Chamisa dares Mnangagwa & Chiwenga

HARARE - An angry opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, yesterday threw the gauntlet at both President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga — challenging them to also testify at the official probe looking into the August 1 killings which saw at least six civilians being shot dead in Harare.

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None has the right to end anyone's life but at the same time no one has the right to destroy anyone's property. Before those death properties were destroyed after received news of stolen election results that were going to be announced.Who spread the news that angered MDC-A supporters of the rigging that were happening before the results been released? Who spread the news that election results are deliberately withheld for manipulation against will of the people? Its Unfortunately that Mr Chamisa is called those went to street to defend their vote as 'STUPID' that they supposed to wait for the results to be announced as ZEC was within time frame of our law,even him was waiting for results like every citizen. So why his supporters were not willing to waiting the results as their Leader, Mr Chamisa willing to wait. Properties were destroyed and death occurred because someone do not want to be willing but spread news before hand. MDC-A supporters are not stupid because they trusted the resource of news with the resource courage whch they given to defend their vote. Police are not Stupid to prevent properties destruction. Army were not stupid to support Police who were outnumbered with surprised MDC -A supporters on the streets destroyed rival party's properties and other citizens that results those deaths. MDC - supporters ,Police and Army have no case to answer but the one spread fake news and encouraged people to be on street is the murder and property destroyer have the case to answer. Mr Chamisa called his Supporters STUPID to listening to fake news from fake resource result those deaths and properties destroyed. Mr fake is responsible for this so is accountability for it.

Hope - 16 November 2018

true, Mr fake is responsible for the deaths and must brought to book. But who is this Mr fake? The demonstrators know who gave them the news and they must loudly call out the name of this Mr fake so that the law can take its course, why wait while suffering in custody?

Pakuru - 16 November 2018

@ Hopelessness, you sound misguided and confused, hopeless indeed in the way you attack Chamisa. Can I ask you a question, how many times have MDC supporters demonstrated in Harare before 1 August 2018? How many people were shot and killed in these demonstrations? Who actually called for the 1 August demonstration? If you bring proof to that did the person who called for demonstration say let destroy property? and did the demonstrators demonstrate and shot each other in the process? Is human life not supposed to be safeguarded? Why were demonstrators dispersed with guns, high velocity guns for that reason? Why did soldiers come to disperse demonstrators wadding and brandishing AK 47 ASSULT RIFFLES? Was there any war? Why calling a commission of enquiry when all reports lead to death from high velocity guns? Who else was witnessed with AK 47 guns on the day in question other than soldiers? Was anyone arrested for brandishing a gun on the day, I mean on the part of demonstrators? NO, so why wasting our tax payer's money paying the Mothlante Commision? I am worried as Zimbabweans we are going no where with this culture of protecting the politically connected and blaming the politically weak. We always see good and not bad in the rulers and their actions. We always see bad in opposition , even blame them when economy goes bad , as if they are the ones in power. We know very well who was murdering people in 2008 elections run off, we know who terroroises people, we have heard of Gukurahundi, and we did not hear opposition 's involvement, we heard of Dzamara, and it was almost blamed on opposition. God is watching by the way.

Makumbinde - 16 November 2018

Its not about property, its about human life that was lost. Why do you speak like satanists? You cry property instead of human life. Is there any property to talk about in Zimbabwe a country ravaged by Zanu looters? so you killed to protect the ill goten wealth, shame on you

DZIMBABWE - 16 November 2018

Zanu pf inorwadzisa nekunyepa. They twist zvataurwa na Chamisa. Haana kumboti ma supporters ake ari stupid. i listened to the full speach pa You tube. Zanu is a curse chokwadi. Vanhu vakaurawa mogadzira chi komisheni chenyu moisa ma actors enyu achiita testify zvekunyepa. Ana Chaibva vaiva pese paiitika zvinhu vachiita personal witnesses. Muchatongwa ne Denga.

Mukepekepe - 16 November 2018

@What else do you expect from the Gukurahundi masterminds? Murderers who will never admit

G40 - 16 November 2018

Waiting for ZEC announcement of results ended before 2008 elections. Thereafter, its for all to see as collating is done polling station by polling station. MDC style of organising street demos is known prior and post 2018 elections. The 1 August incident does not in any way reflect MDC strategies and tactics BUT people anger towards the goings-on at that time; hence the mayhem. Trying to vilify, harass or even arrest Nero will not help matters. Talk to him, he is the people's choice; he is the people's president. To ED I say the demon of tribal & factional politics within ZANU PF is upon us and watch the Mutswangwa-Chiwenga Zezuru fightback against Karanga dominance. Talk to Chamisa period. Guveya will plot, remove you; and PV will remove him and then followed by Sanyatwe and the military presence in civilian politics continues. Are we not another Nigeria in this 21st Century. Talk to Chamisa and country will move on. I still love you all!

Save - 16 November 2018

Kkkkkkk - Makepekepe, you killed me! You either watched a different YouTube to the one some us watched; or, you really do not understand English - you just hear sounds; or you are a blind follower of Chamisa, or all of these! Why then did Mr Chamisa say he was not insulting the protesters!?

Mhofu Chaiyo - 16 November 2018

Thank you Makumbinde,Dzimbabwe and Makepekepe for your insights that lead the death of people on 01 August.It is sad to note that we lost life of those innocent people that can be easily avoided if someone played his or her role properly but someone deliberately set life of people in fire hoping that more deaths than six would die due to infighting among us to defend the vote as zanu pf or MDC -A supporters which witnessed in many countries.The time election results announcement,its a sensitive time that party leaders must controlled their supporters avoidance of sensitive words that resulting provoking and celebrating to cause the rivals been defeated while before announcement.The avoidance of those were possible if police and army were not sent and demonstration was in peace.

Hope - 16 November 2018

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