Civil servants reject govt's bonus offer

HARARE - Civil servants have rejected government’s offer to pay their bonuses based on basic salaries saying that it was a blatant violation of their rights.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube proposed in his 2019 budget statement to pay government employees’ bonuses before the end of the year—in a departure from previous years when payments were staggered, with the last 13th cheque being made in the middle of the following year.

In his budget statement Ncube said government appreciates the hard work rendered by its employees and recognises the 13th cheque as an integral component of the remuneration framework.

“Government has taken the position that bonus be payable for 2018, with commitment that these payments be processed before year end. Traditionally, payment of the 13th cheque is computed as the sum of basic salary, housing and transport allowances.

“In light of the resolve to ensure that expenditure commitments don’t further worsen challenges associated with deficit financing that has placed us in the prevailing difficult situation that we find ourselves in, the 13th cheque is, henceforth, computed based on basic salary only, excluding housing and transport allowances,” said Ncube.

In Statement reacting to the announcement, the Apex Council slammed government for taking unilateral decisions and called on MPs not to pass the budget “if they truly represent the wishes of their electors.”

“While we welcome the payment of bonuses this calendar year, we completely reject the decision to pay bonuses based on basic salary as this amounts to a unilateral withdrawal of a benefit much against the law of the land,” Apex council chairperson Cecilia Alexander said.

The government workers slammed Ncube’s budget proposals saying it deliberately ignored the urgent need or a cost of living adjustment owing to the current inflationary environment “which will be made worse by the proposal to increase duty on fuel.”

While the Apex Council is crying foul, some of the civil servants’ unions including the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) have slammed it as not being proactive.

PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said the Apex leadership should have raised their concerns when they recently met government representatives.

“It’s sad that people who met government last week are now having panic meetings to raise issues they were supposed to have raised one on one. This is tantamount to clear betrayal of the poor workers,” Majongwe said.

The minister noted that this year is ending at a time when employees are facing a number of hardships.

“Previously, the Budget incurred expenditure of around $174, 6 million in bonus payment. With regard to the 13th cheque payment, government recognises that this is an integral component of the remuneration framework,” he said.


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Comments (15)

The APEX council is sleeping with the devil

RAMBO - 28 November 2018

They should count themselves very fortunate. Not many employees in the Private sector will be receiving bonuses.

Thefuture - 28 November 2018


Disgusted - 28 November 2018

They should not get bonuses, They are a cost that subtracts from not adds to the economy.

citizen - 28 November 2018

Must not confuse bonus with allowances,they are two different payments.There are no allowances on bonus.

wise - 28 November 2018

Civil servants leaders are not being civil enough, to understand that many unemployed Zimbabweans need the economy to be cured from excessive and unproductive public sector expenditure. Public servants are now abusing their unnecessary jobs security. In fact it is not advisable to pay the bonuses, given economic situation in the country.

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 28 November 2018

@ Disgusted, you seem to be a disgust. Civil servants are entitled to the 13th cheque. despite any economic state

jerenyenje - 28 November 2018

I beleve the private sector was not even does not give bonuses based on allowances. Civil servants should stop being cry babies

Gatsi - 28 November 2018

This issue is not about one being employed or not it is about respecting the fundamental rights of the employee, Government should sincerely honor their part full stop. the cost of living went up by more than 100% but civil servants never took to the streets. its a pity some lunatic mentions other unrelated issues because the issue here is Govt ipayi vanhu mari yakakwana

obs - 28 November 2018

civil servants must be rationale or they lose out

ty - 28 November 2018

Mtuli Ncube must be gloating and congratulating himself on his capacity to pay bonuses and on time. Thank you Minister. But if I may spoil your party, the salary and bonus for December 2018 will not buy half of what the basic salary of December 2017 could. It is more money but less buying power and to see that you continue to stalk the inflationary pressures by increasing petrol and diesel duties...really boggles the mind. Perhaps Chinos was wrong after all ...he will certainly make a better finance Minister than this Honourable gentleman. Put simply are a walking disaster!

New Dispensation - 28 November 2018

Austerity for prosperity. At least they have something. Even Jesus Christ failed to satisfy everyone. Many evils have an egocentric mind and want to see the economy bleeding. Good job to Mthuli. well done. The civil should realise that at least trhey have something for Christmas, some thing which have never happened in the past few years

Gina - 29 November 2018

Zanu pays jobless 'youths' to fan all websites and run comments. Mzvinavhu is one of these jobless Neanderthals

Moe Syszlack - 29 November 2018

A bonus is usually paid based on the ability and capacity of the employer to pay, which makes it a privilege not a right. The private sector, where performance/productivity far outweighs the civil service, has not paid bonuses for many years (unfortunately) so the civil service should consider themselves lucky, given the tough economic circumstances. If this matter is debated, govt should instead cut staff, reduce salaries and tax/remove all civil service benefits just like everyone else. They cannot afford the expenses.

Sagitarr - 30 November 2018

bonus is not a right, the economy is in shambles while they cry for bonuses. in any case the bonus is based on your basic , there is no negotiation on that , they must be grateful , some of them are even lazy and corrupt. they just costing the govt bad publicity.

GODFREY - 1 December 2018

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