Magaya faces arrest over HIV claims

HARARE - The government has warned Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries founder Walter Magaya that he risks being arrested if he goes ahead and starts selling his controversial HIV/Aids herbal medicine without regulatory approval.

This comes after the popular preacher told multitudes at his Waterfalls church on Sunday that he had found a cure for HIV/Aids and cancer — adding that his controversial herbs, named Aguma, would go on sale this coming Saturday.

At the same time, authorities and medical experts have robustly pooh-poohed Magaya’s claim, saying this had the potential to destabilise the government’s fight against HIV/Aids.

Yesterday, Health and Child Care deputy minister John Mangwiro warned that the charismatic preacher risked facing the full wrath of the law if he goes ahead and sells Aguma this weekend.

“If he goes ahead and sells the drug ... we will stick to the Constitution of the country and the law in terms of drugs and sales.

“The law will definitely take its course if he breaches it,” he said, adding that as Magaya’s herbal medicine was not registered, people should not buy it.

“I don’t think people are going to be foolish enough to buy the drug on Saturday. From our research, we gather that the medicine costs $1 000,” Mangwiro told the Daily News.

On its part, the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) said it was investigating Magaya’s herb, warning that any sales and advertisements of medicines needed to receive prior approval from authorities.

“We need to make sure whatever is going to be sold and distributed to the public is safe, effective and of good quality.

“We are still gathering all the facts on this issue to ensure that the public is provided with accurate information and that all rules and regulations with respect to medicines are satisfied,” MCAZ spokesperson Shingai Gwatidzo said.

According to the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, Medicines and allied substances control Act Chapter 15.03 under the advertisement of medicines subsection (1) no persons shall publish, distribute or in any other manner whatsoever bring to the notice of the public or cause or permit to be published or distributed or to be brought to the notice of the public any false or misleading advertisement concerning a medicine.

Any person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level twelve or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

On Sunday, Magaya told thousands of his congregants that his herb Aguma could cure both HIV/Aids and cancer — adding that the government was ready to support him.

“When I approached the government, their response made me feel that they were ready to support us.

“Government will carry out its own research and is summoning a local research board to bring in people who are HIV positive and take statistics on people taking Aguma.

“They will test it for any threats to health, its efficacy and side effects among many other things and have the final say,” he said at his Waterfalls church in Harare.

He added that the government was set to announce the first public results on Aguma after 14 days, saying further that the herb had undergone the appropriate registration as a supplement in Zimbabwe and that he had also approached the World Health Organisation.

“We wrote to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and they said they would work hand-in-hand with government rather than individual-to-individual,” Magaya said.

The claims set off a wave of criticism as health professionals and rights groups said his revelations had the potential of destabilising the anti-retroviral treatment (ART) programme, which currently has millions of patients on treatment.

The government is currently on an ambitious $103 million, five-year HIV-testing strategy — to raise the number of people who know their status, as the country bids to build on the progress which has been made in the last seven years, which saw new HIV infections falling by 50 percent.

The testing strategy is part of the government’s efforts to achieve the 90-90-90 target — which seeks to have 90 percent of all people with HIV know their status, 90 percent of diagnosed people being on treatment, and 90 percent of those on treatment having suppressed levels of the virus in their bodies by 2020.

Zimbabwe has an HIV prevalence rate of 13,7 percent according to 2016 national estimates.

The country has been making strides in its fight against HIV/Aids despite the current economic turmoil which health experts say has hit the operations of most of the country’s major hospitals, including the procurement of essential drugs for people living with the pandemic.


Comments (14)

Did these people carefully listen to what Magaya said? He carefully said that the cure was rigistered as a supliment: no need for registering and considered as a food, I am big fan of vitamin, garlic, etc supliments. He is free to sell the 'suppliment' and he even mentioned that people with HIV must continue their ARV. This seems descriminatory, because of his religious beliefs and the fact that he is a bllack Zimbabwean.Many foreign companies sell suppliments that claim to boost the immune system and improve health. And they make millions (the suppliment business is worth billions of dollars ), why would he lie and then invite the government and WHO. A scammer would close the doors, but Magaya is opening the doors and inviting the government, he made an open anouncement, and invited many media outlets to ask him questions and yet his own govenment acts as if he was hidding this from them. Support him, test what the 'compund' can do, this could be our best product as a nation.

