just in ... War veterans want presidential age limit raised

HARARE - War veterans have moved a motion ahead of the Zanu PF annual national people’s conference to have the ruling party use its supermajority in parliament to raise the minimum age for presidential aspirants from the current 40 years to 52.

Widely seen as targeted at MDC Alliance presidential candidate in the just-ended harmonised elections — 40-year-old Nelson Chamisa — who was beaten by a razor-thin margin by Zanu PF candidate and President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa, this planned constitutional amendment will most certainly dent the youthful opposition leader’s presidential aspirations in the 2023 polls.

“(We) call upon the conference to ask Parliament to amend the age limit of those who can contest on the presidential election from the age of 40 to 52 so that ages for contesting (sic) will be as follows, council and MP, 18 years upwards, senator 40 years upwards, president 52 years upwards,” said the statement read by secretary general of the influential Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) Victor Matemadanda.

He said the age limit has to be revised to ensure that people who contest the presidential elections are “mature enough to run the country.”

The war veterans said Zanu PF should also push amendments considering imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe economic sabotage and a third schedule offense, a crime that is so serious to such an extent that it is impossible to get bail at the lower courts.

“The ZNLWVA condemns all reactionary forces who go around the world asking for the extension of sanctions and call upon the conference declare all who call for sanctions against Zimbabwe and who work against government efforts to resuscitate the economy as enemies of State and the nation of Zimbabwe,” the statement said.

The war vets seem to also have been miffed by Chamisa’s Constitutional Courtt challenge that delayed Mnangagwa’s inauguration.

In their statement, the war veterans said Zanu PF conference should “call upon Parliament to amend section of the law dealing with the swearing of the president after elections to be soon after the announcement of results and allow those with queries to do after the swearing-in of the winning president as announced by Zec (the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission).”


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Comments (28)

let them try it. They wont succeed. the majority of Zimbabwe citizens are below 52 years and will not agree to that. Let them try it and see if people will not revolt. It will be a recepe for disaster for them because even soldiers will be against . Let them try it and see if they will not regret

Sizwe ka Nare - 4 December 2018

WHAT was the age limit when these guys went for the war of liberation? Most of them went when they were in there teens and became commanders in their twenties. This is no longer to do with LIBERATION.

ADF - 4 December 2018

War vets ndomatuzvi evanhu.

Chikowore - 4 December 2018

i dont usually take matemadanda seriously, he has always been like this. he lacks principles and goes with the wind. imhepo inovhuvhuta. kukara mari nekushandiswa zvinoenderana.

Cliff - 4 December 2018

matemadanda has been found to be a very useful tissuepaper, anoshandisika nyore kupukuta kana manyoka

Cliff - 4 December 2018

of course chamisa is very childich but to punish all other aspirants because of one individual would be ridiculous. tsvee pasi kugadzirisa economy!

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 4 December 2018

52yrs is still a youth in ZANU my friend, raise it to 86years.....kkkkkk

Pablo - 4 December 2018

Only effective ideas will solve the problems we face now. Please read an article titled Ideas on the link below. Search for it on the top right hand corner of the search panel. Very relevant to our current status quo www.ashermunashemutandiro.blogspot.com

Asher - 4 December 2018

Do u know that 80% war vet have little or not educated.That is why during war they used to tell people that after war people will get free from white people`s house . Do not listen magandanga .

Rex Mahewu - 4 December 2018

What war vets? Idiots that do not love their country, non-patriotic, destroyers of the nation? Shame on you!

Steve - 5 December 2018

This is the usual diatribe from this bunch of lunatics.

sipendu - 5 December 2018

They are failing to solve the economy and now talk of age limit. does that bring food on our tables seriously, this party has lost its wheels. These are mad moroons, whether with trickery or not one day we are going to chuck these ZANOIDS out of government. They think they can delay the youth, SHAME.

Baba Mary - 5 December 2018


Mandla - 5 December 2018

We are very much awake, if ED and Chiwenga thinks Zimbos are foolish, they will wake up, trying to smartly eliminate Chamisa but let us tell them wether Chamisa is not there, we will never vote for ED or Chiwenga, Coup plotters NEVER in a thousand years. GUYS YOU HAVE FAILED CANT YOU SEE. AGE AGE, SO ARE YOU 40 YEARS OLD BUT YOU ARE FAILING TO RUN THE COUNTRY. VANA SEKURU VASINGANYARE.

Bango P - 5 December 2018


Bango P - 5 December 2018

These zanu pf idiots never cease to amaze me.What has age limit to do with good leadership?They dont even appreciate the fact that even in their own party they had to use military power to overcome the G40 who were also tired of being led by tired and clueless grannies.This will not be a zanu pf and MDC war but a national battle.Hazvinyare here nhai zviharahwa nezvichembere izvi.Zvinoda kufa pamwe chete nenyika.The youth will not allow such madness.Presidential candidates 's age limit should actually come down to 35 years.These idiots have now gone too far.

janana wa Bikaz madhogodhogo - 5 December 2018

Let us have age limit for sure but from the upper end, anyone above 75 years should not stand for any municipal, parliamentary and presidential position. One is considered a major from 18 years, so being a president at 40 is a very ripe age.

