Zanu PF accused of plotting to destroy Chamisa

HARARE - A top MDC official has sensationally claimed that party officials, especially those who will be voting in the upcoming congress are being paid large sums of money to vote out Nelson Chamisa from the party’s presidency.

But Zanu PF has angrily dismissed the allegations.

MDC vice president Morgen Komichi told the Daily News on Sunday on Friday that Zanu PF has a budget to influence the outcome of the opposition MDC’s congress with the aim being to remove Chamisa who has refused to capitulate to the ruling party’s whims and caprices.

Chamisa has particularly irked the powers-that-be by refusing to participate in dialogue being initiated from the Office of the President and Cabinet.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year initiated a national dialogue platform involving all those who contested in the July 30, 2018 presidential elections but an obdurate Chamisa refused to play ball much to the embarrassment of the ruling party.

Chamisa, who is the country’s main opposition leader has refused to recognise Mnangagwa’s presidency, describing the Zanu PF strongman as an illegitimate leader who came to power through a rigged election.

This is despite the fact that the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the land, dismissed the MDC Alliance petition to nullify the elections.

In an interview with the Daily News on Sunday, Komichi said Zanu PF wants to destroy Chamisa either by eliminating him before the MDC congress or sponsoring a “pliable candidate”.

“Zanu PF has two options to hurt Chamisa before congress or to sponsor a candidate. The idea is to buy our members in the region of $4 million to $6 million to destroy Chamisa. 

Individual MPs have been approached, when they (Zanu PF officials) talk to us they make it clear that we should dump Chamisa for a more responsible leadership, they feel strongly that Chamisa is a stumbling block to their objectives. We are, however, not interested,” said Komichi.

Komichi told the Daily News on Sunday that they have evidence of an operation to ensure that the opposition gets a weaker leader during its congress.

“We will never interfere with Zanu PF processes. They should leave us alone. Zanu PF must not destroy a partner in a constitutional democratic country,” said Komichi.

This comes as the name of the party’s organising secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has been touted as the one to challenge the hugely popular MDC leader at the forthcoming congress due to be held between the 24th  and 26th of this month.

Mwonzora, who once beat Chamisa in an election, stoked emotions in the opposition party when he said it is his democratic right to contest for any position in a statement that angered the majority of the party faithful.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo ridiculed suggestions that the ruling party, whose officials have publicly expressed interest in the MDC congress, is interested in meddling in the affairs of its rivals.

“That is nonsense, we have nothing to do, with that we have two-thirds majority in Parliament, we are very strong,” said Khaya Moyo.

However, Zanu PF officials like the party’s secretary for youths Lewis Matutu have openly pronounced themselves on who they prefer to lead the MDC.

In a revealing statement on micro-blogging platform Twitter, Matutu wrote “Mwonzora likely to become the new MDC Alliance president because majority of Chamisa’s hooligans are not in the structures of their party and they don’t form part of the congress delegates”.

Zanu PF is on record saying Chamisa’s refusal to accept Mnangagwa’s legitimacy is mere political posturing that is designed to cement his position ahead of the congress.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson recently told the Daily News that Chamisa’s stance is informed by the impending congress and not national interests.

“On the part of engagement we finished that with the elections. He should not waste our time. We know he wants to raise his stature ahead of his party congress, if he wants to help resolve the economic problem he should go to work. We will grow the economy through productivity, through putting shoulder to the wheel. He wants ED to help him build his profile, we have no time for that,” said Charamba.

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    don"t try to frustrate Mwonzvora from contesting.why to blame Zapu Pf in everything you do

    ndini - 4 March 2019

    This is just junk.... There is absolutely no proof of this nonsense.

    The Beautiful ones are not yet born - 4 March 2019

    Those MDC cadres who will attend the Congress and vote have a daunting task as they have to strike a balance from a myriad conflicting scenarios. While, it is a democratic right for any MDC member to contest any position of their choice (democracy must be seen in play) it is also a fact that zanupf is shit scared of MDC under Chamisa and will try everything to stop him cementing his presidency. With Zanupf's proven record on dirty political tactics some MDC members are more prone to zanupf tackle and may actually bite. Chamisa has proven to be unmoved by zanupf intentions and has remained steadfast to their party's values. However it pertinent to also note that the young man has traits of dictatorial tendencies under him the MDC may once again slide into a party all about an individual rather than a collective unit. With the recent flooding of presidential aspirants a lot of them political porns planted by zanupf to disturb Chamisa 's outright victory, it will be political naivety of highest order not to believe that zanupf is plotting to destroy Chamisa even if they may deny it in 7 different languages.

