inch.

    Dee Cee - 6 March 2019

    Hey mdca is full of idiots. They are praising mugabe because he is talking nonsense about our President. If you see us praising ED leave us alone. You worship chanyiswa and we never said why are you doing that because we dont have the same thinking with satanists. You now love mugabe because he is giving you the money to destabilize our country? Shame on you. You are all part to the problems this country is facing because of your ignorance of the facts on the ground. Let me remind you machinja etsvina muHarare and your now hero mugabe that mugabe will never return to be president of this country again. weather he bucks from his anus that will noy change anything. For you machinja etsvina muHarare what happened on 31 July 2018 will only come back again in 2019 whether you like or not that is the reality. So remaining in the mood of elections you lost dismally will make all die early and never vote again mafa neBP plus stress. Ukarohwa neZANU PF haupore kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky

    shunguhadziurayi - 6 March 2019

    Clemence Tashaya, Mugabe says stop killing people using the army, is that not a good thing?

    Qawe laMaqawe - 6 March 2019

    It is so sad that this idiot called Pupurai Togarepi does not learn from past mistakes.Stripping Mugabe of all his domestic honours does not make Mnangagwa a good person.It will actually make him a bitter coup leader.It is as clear as daylight that you want the attention of Mnangagwa by suggesting to strip off the old dictator's domestic honours.The problem with Zanu pf blokes like Pupurai is that they believe that anyone who uses his own brain to make informed comments or decisions is an enemy of the mafia party.When Mugabe was committing all those crimes during his tenure in office,Mnangagwa was by his side all his political life.He is actually rumoured to be the face behind all the attrocites that were committed during the Gukurahundi era in Matebeleland region.Evne when old Bob had decided to throw in the towel after being thumped by the late Tsvangirai in the 2008 elections,he is also rumoured to be the one who came up with the idea of butchering the opposition supporters during the run up of the Re Run of June 27.The only thing that Mnangagwa can do best is to inflict pain on innocent people.Mugabe was also bad,but he could at least get one's attention when he spoke the Queen's language.Ava va Garwe hapana kana chimwe chete chinozivikanwa

    janana wa Bikaz madhogodhogo - 6 March 2019

    Rhodesians never die.

    Ian Smith - 7 March 2019

    Guys, the zanupf youths are foolish. Why attacking R.G Mugabe for telling ED the truth. I am surprised by people like T ashaya supporting such nonsensical utterances by the youth. There is nothing wrong in Mugabe telling ED that ED is wrong. Killing people is bad before God and man.

    Amalinze - 7 March 2019

    They can go ahead and strip Bob of the 'honours' after all its them who gave those honours not the people of Zimbabwe. But they must start by stripping zanupf from being called a liberation party but a terrorist organisation.

    Sinyo - 7 March 2019

    This merry go round politics in zim will never end Ndabaningi Sithole was stripped of his honors by Mugabe but tdy we still read of him in the history books. Removing honors wont humiliate Mugabe but in actual fact will taint Mnangagwa as being irked by Mugabes statements. Ok Mugabe has forgotten that he used the very same army to do unthinkable barbaric acts but if we use the do as i say philosophy was he not right by saying an army should not be feared but respected by the people it purports to protect. ZANU PF FI THIS ECONOMY THAT YOUR FOUNDING FATHER AND YOUR PARTY VEHEMENTLY DESTROYED

    NUTTY DREAD - 7 March 2019

    What about Comrade Robert Gabriel Matabili Mugabe airport ?

    ace mukadota - 8 March 2019

    Nothing beats Mugabe , coz He used to have Advisers, ON WHICH He banked all the trust , not knowing kti acharambwa risati rarira, VaTadzi ngavaregererwe, varimukutadzira nyika vabude mazviri-Tatenda

    Mdzbba Amos - 9 March 2019

    I have long advocated for every road leading to a cemetery to be named after Robert Gabriel Mugabe because all those who perished during his rule were directly or indirectly murdered by him.

    John Huruva - 14 March 2019

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