Kufandada - 5 December 2018

From 65 years people should retire, go home and play with children, a presidential candidate should be 35years onwards. All those old peoples home candidates in Zanu Pf should go home and rest, they hav failed this country for the past 38years, these war vets never get tired of being used to destroy the futures of our children including theirs too. SELFISH OLD MEN, NXAA

Bango P - 5 December 2018

Mfana Chamisa akavaonesa moto, SHAME, instead of working to find solutions to endemic corruption, the economy, look at ZANU PFs agenda, they need to be reminded that the constitution belong to the people.

Baynda - 5 December 2018

ZANU PF Big stomachs full of shit, upstairs there is nothing, shuwa varume vakuru nyika yamira iyi. NO FUEL NO PRODUCTION.

bonzo - 5 December 2018

Maturity is not about age but accepting responsibility (for one's actions). You can 94 years old and still be immature and childish

Daniel 5 - 5 December 2018


dennis moto - 5 December 2018

People are proving to miss the point on how Victor is advocating for presidential age limit of 52. The reason is, after War Vets analyse Chamisa's politics who is currently 40, they found it childish. If even 100 years old could be childish, then it means Chamisa do not have capacity to lead the MDC A clean because he is not going to change even when passed the 52 year age limit. When Victor went to war, he fought for the good of the country so he have all the rights to speak out against those seems to ruin his efforts of freeing people of Zimbabwe from white minority oppression rule. Is someone is bootlicking those oppressors then its a backstab to those who fought to liberate this country. There is no ways Chamisa would not reach 52 unless he died and this age limit will be untitled to everyone both Zanu, MDC etc. One thing that surprise me is WHY IS IT THE ARRIVAL OF MDC WAS THE BEGINNING OF ALL CRISIS IN THIS COUNTRY? Chamisa claim to have economic keys. Can someone tell me what are those economic keys he have except negotiating sanction withdrawal which the very MDC impose on their own country with their long nose western masters? What else if I may ask? Chamisa himself insisted to pull down when the government is lifting up if the government does not meet him half way on transitional government after he again initially said he don't recognize Mnangagwa as the president of the republic which (with big latters) label him CHILDISH AND SELF-CONTRADICTORY. I second Victor, those who sell out their country are TRAITORS. The must suffer Treason charges. In fact, the are not Zimbabweans. Now Chamisa is here and there staging unnecessary demonstrations in the name of government incompetence while he knows that its him who is paralysing economic growth of this country with sanction. Biblically it said that all leaders are God chosen. If really ED stolen, he would manage to steal from God. ED is God chosen leader of this country.

chamboko - 5 December 2018

War vets and zanu pf madhodhi ose... they are failing to solve economic problems then blame chamisa for raising economic sanctions.. They are silly and stupid bulls and have no clue.. To a greater extend vaa kutotirambisa nemababie coz of economy yema bond.. Manje tova dira jecha..

Jecha - 5 December 2018

Actually its better to lower it to 10. Chinomboitwa chii chisvinu ? Nyika irinani isina munhu pamusoro , munhu wese anofanira kuita mupurisa. panekuti akwira haaburuka. Ndimi munosaririra mega , ndosaka musina ne foreksi chaiyo. Pakada kusarudzwa mutungamiriri we , e.g IMF , kubva mu africa kana kuti kuvanhu vatema vese varikumhiri....havatore Mu Zimbabwean. Gana , nayijeriya , kikuyu , ndokwavanotsvaga. Haumbowona muzimbo achitungamirira kana hospitari chaiyo...well ma moziremu pamberi , ivo vazere variivo vaneruzivo. Zvirinani kuisa mbavha yeku Abuja....ndokuti vagofara vovapa mikana munyika mavo. Its an uneasy relationship , hakusi kuti vanonyatso danana. Kana mu chena chaiye arinani , imi modya murimubako rinezuva.

Dzepfunde - 5 December 2018

ZPF dont want ED to have to face Chamisa again, this is just an admission that ED lost to Chamisa...

BTW - 5 December 2018

chamboko urimboko nhy ndaisazviziva which childish from Chamisa give one example where he acted childish other than the recent Victor showed us yesterday that's what we call childish

Innocent - 5 December 2018

Matemadanda is useless, he is a bootlicker. Kukura ndiko kugona kuronga here, hezvo vane 75 years vari kushandisa millions kuyenga luxury cars vanhu vachifa muzvipatara nekushaya mishonga wani. Its not about how old you are but about whether one has got leadership qualities and a vision to take the country forward. Ethiopia is doing very well, how old is their president? 42 years of age, let it sink in Matemadanda's head.

nhemacena - 5 December 2018

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