Mudzuri guns for Chamisa's job

HARARE - Nelson Chamisa faces a challenge for the MDC presidency from his deputy Elias Mudzuri when the party goes for a potentially explosive congress next year, the Daily News can report.

Chamisa came to the leadership of the MDC in controversial fashion early this year following the death of the party’s founding father Morgan Tsvangirai. His dramatic ascent was at the expense of Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe, his two rivals who were both claiming to be the rightful heirs to the throne.However, while Khupe packed her bags and went on to form her own MDC-T, Mudzuri soldiered on and is now one among three vice presidents in the MDC.

The party’s secretary general Douglas Mwonzora told the Daily News that the MDC is most definitely going for congress next year.

“Congress is definitely there, we have not set the dates but we must have it by the 30th of October next year,” said Mwonzora before referring further questions to Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda.

Until now, Mwonzora has been touted as Chamisa’s likeliest challenger, but the Daily News can report that it is Mudzuri who is now girding his loins for the throne.

Yesterday, Mudzuri could neither confirm nor deny that he wants to contest for the highest office in the opposition.

“When the time comes, I will tell the people what position I want,” Mudzuri told the Daily News yesterday.

Sibanda said his boss is ready to be contested at congress.

“The National Council made an undertaking that they will be preparations for a congress but the dates will be announced in due course. The president is the most ardent supporter of democracy. He is never against being contested. He is ready to be contested by anyone and will listen to the will of the people,” Sibanda told the Daily News.

While addressing the MDC’s 19th anniversary rally on Saturday, Chamisa appealed to his potential internal challengers to hold their horses.

The MDC leader, who lost in the July 30 elections to President Emmerson Mnangagwa by a wafer-thin margin, told thousands of his supporters that removing him now would poke holes into Tsvangirai’s legacy.

“I have told my colleagues in the top leadership that none of us should go wayward because it will be akin to a fish taking itself out of water where it cannot survive,” Chamisa said.

“So, we need to continue to follow Tsvangirai’s way, the party’s ways. Tsvangirai left power for me so that I will also pave way for the next leader, in that order. We don’t want a situation whereby someone would want to grab from me what I was given by Tsvangirai before I even start the journey he set me to embark on, yet you don’t even know what he wanted me to achieve. Why don’t you wait for me to accomplish that first, then I will also show you the way when you eventually take over?” he asked rhetorically.

Earlier, Chamisa had jokingly asked his deputy Mudzuri if he did not believe that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had rigged his way to power.

This was after Mudzuri had not raised his hand when Chamisa asked who among the thousands present agreed with him that the July 30 elections had been rigged in Zanu PF’s favour.

“I see you have kept your hands down when I asked the question. Does this suggest that you do not believe that the election was rigged,” Chamisa asked Mudzuri, tongue-in-cheek.

Only recently, Chamisa called Mudzuri to order during the party’s National Standing Committee meeting for engaging in perceived acts that could undermine unity in the party.

This was after Mudzuri had been linked to a controversial Twitter post expressing the desire to challenge Chamisa at the party’s elective congress.

Comments (15)

Can Chamisa explain how did he given that position by Tsvangirai. I remember when mama Tsvangirai to hang herself if Chamisa crowned the throne so if its Tsvangirai so how could she?? Right now Chamisa is trimming all he knows they would not vote unfavour of him in a bid to cement that leadership position. He knows that he is an illegitimate president that's why

ezekiel - 30 October 2018

Nothing wrong in Mudzuri challenging Chamisa. That's democracy, unlike Mugabe who did not want to be challenged.

Yohwe - 30 October 2018

@Yohwe. True that.

Moe Syszlack - 30 October 2018

Don't talk as if it's wrong to challenge you Ezekiel you must be worried about the coup that is going to happen soon on ED rather than talking about opposition leadership

Innocent - 30 October 2018

"Given by Tsvangirayi", so we do know that this was not the will of the people as Madame Khupe once insinuated. Without any shenanigans, Chamisa will lose to either Mwonzora or Mudzuri in an open congress. Mudzuri and Mwonzora are more seasoned and mature politicians. Mudzuri did not raise his hand because he can see the folly of trying to jump on a ship that has already sailed. Dream on Chamisa.

