Army nailed as sparks fly at Motlanthe inquiry

HARARE - Some of the witnesses who testified before the Commission of Inquiry into the politically-motivated violence which rocked central Harare on August 1 threw the military under the proverbial bus yesterday by linking it to the deaths of at least six unarmed civilians on the fateful day.

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if the army at the invitation of the police, to reinforce them because they were overwhelmed, was it not the duty of the police to control the army, than having them have a free role, the police should be held accountable in my own view

bernard mutambudzi - 22 November 2018

The police can't shoot dead demonstrators using baton sticks.

wise - 22 November 2018

It's a shame how our learned journalists twist facts. Clearly the DailyNews is focusing on the reaction of the army, ignoring what invited the reaction! I see newspapers creating unnecessary animosity between themselves and some institutions because of this kind of irresponsible reporting. The picture the outside world is getting is that the army just decided to shoot at people, which is grossly incorrect! I agree with Mr Chamisa that some of his supporters are STUPID and that there is too much polarisation in the country, and of late the private media has been pursuing this dangerous agenda! It is clearly STUPID to focus on the end thing, disregarding the process! The Daily News journalists should know this simple logic - for every action, there is a reaction!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 22 November 2018

There is plenty of photographic evidence to positively identify the men who were firing the rifles , why have they not been asked who instructed them to fire at the crowd? No doubt they have been muzzled by the powers that be.

David - 22 November 2018

The MDC-A modus operandi on demonstrations is well documented from the time MRT to Nero. Though poorly and deceivingly conscripted, the Montlante Commission ToR borders on a) What trigerred violence b) Who trigerred violence c) Who killed rioters d) Was force use warranted and ofcourse e) What remedies (based on recommendations) are needed moving forward. A close analysis of submissions being made at commission demonstrates the level of polarity in body politics in Zim. No amount of vilification of MDC will produce a better economy. ED missed a chance because he reads from his master's script. A transitional, technocratic authority is what Zimbabwe needed and main actors being people who will be "Barred" from any future elections; people with no known political affiliation. Missed opportunity! What options are available then. My take is Zim needs a CODEZI of sorts supervised by UN & AU (with SADCC providing secretariat services). CODEZI must craft roadmap to normalcy (thawing of relations), economic recovery and internationally supervised elections. A cooling off period of 3 - 5 years is needed. Anything else ingano dzaTsuro naGudo. I still love you all! Musaigwa Save weMberengwa!

Save - 22 November 2018

mhofu chaiyo hauna nyaya nyarara every time you want to defend the government how piece of sheet are you daily news radii apa rikutaura things on the ground kwete ngano dzako idzi people were shot we can run away from that who sent the soilders zvekuti who cause them to demonstrate does not warrant them to be killed I see you only focussing on who cause the violence or who cause them to demonstrate it might be Chamisa or Biti but that doesn't give the reason to be shooted the commission is looking all those things so stop focussing on one side they will cover everything who caused the violence and who sent soldiers in street though we all know who is to blame

Innocent - 22 November 2018

while the deaths that occured as a result of the August 1 violence are regrettable, it must be understood that the violence that prevailed that day was nothing short of an insurgency. when civilians arm themselves with stones, iron bars and possibly firearms and subsequently set ablaze vehicles and stone private and public property, the security forces will respond to such accordingly. even if the evidence implicates them the Commission would at the end of the day evaluate the circumstances too before a verdict can be reached.

Mark Mudzi - 22 November 2018

Shut up u Mhofu and Mudzi ur'e nuts

Jola - 22 November 2018

The Chairperson of that commission of inquiry if you will ask him he will tell you in his country demonstration are so violent but not even one person has been killed by the military.

Wezhira - 22 November 2018

Please don't pay much attention to individuals like Mhofu Chaiyo, this are payroll commentators, Ndovaiva vatengesi during the Smith regime , an enermy of the people's struggle. That guy will justify anything the current regime does .The crux of the matter is the army used excessive force, period. The current regime is afraid of the masses , because they know they do not have the mandate of the people , they went against the WILL of the people hence you will often find they are quick to ruthlessly crush any form of dissent. In a democratic country what you need is police visibility not army visibility , but since ours is a dictatorship that's why you see an armed solder at every turn, what are they afraid of? Are we at war ? , Hanzi kuvhunduka chatikwatara hunge uine katurikwa .

MUROTI - 22 November 2018

innocent people going about their lives were murdered by the government .. that is not a small matter

alternative - 24 November 2018

There is plenty of good quality TV footage and photos of the shooters with weapons - why not identify them and ask them who ordered them to fire. Simple, very simple when you want it to be.

Is that so? - 28 November 2018

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