ED ready to talk with Chamisa

HARARE - In a significant development which could signal the beginning of fresh dialogue to normalise politics in Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa says he is open to talks with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, the Daily News can exclusively report.


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ED has always been ready to talk to Chamisa. He said his doors were open a long time ago!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 29 November 2018

zvanaka nekuti hanzi he is ready asati ataura kuti ava ready zuro uno maiti heee Chamisa power hungry heee he want to be in government through back door heee anopenga mfana uyu this is politics people who thought they don't see each other eye to eye you will be surprised as opposition we also do want gnu as much as you don't want it but there must be a dialogue for economical issues not political issues

Innocent - 29 November 2018

But talk iriyekuti ave official opposition leader.

Sama - 29 November 2018

@mhofu chaiyo, neniwo ndiri mhofu but after reading your comment i am feel yu are an embarassment to all the mhofus by your willingness to believe ngwena's words. remember this is the same guy who spoke of inclucivity when he returned from brief exhile and sooner than later went it alone, the same guys with the famous zimbabwe-is-open-for-business mantra when laws, have noit changed, when he crafts policies that are anti business like the 2% tax on all RTGs, when he keeps the bond note, and on par with USD when he is sure as he is that day will come after night that bond is paper USD is money. this is the same guy who promisses to deal with fuel cartels but goes to dine with the leaders of the cartels. cutting the long story short, ngwena doesnt do what he says, he loves throwing PR stands but the game has become boring now! Let those in governement send out official invites to the Opposition for dialogue. the day we will see that is the day we will say indeed ED wants dialogue, words without action is a game of PR standing but as i said, playing the Blindman's bluff was eciting but the game became boring!

TaTanga - 29 November 2018

Ko chacho chiri kumboda kutaurwa chii imi muchinogtonga mugozotonga nekutongazve? Tongaika tione. IDambudzo chairo pfee.

Tahir Iqbal - 29 November 2018

The issue at hand is the welfare of Zim people, all other political nonsense should be put aside, just the day before yesterday the MDC said they had no political wing, but then on social media they posted an invitation by one so called commander. He now calls himself a commander but denied having a military wing a day ago. so its all promises and lies from both parties if they stand alone. its better we have GNU that will revive the economy than having individual parties that will make a party out our Beloved Zimbabwe

dubai - 29 November 2018

He said this a longtime ago, and he was very genuine i'm sure. The problem is that the MDC has been grandstanding sine well before the election hoping that ED would come to them groveling and begging them to come to the table. Thats not how things work. Meet as equals with no silly condition which you know cannot be fulfilled. The last elections are water under the bridge and Chamisa needs to accept that. What we need to work on now are reforms to cover any loopholes in future. In order to achieve this the MDC needs to dialogue with Zanu Pf and also use its representation in Parliament constructively. This booing, noisemaking and walkouts have no benefit at all especially if you dont have the majority. Monongobuda basa richisara richiitwa musipo without your input. Lets become more effective at mobilising people around issues being discussed in PARLIAMENT NOW and not to wait to hold useless demos before the elections.

The Beautiful ones are not yet born - 29 November 2018

Dubai ukure mupolitics salvation army church zvaiine macommander is that real army

Innocent - 29 November 2018

Your headline insinuates that President Mnangagwa was refusing to engage opposition leaders to find a lasting solution to the problems bedeviling our beloved country, Zimbabwe. For the record, all along ED has been saying that he is willing and ready for dialogue with anyone who is in a position to bring positive ideas that will take the country forward, Chamisa and crew included.

Lorraine Mukute - 29 November 2018

Zimbabweans have been emotionally and physically abused for long by these self-claiming Liberators called ZANU. How this has gone on for 38 years and is still going on, is mind boggling. ZANU PF turned our beloved Zimbabwe into a thugoratic state. For long it has been using the keys to amoury to supress the voice of the people. I do not think Sekuru Kaguvi and Ambuya Nehanda sacrificed their precious lives for a Zimbabwe we see today. Whether one is political or apolitical, Nelson Chamisa won the vote of the people. The voice of the people is the voice of God and it shall be heard.

Kaguvi - 29 November 2018

Good show, Kaguvi! Unfortunately those who are well educated will not take you seriously, because there is no voice of God in all what the MDC is doing. You are just parroting a party propaganda view!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 29 November 2018

Learned Mhofu, I do not think one needs to be well educated to understand that Zimbabwe is in comatose state. One does not need education to see that people are spending days in fuel queues. One does not need education to feel hungry. One does not need education to understand that a bond paper is not money. At least Mugabe had both keys, one to the amoury and one to the hearts of the people. What we see today is catastrophic and if not stopped marks the apocalypse of Zimbabwe.

Kaguvi - 29 November 2018

If he does not recognise Mr.ED,then what exactly does he want to discuss with him.

wise - 29 November 2018

What goes around comes around V11. One day when you are President another Opposition leader is NOT going to recognise you over a SILLY matter. You will tell us how it feels.

Nyandoro - 29 November 2018

When these guys are going into a dialogue there is no need to put some conditions which does not put us forward. We need to put people first. What i really know is that Chamisa will never accept that Mnangagwa wins and on the other hand Mnangagwa will not accept that he lost the elections, so all this issue of winning and loosing must be put aside for the betterment of the zimbabwean citizens.

Amalinze - 30 November 2018

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