'MDC not desperate for GNU'

HARARE - The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC came out guns blazing yesterday, saying it is not desperate to form a government of national unity (GNU) with Zanu PF.

This was after Vice President Kembo Mohadi poured cold water on reports that the two parties which once shared power between 2009 and 2013, were once again engaged in informal talks to hammer out another coalition government.

Mohadi scoffed at the idea recently, saying the Zanu PF government was determined to go it alone this time around after getting the full mandate to govern at the July 30 polls.

MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume told the Daily News yesterday that it is Zanu PF which wants to be rescued from the current economic crisis and not the country’s largest opposition party led by Chamisa.

“It is them Zanu PF who stole a vote, they are being hounded by their theft, it is them who were rejected by all credible observer missions and it is them Zanu PF who are failing to get a single cent even from the Chinese,” said Mafume.

“They have caused fuel shortages and are taxing people, it is not us who have begged them for a unity government, it is not us who have suggested that they be a unity government but it is them who are being haunted by the ghost of illegitimacy”.

The MDC spokesperson said the country’s economy has been on a slippery slope ever since the removal of former president Robert Mugabe from office in November last year.

He said despite the current government’s efforts to seek financial bailouts from international partners, these have drawn blanks.

“Zanu PF is the one that has messed up, they have failed the economy. They are illegitimate; they have failed to pass the legitimacy test internationally and to the people of Zimbabwe. You cannot seek to govern people by force, they will not comply. They are facing resistance from the people and the economy. It is Zanu PF which needs to be rescued not anyone else,” said Mafume.

Chamisa has been brawling with President Emmerson Mnangagwa ever since he narrowly lost the hotly-disputed July 30 presidential election.

He accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of manipulating the poll results in favour of the Zanu PF leader.

But Mnangagwa’s victory was upheld by the Constitutional Court, which ruled that Chamisa had failed to provide enough evidence that he had won the election.

Recently, Chamisa staged a massive demonstration in Harare where he heaped pressure on Mnangagwa to act on the deteriorating political and economic situation in the 

Addressing his supporters then, who were protesting the falling standards and the government’s recent unpopular economic revival measures, Chamisa said Zimbabwe could not afford “one day longer” without addressing the country’s worsening political and economic crisis.

“Firstly, we are saying to Mnangagwa let’s have negotiations. You must come and sit down so that we can solve the current economic crisis.

“Zimbabweans are suffering. The crisis in the country is a crisis of governance, confidence, legitimacy and leadership. How can we solve this?

“We are saying let us unite. On our side we have good leadership qualities and you lack leadership qualities. So, we must unite and map the way forward,” Chamisa told his supporters.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba — who is cagey about the talks — complimented Chamisa recently for “abandoning” his fight with Mnangagwa.

“Like I said before, if there is anything that is happening, it is way above my radar. If they (Chamisa and the MDC) have recognised their folly of shouting from rooftops, one hopes it’s a new beginning that will take the country forward,” he said.

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Comments (17)

ngwena uyu

martin - 12 December 2018

This mafume thing is an embarrassment to himself and his party. How can ZANU PF a ruling party with three thirds majority in parliament and a sitting President we voted for seek unity with sabortuers, who are sabotaging our economy in order to blame ZANU PF? We know everything as to who is causing these difficulties in our economy. Time shall come when those whom you are fooling to support you will realize the truth. We know that the key to the economy you boast of is with the Americans. The americans want to put their stooge puppet leader and once that happens they relax the sanctions and open lines of credit so that their puppets can get funding thereby making the economy to show some signs of gaining. After that p our fellow blind folded people who supports that satanic party will be fooled to think that its chanyiswa and company who has revived the economy. Tinozviziva takasvinura musati mazvarwa.

shunguhadziurayi - 12 December 2018

So ZANU pf does not need the talks. Things are going exactly according to their plan? This shows how far removed the rich and powerful are removed from reality. For them everything is perfect. The suffering professionals and working men who can no longer afford three meals a day do not matter.....I am really lost. We do not eat a two thirds majority. We do not eat sovereignity. If there is an ounce of decency in ZANU pf they must put the people first. Many people were willing and are still willing to give ED a chance....but we cannot feed on rhetoric for five good years.

New Dispensation - 12 December 2018

Shunguhadziurayi, you are just another on the gravy train hands full of innocent people's blood. When you were murdering in 2000, 2008 and so recently 1 August, sane people will not open credit lines to lunatics, murderers, you give them money they abuse it by buying more lethal equipment to silence the suffering masses. Free and fair vote why are you afraid of it, you have failed in all urban centres why ?. You intimidate rural folk with pungwes reminding them of war if your party looses, is that campaigning. You should be ashamed of yourself and even those you call relatives. You can continue to kill the flesh but the idea is a seed that has been sown, it will never die but germinate all the time.

Kufandada - 12 December 2018

The Mdc is full of power hungry hypocrites. It is a well known fact that the MDC is desperate for a GNU. We all know that Chamisa has been calling for a meeting with ED to no avail. No matter how many times Chamisa tries to deny this, but it is on record that during the MDC rallies he did request for a meeting with ED. Chamisa you can fool your Mdc supporters but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Zimbabwe has moved on, and we urge the MDC to do the same.

bodo - 12 December 2018

Zanu PF is not desperate for gnu. mdc is not desperate for gnu. we the millions of people are desperate for gnu. zanu and mdc both self centered. not people centered. think you people

Legend - 12 December 2018

Mafume whose puppy is barking always for the GNU ..??

silungsani ndlovu - 12 December 2018

Which Zim has moved on you lunatic?