Chokwadi - 31 October 2018

Chokwadi please do not try to coat poison with an ice cream. It will still kill. About 80% of Ziumbabwena s are naturally stupid, hence they need protection. hey have less than brains of a kid in terms of intellect. If this wanot the case, then Magaya, Makandiwa, and Engel would not be filthy rich today, because of the monies they easily con from the gullible. And it is criminal for Magaya. He presy on stupidity of people. And this time he shouts that he has cure for AIDS and cancer the two diseases that depend on therapy as there is no cure. Imagine, with so many people living with AIDS and cancer, Magaya stands to con people of tens of millions of dollars. Stealing from the ill, what form of church faith is that. I tell, Magaya will never see Heaven, if Heaven is as it is dscribed in the Bible.

Danayi Pazvagozha - 31 October 2018

So this government wants to arrest a man that is trying to solve a global problem .... kkk

Terrence Mudyahope - 31 October 2018

Thank you so much,l support you .They must support him rather critise him,just take time and one day you shall see that our country has the best.This what the new dispensation wants,so let the stone roll and see this country on a higher level,why do people want to stay on one level,instead dig deep and see what comes,in shona hove huru dzinobatwa kana zuva rorereka,Thanks Dr prophet W.Magaya.God bless u.l love the good work u are doing.

PHD SON - 31 October 2018

Arrest this fool and fake prophet.

Moe Syszlack - 31 October 2018

Don't support nonsense u fools the government must first test this drug before it goes on market why do u behave as illiterate bustards

Jola - 31 October 2018

i think magaya s business growth in the the area of benign hypnosis have reached maturity... he is thus lured by greed and desire to maintain an enigmatic appeal to the gullible to go straight illegit... this guy must be jailed to saved the gullible from themselves..

mpiza - 31 October 2018

i think magaya s business growth in the the area of benign hypnosis have reached maturity... he is thus lured by greed and desire to maintain an enigmatic appeal to the gullible to go straight illegit... this guy must be jailed to save the gullible from themselves..

mpiza - 31 October 2018

Magaya is so foolish, why achida kuvhura herbal shop in Zimbabwe, when he already have more friendly countries like swaziland, angola, south africa, where the idea is welcomed. why troubling himself, those interested in the herbs go and buy in swaziland or angola or south africa. a lot of mediciation here require prescription go in south africa you buy them over the counter,

keith bande - 1 November 2018

By their fruits you shall know them

hillario - 1 November 2018

Magaya hun'anga hwake hwurikubudikira zvishoma nezvishoma.Do we still remember Boniface Muponda who used to a prophet in Kuwdzana and people would throng at his shrine like mapete.The real spirit that he had been using eventually came out in the open and he began to practice hun'anga.He made quite a fortune during that time and when he eventually came out clean tha he was now a sangoma all the riches vanishe because he lost all his followers and cash cows.Mgaya is following the same path but some gullible fools are falling for his aids cure discovery.How did he came up with the price of $1000 dollars for a herb that has not been clinically tested?No wonder why our country is in doldrums because of people who rally behind all kinds of stupidity.From the little that i know concerni kunamata Mwari,Magaya uses juju and it has blinded all his followers.Ask those tha used to say Bornface Muponda was a true man of God.This young man called Walter is just out there to fleece the gullible followers and he has really done a good job in making most of his followers damn fools.Just watch the space for some even more dramatic events that will follow shortly about this con artist but his ardent followers will continue to believe him until he confesses himself that he truely is a sangoma.

Janana wa Bikaz Bikela Bikaldo - 1 November 2018

i read someone's comment saying Magaya is foolish he should have gone to other countries and launch his drug, really?tell you what i dont want to call you a fool but you are very foolish. You are the kind of people who have sinister brains of investing in other countries leaving your own. magaya had to support his country first he is ever right for doing that. he loves his country and he sees everything from a positive angle.He is very wise he remembered his country showing the world that above making profits he is concerned with social welfare of his country.With your smallness you want to fight his dream and his passion for the country. i personally have never been to PHD neither am i his follower but i support his dream for the fact that he is Zimbabwean. Why are you so heartless? Imagine if you were sick? lets learn to support each other and support each other. Zimbabwe and the world need people like him despite his flaws.

takunda - 1 November 2018

why not simply test the drug before criticising it

Lawrence - 2 November 2018

Its the task of the entreprenuer to go through due processes not government. Its like an unlicenced driver saying i certainly can drive, if in doubt VID must test me? No it doesnt work that way profit.

Samaita Dube - 2 November 2018

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