Chamisa fears for his life. . . warms up to dialogue

HARARE - MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says his life is now in danger following his harassment by State security agents over the weekend, the Daily News can report.

The opposition leader, who disputes President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidency and legitimacy, was harassed twice by overzealous State security agents who blocked him from paying his last respects to the late Oliver Mtukudzi, first at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on Saturday and the following day at the late music icon’s rural home in Madziwa.

“My life is now in danger because the hatred has now reached another level. Sadly, that is based on fear and you know what, all fearful people are dangerous. The behaviour that they are demonstrating shows that they can do anything,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa said attempts to block him from Tuku’s funeral were an indication that the hatred and polarisation in the country had reached alarming levels and could only be stopped through inclusive dialogue before the country hits rock bottom due to the mounting economic and social crises.

The MDC leader said what Mnangagwa does on the ground is different from what he says on social media where he has claimed to be ready to engage all political leaders.
“In politics, you do not read the lips of a politician you read the actions. You can hear someone talk but the walk is different...

“Dialogue is important. There is no national progress without an honest conversation, we need to look at the character and content of our objectives, you cannot have international engagement without national conversation, you cannot look for friends internationally without looking for friends in your country, you cannot move around saying Zimbabwe is open for anything when Zimbabwe is divided, where there is division and the vision is empty,” said Chamisa, adding that national dialogue has now become inescapable.

“There must be dialogue; this dialogue is not about power. There are misguided elements who think a certain party needs dialogue more than others. That is wrong; dialogue is good for the nation. In uncivilised countries, people lose lives on account of politics but in civilised democracies politics save life; why should we lose life in order to have dialogue if we can have dialogue first?” asked Chamisa.

Recently, Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba was quoted in the media saying it was Chamisa who needed the talks and not the ruling party leader whose rule is now showing signs of the old order under deposed dictator Robert Mugabe.

Civil rights organisations say more than a thousand people, mostly youths, have been arrested in connection with the riots that saw shops being looted while police stations were raided.

Lawyers have raised concern at the pattern of convictions of those who were arrested by the police.

“This is not just a Chamisa issue, Chamisa is just a citizen of Zimbabwe. Whereas in other countries terrorists are vigilante groups, the situation is different here because it is actually the State that is behaving in a terrorist manner. 

“Those in government are being criminal; they have broken the covenant but then you cannot govern without the consent of the governed. Consent cannot be forced; the government cannot afford to be criminal because it erodes the confidence of the citizens. That must change; we must replace hatred with love, force with peace, anger with happiness, pressure with pleasure and sorrow with honour and satisfaction, discontent with contentment,” Chamisa said.

The MDC leader denied assertions that he is an attention seeker seeking to get into power through the backdoor.

 “I am already in power, people gave me the power. I can’t look for what I have been given, we must have dialogue for the sake of our country because what we are witnessing is fast becoming a humanitarian crisis; it’s fast inviting questions on whether these are not crimes against humanity? Why should torture be an instrument of conditioning human behaviour? It’s primitive, it is savage and akin to a vampire State, we cannot be a crocodile State,” Chamisa said tongue-in-cheek.

Over the past few weeks, soldiers who were deployed to quell demonstrations have been accused of orchestrating a reign of terror against citizens, particularly in high density suburbs where the poor live. 

Women have been captured on international media narrating heart-wrenching incidents of rape, while disturbing pictures of assaulted people have been awash on social media.

Government, which has justified the deployment of soldiers, has promised to investigate the brutalities with the army offering the public a hotline to report any cases of abuse from its members.

However, Chamisa said what is unfolding is degenerating into a humanitarian crisis that puts into question government’s commitment to forging a new beginning with no traces of the past.


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if you cant stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. that is the nature of the game. you are so divisive you divided mdc left right and centre and now country polarised because of your hunger for power plus ill-educated intransingience. get lost boy!!!!

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 31 January 2019

Mukhovhe is one of the them obviously, his tone and thinking is one of the vampires devouring innocent Zimbabweans. Holocaust since 1980, the people need peace and be ruled by one of their own, not through force, not through a barrel of a gun. What have you done since 1980 apart from impoverishing the country through ear, torture, rape and murder.

