Ramaphosa angers Zimbabweans

HARARE - Zimbabweans have expressed anger at South African president Cyril Ramaphosa’s claims that the country was on the path to democracy, at a time when at least 12 people were shot dead for exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate.

Speaking at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland, Ramaphosa painted a glowing picture about Zimbabwe, further demanding the removal of an economic embargo imposed on the country in the early 2000s.

“It is no longer necessary to have sanctions against Zimbabwe right now, because they have embarked on democracy and a path of real recovery and we will help them best by lifting those sanctions,” Ramaphosa said.

However, Zimbabweans and analysts have expressed anger at Ramaphosa’s claims, following protests sparked by the government’s 150 percent fuel price increase. 

The army and police ruthlessly suppressed the protests, leading to the death and injury of dozens others, who were later treated for gunshot wounds.

Acts of human rights violations were among the reasons why western countries imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

While Ramaphosa claimed Zimbabwe was recovering, citizens argued to the contrary, stating the country is in fact in a deep political quagmire.

“... Ramaphosa says Zimbabwe has emerged from a difficult situation when the reality is that the country is actually in a deep political crisis,” UK-based Kent University law lecturer Alex Magaisa wrote on Twitter.

Sentiments by Ramaphosa come at a time when an opposition political party in his country, the Democratic Alliance, has threatened to take Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the International Criminal Court, if the South African leader fails to act on the crisis.

Politician and Harare lawyer Fadzayi Mahere said Ramaphosa was supposed to keep quiet instead of “insulting” the people of Zimbabwe.

“It is insulting to the Zimbabwean people for African presidents to claim Zimbabwe is on the path to democracy, this within days of army killings of unarmed civilians. 
If you won’t stand with the people, why not keep quiet? Is this the African way?  What a shame. #ubuntu,” Mahere wrote on her Twitter page.

The world had expected Zimbabwe to turn over a new leaf following former president Robert Mugabe’s removal from power in November 2017.

Mnangagwa had promised to bring a “new Zimbabwe”, but events of the past week, coupled with the post-election violence that took place on August 1, 2018, leading to the death of at least six people, has left many doubting his sincerity.

These events are what resulted in many people finding Ramaphosa’s views on Zimbabwe worrying.

MDC Midlands senator Lilian Timveos expressed shock at Ramaphosa’s claims.

“Ramaphosa has just shocked me. Oh my God and he wants to be president again in SA (South Africa). Remove sanctions. Zimbabwe on path to recovery, is this path to recovery? Africa. My heart bleeds,” Timveos wrote on Twitter, accompanying the post with pictures of battered people.

Piers Pigou, a political analyst also questioned Ramaphosa’s claims.

“Pres (president) Ramaphosa needs to be given the correct information about current sanctions/restrictions on Zimbabwe, their import on the current crisis, & prospects for economic recovery. Even … Mnangagwa and Fin min Ncube have acknowledged the sanctions excuse is no longer relevant,” he wrote on Twitter.


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The headline should read: 'Ramaphosa angers Fadzayi, Piers Pidigori, Lilian and Magayisa'

Humpty Good - 24 January 2019

it is a pity where our own President lied about the situation in zim it shows africans must never trust Au leaders they lie openly people are dying in zim soldiers killed people people were treated with bullets we no longer have leaders in africa but liars

dave - 24 January 2019

I think Ramaphosa was under the influence Nyaupe when he was talking this nonsense, people are dying and totured by the security forces instead of accusing the ruthless zanu pf,he is justifying their actions.Ramaposa must shut up his big mouth.

David - 24 January 2019

I think he is right. Ma sanctions ka...haaneyi nemabhoyi rights. Akayisirwa ivhu...kuti murikuda kuyenda pamusoro pevarungu. Odha hayifanire kuchinja. Vakakujayidzayi south Africa inodonha....zvoipira varungu. Unofunga kuti murungu anorota here kana muchiurayana...ndozvaanotoda. Ku south vakauraiwa mumapurazi yavamhosva , asi kana muchiurayana muma komboni enyu...ndivo vanonoisa pfuti...hapana chakaipa , vanongoti honai makudo ayaaya.

Sort and merge - 24 January 2019

Ramaphosa is your typical stupid African Head of State. His country is about to become "just another African country".

