We're all to blame: Zanu PF

HARARE - Neither the ruling party nor President Emmerson Mnangagwa are to blame for the country’s economic woes that are giving rise to labour unrests, Zanu PF’s information tsar said yesterday.

“This is not about a Zanu PF or government issue alone. It is about all Zimbabweans having to put our heads together to get the country going. The workers who are striking are not demanding to be paid by Zanu PF but by government and the employer is engaging them now so it will be unfair to say government has failed now. We cannot pre-empt what the outcome will be,” Simon Khaya Moyo, the ruling party’s spokesperson, told the Daily News yesterday.

Zanu PF has been angered by the opposition MDC’s declaration that Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF party have failed to put back on track the country’s economic fortunes hence they must step aside to give the country a fresh impetus.

Khaya Moyo said such suggestions were not only misguided but also totally misconceived as the problem lies with all Zimbabweans.

“Our resolutions are the panacea to the problems we are facing as a country,” he said in reference to the party resolutions made at its annual conference in Esigodini 
last month.

“That is what we are focused on right now. It is a democratic right to engage in industrial action and those who must be engaged are being engaged as I speak so there is no failure to talk about now,” he added.

At its 17th annual national people’s conference in Esigodini, Zanu PF came up with a number of resolutions among them that Mnangagwa is the sole party’s candidate for the 2023 elections and that the revolutionary party has zero tolerance to corruption.

The party also noted that its supremacy over government should be effectively practised whereby it directs government policies and programmes at central and provincial levels in the context of devolution.

The conference was held at a time when pressure was mounting on Mnangagwa’s government to deal with a worsening economic climate.

Currently, junior doctors have been on a month-long strike, which has since been joined by other civil servants including nurses and teachers who are demanding to be paid salaries in United States dollars.

To rub salt into the wounds, the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC claims that the country is being held back by the “habitual dereliction of duty by those who stole an election”.

Addressing the media at the MDC’s headquarters in Harare yesterday, party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said since Mnangagwa came to power after the disputed elections on July 30 last year, the country “is back to square one”.

“The MDC suggests that Mnangagwa admits failure and kick-start a process of national dialogue towards a lasting solution to the problems arresting our country,” Mafume said.

Mnangagwa is, however, on record saying he and his Zanu PF party have no appetite to enter into a coalition government with “losers”.

Chamisa lost the presidential election to Mnangagwa after winning 44,3 percent of the vote against the former vice president’s 50,6 percent.

He has nevertheless refused to accept Mnangagwa as the legitimate leader of the country despite a Constitutional Court ruling against the 40-year-old’s application.

Mafume suggested that Mnangagwa should use part of the foreign currency receipts generated by the country to pay doctors and other civil servants.

The labour-backed movement also proposed that the Mnangagwa’s administration should “demonetise bond notes, secure existing RTGS balances in individuals’ bank accounts and join the Rand Monitory Union”.

“A lasting solution can also be found through abolishing the quasi-fiscal activities by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and growing the economy through attracting foreign direct investment and creating a stable and predictable policy environment,” Mafume said.


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chiii chinonzi government

g40 - 8 January 2019

Failure is when one accepts a salary for a job they cannot perform. Resign and let other more qualified people take over. Why should Zimbabweans take the blame? Do they earn 5 figure salaries? travel perks in the thousands,? No. Khaya go and learn management 101 you're talking bulldust.

Sagitarr - 8 January 2019

I blame ma British, the Amerticans, and the Swedes as they are all westerners

Ticky Sibanda - 8 January 2019

If you knew what you know now, would you have rigged the election brazenly, recklessly. Honourable spokesman, I think it is time to admit defeat. You cannot and will not rig the economy.

Mega Deals Branch - 8 January 2019

@SAGITARR You nailed it mate.

Moe Syszlack - 8 January 2019

This little brainless man called Khaya Moyo must shut his foul mouth.Its now for everyone because you have destroyed the economy?Why didnt you everyone to also come to help you steal and plunder the national resources?You only invite all Zimbabweans to clean up your mess that you have excreted all over the place?Zanu pf goons have no shame at all.Claen up your mess or ship out.It is as simple as that.If you dont act the people will react by eventually chucking you out like they did to the previous old dictator.Even those staunch zanu pf supporters who used to see no evil nor hear any evil are beginning to wake up from their deep slumber.

Sanduka Pakamisa - 9 January 2019

The young man has successfully managed to sell his story that he was rigged and as a nation we have followed blindly to his story which is causing our suffering. Fancy terms like legitimacy being used but don't build the nation. From where i stand nothing will change that ED is the president for the next 5 years. What the young man needs to do is strengthen his party for 2023, build the nation and avoid stomach politics. It hasn't worked for the past 18 years but has caused suffering among the people. Advocate for removal of sanctions and start working on reforms in parliament. Let the people vote vakaguta and not because you have created a hostile environment. Chanjai maitiro MDC. ZANU has to now have the people at heart and transform its image by being sensitive to the peoples plight. Zero tolerance to corruption and having tolerance to opposition politics. Take the initiative to do the reforms and get ZIDERA out of the way. Chinja maitiro ZANU PF.

Ali - 9 January 2019

@All : MlDC is already advocating for the removal of sanctions for e.g. by insisting on alignment of electoral laws to the constitution, respect for private ownership rights, compensation for evicted farmers etc. These are the basic ZIDERA requirements. If Zanu pf performs the first two, it will be clear to all that they are willing to play their part. There is no cost in doing so except perhaps swallowing one's pride and accepting a poke at one's ego. If MDC was in power these simple things would have been accomplished by now IMHO. It's a great pity that insults were hurled at the west in false bravado for almost 4 decades and now the country needs investment from the same people. This should be one critical lesson for both leaders and supporters of Zanu pf if at all they're still amenable to learning.

Sagitarr - 9 January 2019

Are these the analytical skills of Khaya Moyo? Honestly this is not attributable to illness but to complete incompetence/ineptitude. ZANU PF yakauraya ZIMBABWE.

Mukanya - 9 January 2019


fty - 9 January 2019

First of all Sanctions must go; as Zimbabweans lets find our solutions to our problems without causing any harm to the economy. I am one of those who celebrated when ZIDERA was introduced but I now realise it's good to make us suffer. When targeted by the targeted sanctions fall sick, they go to Singapore but as for us we find hospitals closed... its better we look for a solution without ZIDERA. If no one wants to accept the blame, then lets work together as a nation to build our country. Zimbabwe belongs to all of us. This is the only country we call home. Those who have put ZIDERA are enjoying in their own countries.

Sanctions should go - 9 January 2019

Pamakadya USD$15,000,000,000 ($15bn) yema diamonds taiva tose here zvamava kuda kutipa blame?

USD$15 Bn - 10 January 2019

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