    Sinyo - 4 March 2019

    Biti you are forgetting that Chamiswa said you are sero-positive and need two years before death. Mwonz go! Famba Dhagi usacheuka dhongi rinokuma.

    Dongi - 4 March 2019

    I always tell people that MDC was not formed for democratic values. This party was formed not by those who are leading it even the late Tsvangirayi was not not the one who formed this project. The word "democracy" was just put to cover the true purpose of the project that was to reverse the land issue. So dont be surprised by this blame game to the Ruling Party. They just want to cover up for their undemocratic tendencies to block anyone who dare challenges chamiswa. Only those who are getting a fare share from america for the regime change agenda spearheaded by chamiswa do not want anyone to challenge him, because they know their pockets will run dry if some one not well trusted by the trump administration take the leadership of this demonic project. ZANU PF have nothing to worry totally nothing about chamiswa because he was thumped by ED fair fair and though he tried to rig he still fell short to beat the revolutionary ED. A democratic party never fear anything that comes out of its congress. Apa kange katoenda kunganga kunosimbiswa kuti karambe kari panyanga kkkkkkkkkkky because if he gets thumped on this position that will be the end of him and will be vulnerable of arrest because of his sabotage to the economy of this country. So there no ZANU PF involvement its just a way of trying to deter other contenders from challenging chamiswa..

    shunguhadziurayi - 4 March 2019

    Blame game haishandi on someone who presents maturity and level head in politics. Monzora to Win but needs small grooming in the media commenting. Chamiswa bwaa! monz chisa mbama!

    Monz - 4 March 2019

    Why do u MDC supporters even the enlightened ones ALWAYS see Zanu PF shadows everywhere in yo programmes. Stop it. Its nauseating to say the least. Do not bury yo heads in the sand confront yo issues head on like a serious political party. Shuwa Zanu PF ndokutambisa $6m kutenga vanhu kuti vabvise Chamisa ko pakambo zvakatswa na Mwonzora in 2014 who was bought by Zanu PF. U think yo Chamisa is so special and untouchable to the extend of having a whole ruling party hiring mercenaries to remove him from "his" party??? Grow up mheni and please stop urinating on our intelligence . Izvozvo ndo zvichaita kuti Zanu PF itonge kusvika madhongi amera nyanga because u are so confused. Hamuna direction. Hamuna strategy munongowawata zvisina basa. Tipeyi ma serious if u one day dream of governing us

    BaTaps - 4 March 2019

    well said Bataps. pakarohwa chamisa naDhagi ndiyani akabhadhara. Taurai kuti mapenzi amuda kuti musabhadhara kuhura muchanamira chete. Dhagi watora paCongress iwe hauna rape allegations worse still a mentally challenged. Hausvodi Gumbura Nelson

    peter - 4 March 2019

    Zanu pf can do absolutely anything to achieve their satanic objectives.They have killed,raped,tortured,displaced so many innocent people just to remain in power.Zanu pf leaders are so drunk with power,they can bite off your head and spit it at a passing bus.The whole country may languish in abject poverty but as long as the mafia party leaders are well taken care of,to them everythin g is just fine.Those who are prepared to sell out at the MDC congress in exchange for the mafia party's dirty money must be reminded that it is the ordinary people who will have the final say on whom they want as their President.Years back Zanu pf went to an extend of killing one of their own leader by the name Cain Nkala so that they would implicate some MDC youths as the murderers.Their brief was to make the world believe that MDC was a violent party.The guys are so heartless,i always wonder how they live with themselves with such evil hearts.Let them know that miracles do happen and God will not let them continue brutalising his people forever.

    janana wa Bikaz madhogodhogo - 5 March 2019

    Iwe JANANA, anobata chibharo iZANU PF here kana kuti MuDhoSvo Allowance President? The whole President kugomerera benzi

    Benzi RAped - 5 March 2019

    iwe dongi i thought you were wise enough to understand what zanu f is trying to do... but i can see unofungira kure sezanu pf in fact saleader vako Ed. ba Taps seriously vakura but ukufunga like a child . Nelson chamisa will be our leader forever and ever amen.I respect peolpe who keep quiet if they do not know anything not vana peter vanongofungira pekutaura vasina zvekutaura. were u there when he raped the person or ukunzwira zvinhu mumhepo seZanu pf isiri kufixer economy .Busy thinking of ambushing nelson chamisa should i say destroying on the day of congress, instead of fixing international relationships with countries that can help not khazakhistan dont deal with the east do bsn with the west mhan... Munondishata vanhu imi

    MASHAKODO - 5 March 2019

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