Is that so? - 24 January 2019

Its a shame that most opposition members are in support of sanctions that bring untold suffering to all Zimbabweans regardless of political affliation, religion or background. We should be supporting what Ramaphosa is trying to do for us as Zimbabweans. We should learn to put politics aside when it comes to National issues. What Ramaphosa said was not meant for Zanu Pf or MDC but for Zimbabwe. That was a good pledge by the SA President, thumbs up

farai - 24 January 2019

A good number of leaders would obviously want Zidera removed, but surprisingly, they are either ignorant of the Zidera requirements or lack analytical insight to ask how far the govt they are trying to assist has gone in meeting the Zidera requirements. That alone shows the seriousness and quality of leadership. Too much talking and little or no action is the hallmark of such leadership - I'm ashamed of African leaders, most fall into this category. Thinking is hard work and it usually goes hand-in-hand with action and if the latter is missing it becomes difficult to assume the former actually took place.

Sagitarr - 24 January 2019

C Ramaphosa is correct to speak against sanctions they must Go. That's being neighbourly, brotherly and pan Africanist you don't rejoice when your neighbour is in trouble. All those pretending to be shocked are shading crocodile ties. C.R go ahead and assist Zimbabwe financially. Harmony in Zimbabwe is of great importance to SA and Africa as a whole, forward with the spirit of Ubutu. Some presidents are afraid to say what RS said.

Mafirakureva - 24 January 2019

Ramaphosa is right, they are equally feeling the heat of these sanctions. If economy continues falling, it means more economic refugees to SA and I think they can't take it any more. Let's remove things like sanctions while we fight our internal battles. Remember when those targeted by the 'Targeted Sanctions' become sick they go to Singapore while we find hospitals without doctors or drugs. Their children go to oversees university while we go to ours where lecturers go on strike. Companies like Zimre fell because of these sanctions.... Zimbabwe does not need punishment, Zimbabwe need solutions.

Sanctions must go - 24 January 2019

Why would any sane and patriotic Zimbabwean wish for sanctions against his /her own country? Is it because their own hatred of another political party is such that they draw pleasure from seeing Zimbabweans wallow in poverty? Zimbabwe and a few (maybe less than 5 ?) other countries are the only states to have registered almost zero growth between 2000 and 2019 in the whole of Africa. Why should that be OK simply because you hate Zanu-PF so much? Until you open your eyes, you'll continue to be the architects of your own sorrow.

Buns Tinobvinex - 24 January 2019

The case here is polarized thinking and analysis of real issues. While I do not support the excessive use of force by the security machinery, I am at a loss for words to describe the riotous behaviour among some of those who were purportedly peacefully demonstrating. I do not think it is in our best interests as a nation to be blind to the excesses of those we sympathise with Shops were looted, buildings were broken into and destroyed, some were even burnt, and there was widespread anarchy in the streets in a number of cities and towns. It is possible that some innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire. I do not know if defenders of human rights would label the burning of tollgates, looting of shops and burning of private vehicles and vandalisation of infrastructure as peaceful expression of opinion. We should call a spade a spade; nobody would have had guns and teargas applied on them had they marched peacefully. And looking at the hotspots of the incidents, e.g Epworth, Kuwadzana, Entumbabe, Kadoma, etc, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to guess - and almost correctly- that the majority of those found on the wrong side of the law are either unemployed, or unemployable citizens who took advantage of the good intentions of the demonstration to cause mayhem and bask in the anonymity that numbers bring during crowd movements

Hwezhas - 24 January 2019

Benga faka ama nkampani abo ko Zulu kumbe emaXoseni angela abantu abamnyama liyawacindezela. Kumele umuntu omnyama abe pezulu ukuthi bengasicindezeli ngama sanctions emazweni ethu. Badlala njalo elizveni lomlungu ....bayakhetana ngokwabo.

Intuthuko yase azania - 24 January 2019

Guys, Zuma was bad but Ramaphosa is the worst person ever when it comes to problems faced by Zimbabwe. He has chosen to be blinkered like a horse and is in total denial. I have never seen a leader who pretends to be a great thinker by diverting his attention from the real issues affecting people to nothing. He is just an empty drum. I hope South Africans are not going to vote him back in office again because he is useless. The only man of substance is Malema, I hope he is going to be allowed to form the next government in South Africa. We are sick and tired of these so called revolutionary clueless leaders, they have power but they have no vision/ideas whatsoever. It is very pathetic and sad that they are destroying what the sons and daughters of these African countries shed their blood for.

nhemacena - 24 January 2019

Some ZIMBABWEANS IMBWA DZIRI NANI... AND DAILY LIES PLIZ MAHERE AND SO CALLED ANALYSTS IS NOT ZIMBABWE. How can you be happy to maintain sunctions on your own country ?nxaaa

chegumi - 24 January 2019

Look at his head like mboro isine muromo. Ramaphosa dodi rembwa.

Chikowore - 24 January 2019

Nothing has changed to warrant lifting up of sanctions and in fact the situation has worsened. ZANU PF government has failed to reform and should be listed as a terrorist group. More people have died and disappeared under it's tyrannical rule than during the war. It never happened in Rhodesia that soldiers and police would shot civilians.