Kufandada - 31 January 2019

Mukhovhe those who are power hungry got the power through tankers remember and they are still ruling by the gun because they know nothing but violence. Zanu has split into how many pieces now, you talk of MDC that isn't in power. Do not forget that violent components of our society showed it on the 14th November 2017....

Qawe laMaqawe - 31 January 2019

I am praying for the day when Nelson Chamisa will punch those digits of President Mnangagwa on his cellphone and after sahring the usual pleasantries about family etc. will humbly ask if they can meet - mano e mano and discuss the way forward - how to address the challenges facing their Zimbabwean family. Vanhu vazwa, vatambura, vayaura! Grandstanding and political posturing is just worsening the situation. Could our leaders please just humble themselves, learn to forgive, respect and have tolerance and be willing to selflessly reconcile. Our economy is in tatters, people are dying by dozens countrywide due to lack of medicines and defunct health infrastructure, people are massively underemployed........ I miss the late statesman, Morgan Tsvangirayi. Being a compassionate leader that he was he would have found a way to relieve the suffering of the Zimbabwean masses by constructively engaging with President Mnangagwa. It is now cliched but Christians have a saying WWJD - What Would Jesus (Christ) Do? Mr. Chamisa, as a prophesying christian, if Jesus Christ was in you position what would He do? What would he do to better the lives of Zimbabweans?

Daniel 5 - 31 January 2019

@ Daniel 5 - you are a true son of the soil! Mr Chamisa is good at grandstanding and acting without thinking. Clearly, information available says he was to blame for the National Sports Stadium fiasco with security agents. He simply wanted things done his way. He was told to park and enter the stadium via the VIP entrance, but no, he wanted nothing other than a grand entrance in a convoy of cars, something that even Tuku's family were not allowed to do! On dialogue, Mr Chamisa knows exactly why he can't talk to ED - he wants ED to first relinquish the State Presidency to him (Chamisa)! This is quite an absurd condition - quite childish indeed!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 31 January 2019

Daniel 5 I thank you very much for observing where the problems of this country are coming from. The truth is some one is fearing to loose both. Chamisa is desperately seeking to remain relevant in the game after that thumping by ED. Secondly he had told the world that he has hired experts to make sure ZANU PF will not rig. Thirdly he thinks if he keeps quiet he will be booted from the mdca presidency which he bulldozed from T Khupe. So he is in a dilema as to what to do. He thinks if he call on ED his claims for illegitimacy will be questioned. So he want to force the dialogue through demonstration so that it will serve his face and make him remain relevant in the alliance. Plus the owners of the party will not be happy with him if he show signs of succumbing to the reality that his party and himself lost the election, hence must be seen causing havoc while ring fencing himself on the position of mdca presidency.

shunguhadziurayi - 31 January 2019

Its so sad and funny at the same time how citizens are brutally handled,tortured,raped and killed for demonstrating in result of how much they are suffering . Then the people in authority go on publicly to say they dont know about this . These are signs of a heartless, selfless and inhuman government

Marz - 31 January 2019

Guys....Zimbabwe will never prosper with the attitude the most Zimbos have these days. In this case, l mean the politics of hate. MDC A is full of lawyers yet they are clueless on how to handle opposition politics. This boy Nelson lacks advisors and remember the times of Morgan and his advisors in the name of Magaisa and the was the real MDC everyone had ocnfidence in. But alas, the party has gone to the dogs. ZANU PF will continue to capitalize on the zig zag and mark my words...this opposition grouping in the name of MDC A will not go anyway. Mark my words again..this party is heading for the split because it has no real leaders. The boy is by far too young for the job. He is playing with die-hards in ZANU PF and he should forget and smile. He has shown the world that ..he is still wearing pampers because, he doesn't think for himself rather he goes to America to ask for solutions. This has made many African minded leaders to suspect the motive of his opposition if thins fail his way, he quickly dashes to the paymaster for advise. What kind of opposition politics is that. He has lost respect among other African opposition leaders. He must copy what the newly elected opposition leader of DRC tactics. He had no foreign aid and rather Felix has become an enemy of the DRC colonisers. Hope you can see the difference here. The opposition should remain home grown not Western sponsored and hence most of us as better Africans will never support such balderdash from Nelson Liars. He must drop the chip from his shoulder in order for him to improve. Apart from that, most of like minded Zimbabweans will not be cowed to his calls. Its too late to call for a dialogue. ED called for it soon after winning elections and all because of his stupid and a bunch of useless lawyers, he was ill advised. it will just die a natural death when things improves in Zimbabwe.

