MPs' allowances to be slashed

HARARE - Members of Parliament are to get their sitting allowance cut in an attempt to reduce the public wage bill.

The MPs’ $75 per sitting pay will be slashed, although their salaries will remain unchanged and will still get Parliament-issued vehicles. The lawmakers vigorously blocked attempts to deny them vehicles, saying that they were an essential necessity to access their constituencies.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube said the sitting allowance review was part of a plan to reduce Zimbabwe’s public sector wages.

The average income in Zimbabwe is $350 a month.

In his presentation during a pre-budget seminar in Bulawayo last weekend, Ncube proposed a raft of cost containment measures, saying he will be “maintaining freeze on filling noncritical posts, enforcing retirement policy, reduction in budget travel expenditures, rationalisation of the foreign service missions, review of parliamentary sitting allowances and limiting expenditures on by-election.”

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The allowances have been slashed by what amount? How much does the President, VP, MINISTER earn? Last time we heard Mugabe was earning us$20 000. Have the cut the number of those useless foreign travels? Have they also cut on kickbacks they receive from contractors that inflate contract prices at the expense of the taxpayer !!

Freddy Zambe - 13 November 2018

Cut those allowances. Those useless people only make noise and sleep and add no value at all. Even those cars should be scrapped!

The Beautiful ones are not yet born - 13 November 2018

Mr. Financial Minister let's be honest: first do away with PR-MPs they are an unnecessary evil, they get allowances, cars, stay in hotels, draw monthly salaries and get fuel coupons. But for what? They are invisible and most of them hardly say anything in their constituencies. So why should the tax payer be burdened with looking after this useless lot? If Mr. Finance Minister is sincere about cutting down expenses here is a golden opportunity to do so. We are the most governed people in the whole region at 390575km2 Zimbabwe has 350 legislators and this translates to an MP for every 1115,9km2. But what do we have to show for all these leaders? Nothing except the following modes of suffering: long fuel queues, cash shortages, high unemployment rate and high food prices. We are not dumb, it's high time politicians started to treat us with respect. It's long over due. We deserve it

mabhengeza - 13 November 2018

the more you ignore the problems of the people the more you yourselves fail in every venture you embark. instead of castigating opposition sit with them and resolve the issues of destroying the country. it seems the more people are educated the more they become lazy

charera - 13 November 2018

cutting bond allowances for a mere 300 or less people won t achieve anything...what should be pursued is the recovery of 50b USD lost from chiadzwa..

alternative - 13 November 2018

The government should levy a ONCE-OFF wealth tax for all properties above US$50 000 in Zimbabwe at say 5%, across the whole country. The tax can be paid over 3 years. Most of the corruptly obtained money has been invested in real estate and its much better to recover some of this money through wealth tax that take individuals to court for embezzlement of funds.

Ndiani Ndiani - 13 November 2018

All commercial farms should be sold and owners given title deeds. This should be a source of revenue for the government. Mugabe and relatives grabbed over 50 farms since 2000. Why are they still allowed to own these farms in 2018 when they never paid anything. Money locked in these farms?? YES!

Ndiani Ndiani - 13 November 2018

Government should not purchase vehicles for the 350 legislators. Despite the usual political electoral campaign rhetoric these legislators will be campaigning to land these cushy 5 year government positions. Very few are in it to serve their constituencies. How many legislators have raised or contributed in cash or kind to their constituency's development? After serving their 5 years what tangible progress or developments can be seen, for both MDC Alliance or Zanu PF legislators? The Hon finance Ministers should just cap the legislators car allowances at $15 000.00 for landed vehicles with tax free import licences also capped. Anyone wanting a vehicle above the figure gets a loan at current market rates. The import licence is valid for one vehicle only over the five years unless there is justifiable cause for replacement. Decent second hand SUVs can be landed in Zimbabwe for around $30 000. 350 legislators x $15 000.00 / vehicle = $5.25 million PERIOD not the craziness and spending frenzy we are used to. Belt tightening should start at the top. Maybe some will even forfeit the vehicle money, salaries and allowance and seed it into the development of their constituencies - that is real servant leadership - TO SERVE.

Daniel 5 - 14 November 2018

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