Eddy - 24 January 2019

Ramaphosa, just like many African leaders especially in the SADC region has a default setting - the ruling party more so a revolutionary one must be supported at all cost. Its a shame. the irony is that Ramaphosa 's government turned down a loan request to the tune 1.2 billion rand by our government as recently as mid January perhaps the lad has forgotten about it. Even children at ECD are very much alive to the fact that the sanctions mantra no longer holds Ramamphosa is a disgrace.

Sinyo - 25 January 2019

All the idiots blaming Cde Ramaphosa are not Zimbabweans including those idiots at daily news who try to make this Zimbabweans thinking when it is just the two or three idiots feeding on suffering of the majority through these sanctions. All those like eddy the worst idiot and killer who killed our parents brothers and sisters in this country are still thinking that one day they shall wake up and find themselves in Rhodesia again through mdca. Whatever the amount of lies and rubbish talking you shall do zimbabwe will never be a colony again. VIVA CDE RAMAPHOSA!!!

shunguhadziurayi - 25 January 2019

It would help if readers research on Zidera first before posting their mumbo jumbo. If SA govt follows in Zim's footsteps of land grabs they risk having similar sanctions imposed against them. This doesn't make me happy - but it shows the type of leadership Africa has. It is stupid for a sitting president to encourage anarchy like RGM did. Why was Zidera legislated in USA? What needs to be done to have Zidera revoked? How MUCH has the ZPF govt DONE to show that they seriously want Zidera removed? What is the next step to move FORWARD? When companies face billion dollar penalties for breaking USA sanctions, every serious CEO or CFO will think twice about breaking those sanctions. The Huawei CFO issue comes to mind. Huawei apparently broke US sanctions against Iran and is now being fried for it. You might disagree with US policy but they implement penalties where appropriate. They put their money where their mouth is.

Sagitarr - 25 January 2019

Its a pity that even a whole president like Ramaphosa,just like the unsophisticated people in Dotito does not know the meaning of sanctions.Zimbabwean sanctions came about as a result of the zanu pf govenment's penchant to maim,kill and torture its own people for merely belonging to any party which is not zanu pf.They also came about because the govt was spending more money that it had and unpaid international debts leading to the deterioration of the standard of living of the bulk of the population while income realised from our natural resources like Diamonds remain unaccounted for.If i may ask Mr Ramaphosa,has there been a paradigm shift by the zanu pf government for the good of the citizens or things are actually becoming worse that before?What positive changes has the zanu pf govt done that warrant lifting of the targeted sanctions?Innocent citizens are being bludgeoned and murdered in cold blood by the security forces while the world is watching and those who should be actually sympathysing with the tormented people of Zimbabwe are indirectly propping up the regime to commit more human rights abuses on its citizens?Honourable is a leader who realises how much power he wields,but does not use his power to harm innocent citizens.Just like the previous SA leaders,Ramaphosa is adding to the suffering of Zimbos.Is it a SA foreign policy that the dont rebuke killings,corruption and torture when it is done by revolutionary parties?With leaders like these,Africa will continue to be a shit hole.

janana wa Bikaz madhogodhogo - 25 January 2019

Ramaphosa feels for the people of Zimbabwe.Anoziva kuti masanctions anongobatsira kukaurisa povo yeZimbabwe.Everyone in Zimbabwe,who loves Zimbabwe including the MDC leadership is they love Zimbabwe and its people must campaign against the sanctions.

Adam - 25 January 2019

Leaders like Ramaphosa only care about the other leaders and never about the people. So his utterances are just for the benefit of ED and even when he kills people right, centre and left, he doesn't care about that. So a waste of time of being angry about his nonsensical utterances,

Inyika - 25 January 2019

President Ramaphosa is not Zimbabwean but he is aware of the sanctions put upon Zimbabwe and how they are affecting the country. Yet some of our own Zimbabweans are refusing to accept that Zimbabweans have sanctions placed upon it. He is so right in what he said. Having a foreign person speak negatively about the sanctions placed upon Zimbabwe is commendable. What surprises me is that some people in Zimbabwe do not accept that Zimbabwe is under sanctions and that the sanctions are negatively affecting Zimbabwe

Gift Mashoko - 25 January 2019

Oh, God! I am Zimbabwean and me and many other Zimbabweans are not angered ny President Cyril Ramaphosa. Please Daily News, do not sensationalise issues

Mhofu Chaiyo - 25 January 2019

Zimbabwean problems will only be solved only when the nation becomes really literate. As long as we have people who can't see how badly papers like the Daily News distort issues, we can say goodbye to meaningful dialogue and development in the country. Some headlines really make readers look stupid!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 25 January 2019

The ZIDERA sanctions will only be removed when the reasons they were put in place are attended to. I doubt that the USA will listen to empty threats, insults, insinuations etc. ZPF govt must use its power to attend to the ZIDERA requirements instead of brutalizing voters and taxpayers. These actions make it worse for the govt and citizens.