Clemence Tashaya - 31 January 2019

Vadiri veJecha zvopresa here mavakuti your life is now in danger because you were denied entry at the NSS for Tuku's funeral. Surely if there were rules to enter through the entrance that you wanted to use, you should have complied. Kumbombera kwatakapinda kwakanga kusina dambudziko. Maimuchema zveshuwa here imi coz hatina kumbosangana nemi kuShow yake kana hwani.

Mu - 31 January 2019

It beats me to hear some people or are they some cheap biological beings,attacking Chamisa left ,right and centre as if the economy has suddenly become bad after Chamisa became MDC president recently.Instead of finding fault in those that were part and parcel of the Mugabe regime they spent their energy throwing bricks at this young man who also happens to be a victim of the a corrupt and violent government since 1980.If he is doing something unlawful that is causing the causing damage to the economy why cant the powers that be haul him before the courts?My heart bleeds for some idiots who are too daft to notice that their life has deteriorated because of the looting and plundering of national resources with reckless abandon by these same people whom they are cheering their lungs out.It is the same vultures who have stolen the future of our children,it is the same thieving leaders who have stolen lives of innocent people with impunity.Any wonder why this regime has not fast tracked the hearings and convictions of those implicated in high profile corruption cases involving billion of dollars yet they have fast tracked cases of people mostly innocent citizens who were rounded up after and during the recent stayawy?Is it a government that is getting it priorities right?Only those with human waste filled heads will support such an evil system.

Janana Bikaz Bikaldo - 31 January 2019

Janana Bikaz Bikaldo or what ever your funny name.....You should be reminded that all systems in this world are evil.. All systems are evil because, even during Jesus Christ era, the system was even more evil than today. Why? This is because, we have tolerance and democracy prevailing. In Jesus Christ eta, the system had no democracy at all and hence they killed the Son of God=Jesus. Go to America.....Is Trump not evil.....even the past leaders in America....How good were they when they killed leaders from other countries. My up your horizon and then compare and contrast about what you are bwarfing about. All systems are evil ok. How many opposition folks died in Zimbabwe in the hands of Smith, the Robbers and Muggers? My point is this is politics and a dirty game hence the system will be evil. Shut up if you have nothing for your bile spewing.

Clemence Tashaya - 31 January 2019

CHAMISA!! If you want talks, then write to ED. NOT this thing of talking to the press if you want talks.

Nyandoro - 31 January 2019

All those talking all sorts of hate speeches about Chamisa are the people benefiting from this heartless regime. How can you support a heartless government like this . A government which increases prices of fuel by 100% and start to say fuel is now flooding yet no one is affording to buy it. Watch the space all who are supporting this evil act by the government God is watching over you. One day the same fate will fall over you and it is coming very soon.

Amalinze - 31 January 2019

Your statement Mr Chamisa is contradicting. On your way from Marondera to Harare, you beat up state security agencies who were trying to kill you, According to daily news. How come you fear them now? Do like what you did on your way from Marondera. Anyway, you promised to scoop jecha in food of the nation then why playing victim after? Why do you always cry fouls for storm you starts? Its stupidity at its best case. Just after ED assented to power. He invited you to unite the nation then you choose your division way, thinking that the populace would choose you which doesn't went your way. Now you calling for dialog after you realise that you are a loser. Everywhere on your face is written childish/confused. If you succeed to obstruct ED's efforts of engaging with the world, don't ever think its your passage to lead the country. We will never allow you. We are Zimbabweans not Americans. Ask your American masters to give you a position in their government, not this one. Hatikudi isu

chamboko - 1 February 2019

Sapurazi atengesa mombe dzokonoko woti dzabiwa nomwana. the President has just messed up keep your mouths shut. leave the yopung man alone

mukanya - 1 February 2019

prayer, dialogue and consensus is the remedy. if you think otherwise the next 6 months will prove you wrong.

grace and truth - 1 February 2019

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