SeedCo invests in research

HARARE - SeedCo has invested immensely towards research to ensure optimum yields in its commitment to support economic growth and poverty reduction through agricultural development.

Denias Zaranyika, the group’s managing director, said at a media luncheon this week that farmers should treat farming as a business, and with correct standardisation, production capacity will increase.

“As an organisation we have invested immensely in research to ensure our farmers’ yields are never compromised.

“We continue to push farmers to treat farming as a business and an investment, hence we preach hybridisation,” he said, adding that once every farmer adopts the correct standardisation, production capacities will improve.

Zaranyika said agriculture is one of the main drivers of economy recovery.

He said the company is determined to ensure it does everything necessary to ensure it works with government and farmers to prop up Zimbabwe’s economy.

“SeedCo is committed to supporting economic growth and poverty reduction through agricultural development in Zimbabwe and the media remains an essential player in this revolution,” he said.

Among a number of initiatives, Zaranyika said, the seed company has various programmes aimed at ensuring the farmer pursues excellence.

He said the group has a SeedCo 11 tonne club aimed at ensuring farmers not only adopt good farming practices, but increase their productivity to above average potential.

“Our varieties contain immense potential and record-breaking yields have been recorded, so we continue to emphasise to the farmer to practice good agronomic practices,” he said.

Zaranyika noted that the SeedCo brand is not only a local brand but an African giant, which is beginning to spread globally.

Additionally, the managing director said the company is also pushing for development and innovation from the young people, thereby enhancing their capabilities.

“We have introduced the SeedCo innovation challenge, whereby we are calling on the young adults to bring solutions to challenges faced by the agriculture industry that SeedCo can adopt.

“Thus, we have invested in this competition and are calling on the youth to participate and develop innovative and technological ideas that create value for the organisation and the industry at large by improving farmers’ livelihoods in Zimbabwe,” he said.


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