Sagitarr - 25 January 2019

Can someone ask what all the african leaders are smoking? Is it cannabis?

JOwe - 25 January 2019

@mhofu .... you are not forced to read the Daily News. Speak for yourself...I for one don't read the "state" papers and tv/radio stations where the news, in my view, is so heavily one sided as if for the consumption of ECD learners.

Skarra Mucci - 25 January 2019

President Ramaphosa is not Zimbabwean but he is aware of the sanctions put upon Zimbabwe and how they are affecting the country. Yet some of our own Zimbabweans are refusing to accept that Zimbabweans have sanctions placed upon it. He is so right in what he said. Having a foreign person speak negatively about the sanctions placed upon Zimbabwe is commendable. What surprises me is that some people in Zimbabwe do not accept that Zimbabwe is under sanctions and that the sanctions are negatively affecting Zimbabwe

Gift Mashoko - 25 January 2019

The removal of sanctions will benefit us Zimbabweans ,not Ramaphosa who is calling for their removal(sanctions).It was the right stage for him to call for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe.I dont see anything wrong that Ramaphosa said.Sanctions are hurting ordinary Zimbabwean citizens.

wise - 25 January 2019

Zanu PF does business with the white community in the country and overseas more than their people...asi vanovanyomba pa indaneti nerweseri. If sanctions were really there , vakomana kana zvikoro zvaiva zvakazara varungu 10yrs ago dai zvakapfuta....Rhodes could have fallen this side of the river. The financiers of Zanu PF are British whites looting in the country....they ' Zanu ' too , funded the British Conservative party I think it was a conference few years ago using the bling loot.

Ma Sanctions ekuvharidzira - 25 January 2019

It's not Ramaphosa smoking anything but some of you on this platform who think otherwise. What have you been drinking and smoking - a concotion of cannabis, sombodia, bronco and chateau may be.

willo - 25 January 2019

When the PM of Britain visited africa she mocked black people using school kids that africans are not like whites , same in Nigeria and Kenya where she was saying they haven't yet invented a telephone , Britain must educate future African scientists. But the truth is most scientists in Britain are not British and over 50 percent of scientists in computer related fields that are working for Her majesty services were born and educated in Asia. The rest of the pool is European. A close pal of mine I grew up with , a descendant of Alexandra Graham Bell , a really great dude...a school dropout though , has an IQ high than that of a scientist phd holder. Its the exposure that counts and there are many trails to the peak of everest. It's unlikely that Britain of Ms May will educate anyone to its disadvantage , opposing the supremacy ideology. The nats policies from the land of free foxes , are now mainstream south of the borders combined with brexit eugenics.....as the saying goes what has been tried and tested north of Berwick works except socialsm.

Bankers casino - 26 January 2019


Bankers casino - 26 January 2019

Ra-Maphosa. Muzukuru Maphosa uyu

vano - 26 January 2019

Ramaposa is right because he sees from a normal point of view unlike from an opposition point of view which this paper is doing . You say Ramaposa angers Zimbabweans ? you should say Ramaposa angers the minority of Zimbabweans who are the opposition .

Hayibo - 28 January 2019

thumps up CDE RAMAPOSA ..sanctions must go full stop.sometimes i wonder kuona mwana weZimbabwe achiti hatisati tagadzirisa zvinodiwa kuti masanctions abviswe let me say shame on you people dai Mwari vakanakisa zvinhu muZimbabwe asi kudzimba kwenyu zvoramba zvakakuomerai nekuti hauzive kuipa kwakaita sanction ...sanction chikwambo kana usingazi saka chii chainoda kutanga wagadzirisa kuti chibviswe shame on you guys..pamusoro pazvo ndimi murikuchema futi kudzimba hamuna zvekudya apa murikutochengetwawo zvenyu basa ndorekungoti pamberi nemasangisheni shame on you...nxaaaaaaa.

ndini - 29 January 2019

Yes Ramaphosa is right on the uplifting of sanctions but it is not all problems in zimbabwe which are caused by sanctions but poor governance is playing a major role in the down trending of this economy. It is unethical for Zimbabwe to import wheat and soya beans for our bakeries and cooking oil processing companies yet we have vast good land for the productions of these raw materials. Rivers are flowing all year round and people had been given land but nothing is being done on those lands yet people are crying about sanctions, that is nonsense.

Amalinze - 31 January 2019

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