War vets want presidential age limit raised to 52 years

HARARE - War veterans yesterday moved a motion ahead of the Zanu PF annual national people’s conference to have the ruling party use its supermajority in Parliament to raise the minimum age for presidential aspirants from the current 40 years to 52.

Widely seen as targeted at MDC Alliance presidential candidate in the just-ended harmonised elections — 40-year-old Nelson Chamisa — who was beaten by a razor-thin margin by Zanu PF candidate President Emmerson Mnangagwa, this planned constitutional amendment will most certainly dent the youthful opposition leader’s presidential aspirations in the 2023 polls.

“(We) call upon the conference to ask Parliament to amend the age limit of those who can contest on the presidential election from the age of 40 to 52 so that ages for contesting (sic) will be as follows, council and MP, 18 years upwards, senator 40 years upwards, president 52 years upwards,” said the statement read by secretary-general of the influential Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) Victor Matemadanda.

He said the age limit has to be revised to ensure that people who contest the presidential elections are “mature enough to run the country.”

The war veterans said Zanu PF should also push amendments considering imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe economic sabotage and a third schedule offence, a crime that is so serious to such an extent that it is impossible to get bail at the lower courts.

“The ZNLWVA condemns all reactionary forces who go around the world asking for the extension of sanctions and call upon the conference declare all who call for sanctions against Zimbabwe and who work against government efforts to resuscitate the economy as enemies of State ..,” the statement said.

The war vets seem to also have been miffed by Chamisa’s Constitutional Court challenge that delayed Mnangagwa’s inauguration as they want the conference to “call upon Parliament to amend sections of the law dealing with the swearing-in of the president after elections to be soon after the announcement of results and allow those with queries to do after the swearing-in...”

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Comments (10)

Victor Matemadanda needs some time under the examination of a psychiatric doctor at Ingutsheni Mental Hospital. You don't need to be 52 to be mature to lead a country, Victor. It just needs plain common sense and some leadership qualities. Even a 21 year old can lead the country to prosperity if he is properly wired and switched on. By the way, at 40 years of age one becomes middle-aged and not young. Young people are those up to 39 years. If you were mature you would know this VaMatemadanda.

Godwin Zindoga - 5 December 2018

yes the boy is very immature but to change the constitution of a country of 16 million just because of one moron shows that zanu is just a bunch of morons.

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 5 December 2018

matemadanda is a fake war vet who was working in zambia as a taxi driver,he has never held a gun in his entire life ,all this hallucinating its beacause he fears he will soon be exposed for his fake war credentials

banolila - 5 December 2018

That is too young it should be 92

Ticky Sibanda - 5 December 2018

So if age means maturity and wisdom why is the country so poor yet we have presidents over 75yrs to 92 yrs. people living in poverty with very mature leaders

mike - 5 December 2018

The so called mature have done absolutely nothing besides the liberation war credentials. Why has the country gone down since they call themselves mature?

Observer - 6 December 2018

There is no logic in expecting the min age of a senator (usually older and hopefully wiser) to be 40 and minimum of a president to be 52, Makes sense the other way round. But logic is non-existent in other quarters.

Sagitarr - 6 December 2018

If there is to be a limit, then no president should be no older than 65 years. Over 65 year old people must retire. This is why Zim is such a rot because Mugabe was allowed to rule in his 80s and beyond.

Inyika - 6 December 2018

Matemadanda`s statements are ant-development and unprogressive to a modern world.Matemadanda must focus on development issues first to those whom he represent in Gokwe who are still backward in everything,He seemed to be opposed to Mugabe but he is worse than him,the only grudge that he had with Mugabe was being not recognised.Those youngsters in Zanu pf must not allow that to happen because they are also the future of us who will be better rulers than these old guard.How can you amend a constitution inorder to fix Nelson Chamisa?It's ridiculous and very primitive mindset - like old days where a girl child was not allowed a right to school.Zimbabwe is not for war veterans but for everybody else nomatter what.Matemadanda must apologize for his utterances who will entrench this country in cvontinued suffering.We are suffering because of the people who still believe in in an era that has since passed its relevance,Zimbabweans let us not lag behind advocate for change in everything!

Think twice - 6 December 2018

Yes Matemadanda you are spot on , but 50 is more realistic . Zanu pf congress must push for this amendment the sooner the better. too much noise and confusion from these middle aged aspirants. Ngaambodzidza kudanana nemukadzi wake and gain maturity.

gore - 6 December 2018

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