Zim businessman Buyanga petitions UN over Security Council

HARARE - Businessman Frank Buyanga has called on the United Nations (UN) - and greater western world - to give Zimbabwe a chance, and due recognition in global politics, as it was on a solid path to reform.

The private initiative not only comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government has vowed to vigorously pursue reengagement efforts, but is pretty much in line with calls for the west to loosen its trade embargo on the Harare regime.

“...Africans need your support on many issues, including being able to voice their views on matters of security, those deliberated by the UN Security Council (UNSC),” Buyanga said in his letter to Antonio Guterres, adding the key organ "has never been more important to the continent, given the numerous interventions in conflicts around the region and undemocratic selection of representatives on the council, and where ‘smaller nations’ are left out".

“The African Union (AU) is leaving the selection of who will represent Africa... to be determined by foreigners. This, Mr Guterres, opens a gap for manipulation and only the ‘big’ countries will forever be selected to sit on this powerful council ...it is from this background that... Zimbabwe think(s) it is time our country be given a chance to be part of the UNSC," he said.

“There is no threat to peace and security in Zimbabwe. Secretary-general, with your help and guidance we hope and trust that Zimbabwe will get the recognition it deserves. We recommend that you support our recommendation that ‘smaller’ African countries... have a seat on the UNSC," Buyanga said, adding "the recommendation must not only hold ground, but also be debated at the next general assembly (GA)”.

While the maverick businessman has welcomed the selection of South Africa, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Germany and Indonesia on the global organ, he says Africa must follow up on the Ezulwini Consensus - a 2005 pact and - whereby two permanent seats with veto powers were to be reserved for the continent.

This is based on the fact that 27 percent of the UN's members are made up of African countries and Nigeria, Gabon, and Uganda are among 10 members, which hold the rotating seats.

Set up in 1946 after the World War II, the UNSC comprises 15 members, five of them - Britian, France, China, the United States and Russia - are permanent, while 10 are non-permanent members that serve for two years.

The council is the UN’s most powerful body as it helps shape international law and has the power to make "binding decisions about war, and peace".

But Critics, including Buyanga, say the UNSC represents an international, if not outdated, order that does not represent and is adaptive to the 21st century.

With a number of proposals having been put forward since 1993 - when the GA authorised an 'open ended working group' to explore possibilities of expanding the security council - efforts to launch formal proceedings to effect these changes have failed.

As it is, the UNSC's inability to deal decisively with the violence and atrocities in Rwanda, Bosnia-Srebrenica, Somalia, Sudan-Darfur, Libya, Syria and many other hotspots "makes it very clear that reform are desperately needed", they say.

And Buyanga - a director of the continental lobby Pan African Business Forum - is no stranger to such controversial missions "to help his country" as he has previously offered the Zimbabwean government to "hire International Criminal Court lawyers to prepare for any eventualities at the height of Harare's isolation".

Recently, the self-styled financier and property investor has also offered a Rand 500 million facility for skint Zimbabwe to import basic goodies under his African Medallion Group, which authorities have been dilly-dallying about.

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Comments (6)

Unenge usina kukwana. Hauna kuberekerwa kuyakuya....zvinowonekwa. Chimbokuyenda unotsvaga kuti ma africans akamira seyi , that hierarchy is very accurate kana kumusoro. Vangatoisa zvavo mu nayija penemi nekuti kunehuchi hwavanoda kumora....not just that , varipambari.

Zim for sale - 14 December 2018

Buyanga is just singing for his prection in the business world by the mafia party.Why would he go that far to UN to tell them to include more Africans when it is as clear as daylight that most Africans kill their own people to remain in power,and what matters more to them is power that anything else.Why cant he tell his African brothers to behave and stop bringing misery to their own people by looting state coffers with impunity?He sees a very small speck in someone's eye yet he cant see the log in his own eyes?What hypocrisy!What have your Afrcan leaders done to their own people besides butchering them in cold blood and stealing anything that they can lay their dirty fingers on?You want a big share of the world when you cant even deal with your own problems back home. Shame on you and those that you want to please.

janana wa Bikaz madhogodhogo - 14 December 2018

'Fess up to Gukuruhundi and pay reparations, come clean about Itai Dzamara, name the guy who wanted the $5m bribe and put him in jail, put Mpofu et al in jail, pay the displaced farmers what they are due, pull the Army chiefs out of the DRC, pull the army personel out of Zim politics and stop the looting of the US Dollars. Only then might we get just a hearing, let alone an invite to join the UNSC. Lots to clean up, first. Otherwise, dream on for the next 50 years.

Is that so? - 14 December 2018

the U.N just liked N.A.T.O are organisations build on the premise of furthering eurocentric objectives to the so called " third world countries" through sinister means. this age is no longer for begging white people for sustainance. we need Africa to prioritise economic empowerment to the people through transformative projects and sound policy implementation. united nations is for uncle toms and coons

charera - 14 December 2018

Buyanga and his thievery corporations should wind their necks in and stop screwing the nation first.

Chikowore - 14 December 2018

Zanu PF is a cult, the UN and the organ UNSC are cults belong to the dark world, Pan African Business Forum is the same is no exception all under guise of representing people but selfish interests

hapachina kurarama - 14 December 2018

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