Nelson Chamisa fears for his life

HARARE - MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says his life is now in danger following his harassment by State security agents over the weekend, the Daily News can report.


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Nonsense....all Zimbabweans lives are in danger not only for this attention seeking boy..who is always playing it to the gallery......You lost it this time young man.....Zimbos showed you kuti you are just chasing the wind and you are nobody....Go to hell small boy.

Clemence Tashaya - 29 January 2019

NC is still in election mode, this phase is gone chikomana. Coming to Tuku funeral very late to attract mob attention will not change anything. Zimbos need a stable and high quality leader like Tsva..., not this young celebrity kikikiki. unfortunately the man is nomore.

pachedu - 29 January 2019

@Clemence, you are the one who should go to hell. You should have seen how Chamisa was received at Madziwa, despite crass attempts by your stupid party to bar him. Do you ZANU guys share and smoke stupidity or what?

Un Clemence - 29 January 2019

These Zanu gukurahundists aint seen nothing yet. There is a revolution that is sweeping across Zimbabwe and it is unstoppable. Your desperation has gone to shocking levels. What would you get in barring the People's President from tuku's funeral

Ndlangamandla - 29 January 2019

Dead people's president. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky Your silly revolution will not go anywhere you psychiatric and your other fools who call their party of fools president a president of the people. President of the people is at Munhumutapa building and State House. Whether you like it or not that is the truth even in the Almighty's records. The sweeping revolution of destruction shall make you die without spending a night at the Rainbow Hotel or at a shebeen in makokoba. Who can threaten a psychiatric person's life? Kupererwa nezve kunyora uku. Chanyiswa is not and will never be a threat to ED but to his party of hooligans. Kana akafa ane chibatsiro cheyi? Iye ari kungouraya wani in the hope of discrediting ZANU PF Government.

shunguhadziurayi - 29 January 2019

This Chamisa has a new tactic of drawing people's attention, he goes where there is a gathering and do everything that attracts attention. He breaks security protocols to attract reaction from security personnel. He is just trying to make himself relevant, typical of ajigija. Shame.

Phyto Andro - 29 January 2019

Nero Nero wozodii paya kutsvaga relevance neku provoker security. Yes u got the relevance bt ukukwadzisa vana vevanhu. Msaitiswe na Nero amana

cde - 29 January 2019

Nhai Nero waimboti hapadyiwe rinopisa wani, vanhu vakungodya wani. Iwe ungakwatisa gandanga iwewe. Typical SRC President

cde - 29 January 2019

nero ndewekungoda kushandisa vanhu kuti awokwewo kunzi aripo....ungati upenyu hwangu hwavapanjodzi nekuti wakarambidzwa kugara pasina nzvimbo yako kkkkk hakuna president akadaro..un clemence usati chamisa people"s president nekuti ini handimudi asi uti my president nekuti ndewako wega nevamwe vako vachirikunyengedzwa nema jigisi seperwe ini ndakatosiyana nezvake kare ndatoona kuti mwana mudiki uyu hapana zvinozikanwa...kana azoyaruka ndozotangirawo ipapo.

ndini - 29 January 2019

I think MDC people and all urbanites are Chamisa's greatest enemies and downfall. Instead of Chamisa thinking of how to successfully penetrate the rural areas where 89% of all headmen are ZANUPF and 91% of all chiefs who got cars are ZANUPF, Chamisa is busy foolishly spending his time being called a People's President. There is never such a title. Mrs Clinton lost although she was more liked compared to Trump but she has not given herself a foolish title. Our folly is having an opposition crying for jiggies. Can you sustain an economy nema jiggies. Sorry nana, be careful, pishaa , go back to ECD of politics. Time is moving on and you will be left behind Asante Sana

jacob sithole - 29 January 2019

Moti itiramusindo,kuenda Kunhamo kunounzeiko kuneso talaria its furuweri???????

Mavuto A - 29 January 2019

Clemence washayawo zvinemusoro here iwe

Double Dee - 29 January 2019

The ed pfee crew, how much are you paying for bread and fuel? What guarantee do you have that you are safe in Zimbabwe? Ma scarf? Use your brains if you have them.

Sagitarr - 29 January 2019

If they is still a person out there supporting Nazi Zanu that person must be having septic tank contents in his or her skop How do you support suffering how do you support mediocre how do you support thugs heeesih shame . idiots who have lost respect everywhere on earth Mazanga chaiwo and Nero has every reason to fear for his life but the Ed admin knows well its future is bleak ,

Diibulaanyika - 29 January 2019

UKAONA uchisapota MDC urikamwana kane 2 years kasingaziwe chinhuuuuuuuuuu.

dofo - 29 January 2019

Dofo uchamama nenzhara tumari twamaka puwa twekuno rowa wanhu pa shut down twakupera . Asi urikuzumba maramba

Dave - 29 January 2019

Chamisa is too full of himself. Everytime attention is turned away from him he prestends that his life is in danger. Stop it man we are fed up. If you continue being childish like this the urbanites, especially those who like you because they see as the alternative to Zanu PF, will get fed up with you and you will lose them

Sihle - 29 January 2019

There is no democracy or rule of law in Zimbabwe no wonder the country is in tatters . People were warned during the so called liberation war but propaganda prevailed and its open people choose suffering instead of good living Rhodesia offered. I remember each meeting a troop commanded by a white commander and never harassed but it was different when one in charge was black. I never had any ZIPRA atrocities but so many died in the hands of ZANLA being accused of being sell-outs. Sadly its still happening to this day and continue to rule by instilling fear. Vanodya vachiguta ha vasina maturo...kuda kwenyu hereku pindurayi Mambo

Eddy - 29 January 2019

guys tisashandiswe naChamisa cz he is a crying babie,he is a man of many words bt few actions,he only cares for himself not for zim people

blackiewabee - 30 January 2019

zanu pf cyber moles are now on the overdrive and they have no shame. its so sad

ANTI CYBER MOLES - 30 January 2019

By the way how far with the 'Protect Your Vote mantra'? These guys are a circus, remeber the magaisa 'Cross-OVER rallies' than never crossed us to nowhere. And the final push thing. It's a circus, and Chamisa is the chief clown - the ajigija of the show.

willo - 30 January 2019

Chamisa GROW up. We did a DEMO on the 01Aug18 in your name and you denied us. We did a SHUTDOWN in your name and you denied us again. You say, you did not call for a Demo after you say "Go in the streets". Talk to ED if you are a strong leader.

Nyandoro - 31 January 2019

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