Order - 30 October 2018

Chanyiswa is already canvassing and openly intimidating perceived contenders for Alliance presidency. His statement that "I have told my colleagues in the top leadership that none of us should go wayward.." is to scare any contenders. Saying that in front of a thousand goons, is literally telling them that anyone who goes wayward is not only a fish out of water, BUT a "dead fish". So Mr Chanyiswa, you are saying CONGRESS will take place, NOT to elect a leader, but to ENDORSE YOU! Zvasiyana papi nezva Robert Mugabe???

Will Blackman - 31 October 2018

Innocent it's not wrong to challenge me if I opposite to you but if we claim to be on the one side then you challenge me, it's not democracy but its a battle. Chamisa grabs leadership, he did not chosen and also MDC has its constitution which should not be bridged unfavour of someone. If Chamisa really elected or chosen by Tsvangirai in front of every member of MDC, even Khupe would be part of MDC alliance and these two deputies would not challenge Chamisa. Chamisa have not room to say who ever goes against him is fishing out him/herself from water because that depend on vote of the members of MDC, therefore this guy who's challenging Chamisa knows that other members of MDC are complaining about how Chamisa assented to the peak of the party, and he is not a fool to take such risk

ezekiel - 31 October 2018

Ezekiel I would love him to be challenged but it's different issue with madam Khupe the reason why Tsvangirai chose to have 3 deputies is that madam Khupe was refusing the issue of alliance but since Tsvangirai had come to agreement with other alliance partners like Ncube and Biti and others he was giving mudzuri and Chamisa to leading the alliance since madam Khupe has already shows that she is not interested in alliance though Chamisa chose himself or either lied that he was appointed by Tsvangirai but Congress is the best to chose a leader madam Khupe started showing up when Tsvangirai was on the death bad

Innocent - 31 October 2018

Nothing amiss with Mudzuri challenging Chamisa that is democracy in action . Also nothing wrong with Chamisa challenging those vying for his seat that is politics. As for Khupe - the lady made a blunder when she stopped attending to MDC business 2 years before Morgan passed-on protesting the appointments of her 2 nemesis Chamisa and Mudzuri. She then went on to make another miscalculation when she tried to come back and wrestle leadership after Morgan had died. Two wrongs never make a right, but her lack of concepts grasp was demonstrated again when she went her own way into political abyss even zanupf that used her (during elections) have discarded her now. She was hoping to land a post in ED' S steup but alas the gods did not smile on her perhaps ED knows how daft she is...excuse the pan.

Sinyo - 31 October 2018

Yes on point Sinyo Chamisa is also campaigning for that post I don't how these guys describe democracy if you are a leader when time for Congress has come does the current leader not supposed to campaign too that post he has already at if he campaigns people saying he is a dectator so how is going to be chosen without campaigning he can't fold his hands and think he is going to be voted unless he is stepping down

Innocent - 31 October 2018

Its not too early for other presidential aspirants to come forward & take over leadership of the opposition alliance,but what we seem to sniff from the attitude of the incumbent is that the alliance is likely to face another Tsvangirai-sibanda;Ncube fall out of 2005.It is likely that once Chamisa is not elected will opt for a splinter group tempting the grassroot support base of the opposition alliance;which is always fragile& not principled, into opposing camps

addmore gudo - 31 October 2018

Itz truthfully democratic to have other contestants emerge at the so called congress vy-ing for the top job& become elected but bad if sometimes if the losers have capacity to split the party counting on building on some sizable following following

addmore gudo - 31 October 2018

Please can we stop this nonsense of describing difference between 44.3% and 50.6% as WAFER thin. its a whole 6 percentage points. What is thin is difference between 50% and 50.6% but is still many votes more than the 1 vote after 50% required by law to win a presidential election. Otherwise you are starting to sound very shallow. Same as describing Mr Chamisa as the youthful Chamisa as if that is his only useful attribute. You actually do his image more harm than good. Even though he harms himself every time he opens his mouth. And he is now beginning to sound like a copy of our Robert Mugabe of 'Ko ndatadzeiko nhai vakomana' fame.

righttochoose - 31 October 2018

given, Zimbabwe needs change, but that change is invisible chamisa... he is caesar power hungry..and immature..currently ngwena is the only person in the country who when given support both internally and internationally can transform zimbabwe.. chamisa mistook hunger for change as love for him..apart from empty rhetoric and moving around with an animal farm squealer for a spokesperson, i have never witnessed any concrete alternative agenda from him..

mpiza - 1 November 2018

Hand picked like cotton by Tsvangirai

Adam - 2 November 2018

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