MDC should proffer solutions to crises

HARARE - While it is the MDC’s democratic right to demonstrate over the worsening economic situation in the country, we also expect its shadow government to proffer solutions on the on-going crisis.

The MDC should by now have learnt that demonstrations alone will not wake up a Zanu PF government that has for decades been arrogant and stubborn.

The more MDC demonstrates, the more Zanu PF hardens.

The MDC shadow Cabinet must give us solutions to the myriad problems we are currently facing from cash shortages, price hikes, shortages of drugs to labour issues.

It is time that the MDC proves to the nation that indeed they are a government in-waiting and Zimbabweans should be able to see a better government through them.

Confrontation with the Zanu PF government will not work and it has not worked in the past, so the opposition party is advised to change tactic.

While the MDC can mobilise thousands to turn out in the streets and vent their anger at the worsening economic crisis, this will not change the lives of those affected.

Instead of pouring petrol onto a raging fire, the MDC should exploit this crisis so as to advance their “sound” and alternative policies for everyone to see.

It is time the party reviews its strategies and we expect MDC officials to show their leadership qualities, especially in dire times like these.

While the opposition may brag about Zanu PF’s failure and claim they can successfully run the economy, it has to realise that the poverty that has befallen Zimbabweans is not selective; this catastrophic development is touching on everyone.

Nelson Chamisa, as leader of the MDC, should sober up and proffer Zimbabweans with solutions on how to come out of the abyss we are in.

A lot of people are looking up to him as the leader of the biggest opposition party for sound leadership and direction, not seeing him wasting time planning demonstrations which have often turned riotous.

This is not time for student politics or activism; this is a period that requires soberness and sustainable solutions. Chamisa cannot continue to live in denial, harping ceaselessly on his presidential loss because he will continue to bark up the wrong tree until 2023 when the country holds another round of elections. 

He should save his energy and concentrate on improving the areas he got wrong the last time.

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For the first time, I have read a sensible article in your publication. Indeed, an opposition political party as a shadow government must show us that they have alternative solutions to the challenges dogging the country. It is on this basis that we can have confidence in you and perhaps consider you as an alternative government. We are tired of kudira jecha politics because it is hurting the very people whom you want to vote for you. The MDC is demanding a dialogue with Zanu PF but we need to know what exactly do they want to discuss.

Tafara Shumba - 10 January 2019

Mr Editor it seems your Staff Writer doesn't believe that our last elections were rigged. He also thinks that Chamisa can force ZPF to stop corruption, looting and disregarding of the Rule of Law by its members. How can the Opposition Leader enforce the rule of law and send all known corrupt Ministers to jail?

003Tico - 10 January 2019

We want Chamisa to put cash in the banks pliz if to show himself

Dr Muko - 10 January 2019

Shocked, I am really shocked that this article is in the Daily news. Zim belongs to all of us, ukadira jecha wadira kwatiri tese. Biti vowed that he will make sure Zim will never receive a cent from the West. It appears it's working but to whose benefit.....

Sanctions should go - 10 January 2019

If Chamisa is 'the one' who can bring us out of this mess, why not let him assume office? Zvinhu zvifaye!!!!

Who is President - 10 January 2019

@ Mr. Tafara Shumba, muri kuti MDC ngaikuudzei zvainona ku discussa ne ZANUPF? These guys requested the platform, why are you not granting them. its not fair to blame MDC for this mess; they are the victims in this case.

Who is President - 10 January 2019

chamisa just power hungry. the boy and mbiti do not have any solution to this crisis. if his election promises are anything to go by, he lives in dreamland. mandela was right when he said that zim has a leadership crisis both in zanu and mdc. parizvino we are in a mess.

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 10 January 2019

staff writer kutaura kwausina kuswera

g40 - 10 January 2019


diaspora - 10 January 2019

The writer is childish and i think he was born yesterday he forgets MDC can say brilliant ideas but as long zanu is in power it will be waste of time it will never be implemented instead it will be scoffed at . In a joint govt we saw how zanu opposed everything mdc suggested .The writer is actually silly .

Diibulaanyika - 10 January 2019

MDC gave their 5 point plan to government. I remember Hon. Tapiwa Mashakada lecturing Zanu PF and Mthuli in parliament on how to end the crisis, first by adopting the rand. I also heard Biti in parliament giving Zanu advise to end the crisis. So what more do you want MDC to do? You want MDC to go and negotiate with South Africa and bring the rand? Come on

Freedom - 11 January 2019

Well the writer has the democratic right to vomit whatever he or she wants but to say MDC should proffer solutions to the chatic economy that we are egulfed in is to ask much from a party that is not in the echelons of power.It is common knowledge that when zanu pf and MDC got into a govt of national unity,zanu pf would throw spanners in every sound economic that would come from MDC.If they could spurn off help from the people that they were in the same govt with what more if the solutions are coming from the same people who are no longer in govt?The only solution to this crisis is for the thieving govt of zanu pf to throw in the towl and give the reigns of power to the legitimate winner whom we all know and the country will move forward.Thats the only workable remedy at the moment.

Luke Bikaz Bikela Bikaldo - 11 January 2019

@tafara - you can go back to read your Pollyana stories in the horrid etc where the "journalists" there "tell" you what to need it.

Sagitarr - 11 January 2019

The article writer has demonstrated his handicap on governance issues which is pathetic for someone on this world wide read publication. Everyday the MDC (through its MPs) is proffering short term solutions to the economic mess, the MDC manifesto is pregnant with long medium short term solutions to take this country back to the bread basket status of the late seventies into late eighties. But that's all MDC can do as they are not the ruling party in charge of governance. The elephant in the house is zanupf, peaceful demonstrations are not aimed at removing them from power but are to late the world appreciate the enormity of the current crisis hoping some pressure will be exerted on government to listen/attend to its suffering citizens.

Sinyo - 11 January 2019

I also think the writer lacks an appreciation of governance and what is at play here. I have heard the mdc proffering their solutions in parliament and zanu pf's arrogance and financial vulnerabilities does not allow them to accept any solution from the mdc.

Lonewolf - 11 January 2019

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chokoto - 11 January 2019

This article seems to be well-thought-out, but may also lack real good balance. It is true more than half of the Zim electorate side with MDC-A, and for very good reasons. Yes, solutions have been suggested in various fora, including Parly, and each time ZANU PF, in their arrogance refuse to embrace such solutions. But, in a situation where things have gone as bad as they are now, the people's only hope (the MDC-A) just seem to be looking the other way, would it be so wrong to cajole them to, at least, say something to their electorate, in sympathy with the people's misfortunes authored by ZANU PF? People obviously want to know how things would be, had their party won and it was in govt. We need a real active opposition, not only on the street in demonstrations, but also in other fora that inform the nation and the world of the seriousness with which the opposition takes the electorate. Or they may be waiting for "their time to eat" also. To balance it all up, the newspaper's mandate is to educate, inform and opine on the very many issues that confront the nation. They are the Fourth Estate, remember?? Let the media play their full mandate and shed light on where both ruling party and the opposition falter.

Tinzweiwo Tirivanhutose - 11 January 2019

Chamisa is a perrenial belly-acher, crying over spilt milk. Lets see his councils give us a taste of what his presidency will do. This tendency of highlighting ED's faults is akin to telling us that the sky is blue, WE KNOW, and then????

jacktheswede - 17 January 2019

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