Computer Society marks 44th years

HARARE - The Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) council will be celebrating its 44th anniversary next week during its 2018 Summer School to be held in Victoria Falls.

The organisation, which was founded in 1974, will be running the Summer School from November 7 to 10 under the theme ‘‘Everything Information Communication Technology (ICT) — The digital age and cyber security’’.

CSZ executive director, Viola Dondo, told a news conference that they appreciate the support they have been getting from organisations such as Sophos and Dandemtande among others over the years.

Summer school convenor, Allen Saruchena, said as “we cannot run away from the fact that we are now in a digital era where technology is the order of the day and we cannot look back into the ancient days.”

The council noted that the rate of ICT adoption within government is very low and they hope in five years’ time they will be able to improve that and make Zimbabwe a centre for innovation.

CSZ runs the summer school programme yearly and last year’s edition focused on how ICTs are critical tools for promoting human development and reducing inequalities.