Tau - 12 December 2018

ED is either a fool or is surrounded by fools. The EU or America gave a clear picture to Zanu pf that they should be asking themselves now. Those US Senators said, If the Zimbabweans outside Zimbabwe start to flock back either physically or through investment it will be a signal that things have changed, back home. I think if everyone could remember the whole world was watching the Zim election with positive energy after the shootings and the win for ED which spilled to courts, resulted in everyone who was interested in ZImbabwe to think otherwise. This Issue is not about Chamisa or ED. It has proved that ED will never outdo Mugabe in terms of deliverables. He is going to be one of the worst leader that Zimbabwe is going to have. The problem with zanu pf is that they are only concerned with retaining power at whatever cost. Just look now they are busy with 2023, what a joke, then we have a grandpa who is suppose to be mature but once to call others not mature enough to run for presidency. To me I would equate ED to a pwere, the guy does not have what it takes to be a leader. He is busy dividing his own party and he has destroyed the nation. Mugabe will be laughing his lungs out. Wait and see how the economy will roast you, you cant use cruelity on the economics matrix. My question to ED what is it that you have on the table. You want to hide by 2030 and there is high probability that all your presidum team would have gone to meet your maker

Gumbo - 12 December 2018

Shame Tau moved on? going where you are the lunatic one you have no shame to say moved on if zim have moved on why are ques of fuel where is the cash where is your currency how many companies have opened why are doctors on strike why teachers on strike do be a fool tell me if you are bootlicking then you say we have moved on because it's not all of us like you who is bootlicking

Innocent - 13 December 2018

Chamisa, Chamisa... This was your time to SHOW Zim that you are capable leader. It does NOT matter if ED cheated pamaElections. Tsvangira got into a GNU with BOB for the sake of the people. ED is acting in this thug manner because of your BITTERNESS towards him.

Nyandoro - 13 December 2018

Most zanupf members get their living from praising their president. If you don't praise him you gone with hunger. For sure this current government will never make it concerning this economy. R.G Mugabe was far much better than this ED. From 17 November 2017 everything became a messy. ED is the greatest liar of many kinds. He was saying we have opened Shabanie, we have opened so and so companies but all this was a lie. There is no truth in this man. To make matters worse my fellow comrades in zanu pf are calling for his candidature for 2023, this is totally a shame.

Amalinze - 13 December 2018

This is Zanu pf style of doing things, they want wear out Chamisa so that by the time things are really out out of hand, he will be easy to deal with, otherwise the centre is no longer holding, things are bad, there is no hope at all and if ED thinks he will be there for the next 5 years, he is fooling himself.

Baba Mary - 13 December 2018

What does ED lack, he does not know where the food he eats comes from, suits, furniture, its us who are wailing.

Bango P - 13 December 2018

Ngatisaitai sehoto dzinoyeredzwa nemhepo iyo mvura iripo. Kana ndisingakanganise, nyaya yeGNU yakatanga kurambwa neMDC A just after ED's inaugural when he initially said his arms are open for Chamisa and insisted that Chamisa has a role to play in our country. That was when Chamisa was restraining ED's invitation in the name of STOLEN VOTES. After that, it was MDC A who called for GNU they refused at first in the name of transitional government, not Zanu Pf. Mafume lied about relationships between Chinese government and Zanu Pf because this previous week, China granted Zim with enough funds to build a new town in Mountampden. Mafume is a great lie and he might be the one who is twisting Chamisa's mind. Lets not accept everything only because it comes from the political parties of our choices. Lets not be fooled. It is true that after MDC A realized that the illegitimacy door is a concrete wall they were trying a GNU way to acquire government seats after they defeated.

Chamboko - 13 December 2018

The bunch reZanu Pf is a crowd of desperate thieves and murderers who have proved , even to themselves, their inability to solve Zimbabwe's problems. Afterall, they created the problems! If they lacked the foresight to predict that their ruinous economic policies will destroy this country's economy what makes a same Zimbabwean believe their claims that they are able to restore the economy? Kana tichibeliever such a naked lie then we really deserve this calamity which is upon us today. Cant we all see that ZPF concentrates on winning elections and NOT by improving the people's lives but by brainwashing them. Look at their strategies; they talk about going to the cee, Branch, District, and so on to intimidate people into being part of their diabolical scheme of robbing the working class. Like a typical dictatorship, the disparity in salaries and pay dates of professionals in the civil service vs that of soldiers tells the story of how soldiers are being bribed to remain on their side, protecting their ill gotten wealth. Gentlemen, we are in deep shit with these thugs!

Dusty Fog - 19 December 2018

It is also very clear to me, and many people that this government has employed a team of media specialists who sit, day in day out, sweating their asses writing up comments on the Daily News in particular to denigrate NC, the MDC-A and sound as if it is the opnion of all Zimbabweans. These people don't bother with comenting in state media. They already know the comments are done by the editors there. This propaganda machinery is working overtime to prop the agenda of the Junta. The pattern of their comments is pathetically consistent! Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is burning!

Dusty Fog - 19 December 2018

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