Welcome to the year 2019!

HARARE - As Zimbabweans join the rest of the world in celebrating New Year’s Day today the Daily News caught up with a number of people from various backgrounds to hear what they would wish for their kinsman in 2019.

Political analyst Gladys Hlatywayo

It is hard to say ‘Happy New Year’ given the magnitude of socio-economic challenges bedevilling the nation.

The future appears very bleak. But I guess we have to keep hoping that one day our country will become a better place for all of us.

Perhaps we need to go beyond hoping and start acting to actualise our dream. 

Collective action is our only solution. Zimbabweans from all walks of life must unite and stop this human- induced suffering.

ZIFA board member Sugar Chagonda

We need to be more united in pursuit of the national vision.

We need to advance and emphasise on things that bring us together rather than pursue trivial matters that divide us.

There is need for more unity than ever in 2019 if we are to turn around the fortunes of our country across the sectoral divide. 

Hard working alone will not lead to national prosperity but the national vision must be shared owned by all and sundry.

Let’s subordinate our personal interests to national interests and in everything we must put God first.

Social analyst Rejoice Ngwenya

First of all, we need to rediscover and recover the power of citizenry, so that we do not remain captives of Zanu PF dogma.

In 2019, we must show people power at every stage of our lives to make Zanu PF accountable.

Second, let’s carve out our own paradise instead of wasting time expecting the government to do it for us.

Over reliance on government is a bad disease.

Lastly, there is always an opportunity to democratically change government. The Constitution was made for us, not the other way round.

Social analyst Lennox Mhlanga

Zimbabwe should take charge and be the change they want to see in the country.

This is no time to sit on the side-lines. Demand accountability from our leaders and be involved in ensuring that they don’t get away with incompetence and mismanagement.

Politician Harry Peter Wilson

Zimbabweans deserve better because we were promised a better future and better economy.

We need to get serious about the present social, political and economic situation because this is not what we were promised during election campaigns.

If those put in charge to fix the economy and our social life cannot, then they have to leave.

These guys are just employees like anyone else, why should we keep them if they are not performing. 

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme

The year 2018 was a year we learnt a lot about the dangers of politics of patronage and strongmen without strong institutions.

Both opposition and ruling parties showed us similar dictatorial traits in their primaries.

In 2019 I pray that Zimbabweans embrace politics of issues and vote people based on substance and characters not personalities as we look to 2023.

Politician Settlement Chikwinya

The year 2018 has been a year of stolen success and opportunities and failed leadership by Zanu PF.

So, 2019 must be a year of renewed hope, a year to establish a new leadership order and a renewed vigour to realise transformation in our lives.

Zimbabweans let’s reason together to confront the military junta and save ourselves.

Social analyst Rasheat Mukundu

I think we need to maintain hope and peace. Hold leaders to account by participating in civic matters. We need to play our part in all aspects of community life, the simplest if all keeping the environment clean. 

Former Harare Mayor Benard Manyenyeni

Let’s use 2019 to work for a Zimbabwe we deserve. 

ERC director Tawanda Chimhini

Zimbabweans must now realise what has always been obvious, that the economy and its recovery is intrinsically connected to our politics.

Any efforts at addressing the economy without a sincere reform of the culture of politics in Zimbabwe may be futile.

This must be the year in which Zimbabweans learn to appreciate the power they hold over politicians as a collective.

Every failure to deliver a Zimbabwe that works for the ordinary citizens must carry with it political consequences.

Until and unless Zimbabwean learns to hold those in public office accountable for their duties, promises, utterances and actions, 2019 could easily be part two of 2018.

Chairperson and founder of Zimbabwe Network for Economic and Social Transformation (Zinest) Takemore Mazuruse

My message is for every one of us to fight for self-actualisation.

Yes, the environment is limiting but with the right dose of persistence we will achieve our goals.

Don’t allow circumstances to define you or limit your rise but rather let them spur you to aim higher. We were all created with a special deposit of potential and we must explore that potential to the fullest.

Those doing nothing must be doing something, those doing something must do it right and those doing it right must excel. There is more room at the top for everyone.

Political analyst Piers Pigou

Don’t lose faith and never stop pushing for a better Zimbabwe. 

Singer Goodchild

The year 2018 has been a roller coaster, the elections and other sad events in between, our nation needs healing; we need to find each other, unite, and move as a unit. A new year, 2019 gives us an opportunity to refocus and re-strategise.

Let’s press reset and chart a way forward as a family.

The main goal for the individual Zimbabwean is to continue working hard for their family and the nation at large.

The arts industry needs support from every corner, sadly Kristy Coventry (Sports minister) has been mute on arts development issues, we pray she changes the stance in 2019.

We also, as artists, continue to call upon more corporates to work with more artists for the benefit of the industry and the nation at large.

Art is big business. Happy new year every one and God bless Zimbabwe.

Mbira songstress Tendai Mavengeni

My message is that we love and respect one another and keep the spirit yehunhu alive in us. We have a lot that unites than that which divides us.

Multi-choice official Liz Dziva

Let us leave behind the burdens of the past and start over from the things that really matter. Let us make time for God especially as families.

A family that prays together stays together. 

Broadcaster John Masuku

I look forward to a truly diversified broadcasting environment and a balanced media that promotes unity, love peace and happiness.

Former National Arts Council director Elvas Mari

Let’s make Zimbabwe work for her citizens once again and shun corruption and greed! Zimbabwe is a rich country and there is no reason why Zimbabweans should fail to get basics.

Former soccer star Wilfred Mugeyi

I am passing the light of Peace, love and prosperity for 2019 to everyone.

Musician Stunner

Celebrate what you want to see more of. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Former goalkeeper Labani Kandi

Move on in the direction you feel will get you to where you want to be.

Arts practitioner Zenzele Ndebele

It’s just a change of dates on the calendar, our problems remain unsolved and our government is clearly not capable of solving the economic crisis.

Music publicist Blessing Vava

Working hard but above all put Zimbabwe first and strive to make things better beyond political parties.

Singer Victor Kunonga

We must love one another as a people, help each other and tolerate each other’s views. Peace for progress.

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