US diplomat sees promise in Zim

HARARE - A top United States diplomat for Africa has voiced optimism over economic reforms by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, which remains under sanctions dating from Robert Mugabe’s 37-year reign.

Tibor Nagy, the assistant secretary of State for African affairs, said Zimbabwe’s level of education and infrastructure meant it stood to enjoy “dramatic economic progress” if the right policies were put in place.

“We are very much encouraged by some of the things they say; we are now looking for some concrete examples of moving forward,” Nagy said of the Zimbabwean leadership.

“I can tell you that Zimbabwe is another country that the American business community could be very excited by based on concrete achievements,” he told a press conference by telephone with African journalists.

He stopped short of saying whether the US would lift sanctions, which target government officials and State-run businesses but do not include a blanket ban on US investment

US President Donald Trump in August renewed sanctions, saying more progress was needed, even after Zimbabwe, on July 30,  held its first elections since Mugabe stepped down last year.

The newly-elected president, Mnangagwa, has vowed economic reforms and sought to woo foreign investors back to Zimbabwe, which under Mugabe saw hyperinflation so extreme that the country printed a 100-trillion-dollar note.

Nagy, a veteran US diplomat in Africa, was confirmed by the Senate in July after Trump nominated him for the post, which had been vacant for more than a year.
Nagy will head to the continent next week on a trip that will include a speech on US-Africa relations in Nigeria.

He will also visit Guinea, Mali and Togo as well as Britain and France, where he will meet his counterparts on Africa policy.


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The unfortunate thing with Mnangagwa is that he is not his own man,he suffers from legitimate crisis and he has been in Mugabe's shadows for a damn long time to expect any reasonable change in governance.Remember Mnangagwa is 76 years old and he spent the better part of his life under Mugabe's tutelage.He was part of everything bad that was done by zanu pf.Gukurahundi,dissappearances of vocal people,abductions of opposition supporters,blood diamonds in DRC and Chiadzwa,looting of State funds,Deaths of fellow zanu pf leaders perceived to be against the status quo during Mugabe's reign,the list is endless.So for any right thinking person to expect any meaningful changes from Ngwena is as good as a snowball's chance in hell.You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.He is just applying some cosmetic changes which from his experience with Mugabe are what the people want to hear,not done.He will continue telling the public what he thinks will make sweet music in their ears and will just end there.He is not capable of bringing all the criminals who have ransacked the country on account he is also one of the looters.Its funny that after all that after all the hullaboo that they were targeting criminals around Mugabe,not even a single criminal has been convicted to date..Zanu pf is run mafia style and it will bethe highest level of naivety to expect anything good coming from Zanu pf and Mnangagwa in particular.

Luke Munya Bikaldo - 25 October 2018

luke is a liar,n man can reform & become acceptable.While itz true some mistakes could have bn done during the Mugabe era,but can well b corrected now with Mnangagwa's new dispensation.Itz not true that all done Mugabe era were bad,now Mnangagwa can only take the bad things out.Mnangagwa is a new man of course with a renewed vigor.

addmore gudo - 26 October 2018

New man who? my foot since 1980 being paid in different ministries if hat corruption he could have pulled himself in Mugabe's government in fact he could have been the first opposition if he was not part of the corruption that derailed our country in to mud tibvirei hanzi new hamunyari nhy

Innocent - 26 October 2018

New man who? my foot since 1980 being paid in different ministries if hat corruption he could have pulled himself in Mugabe's government in fact he could have been the first opposition if he was not part of the corruption that derailed our country in to mud tibvirei hanzi new hamunyari nhy

Innocent - 26 October 2018

Luke Munya and Innocent I dont htink you are Zimbabweans. Why are you so possessed with hate of your fellow Zimbabweans to the extent of not seeing the good that is being seen by some one far away as America or Europe? You are very dangerous to this country. What surprises me is no one among you ever talks of thousands of your fellow Zimbabweans butchered by the whites here and neighbouring countries. Even in bible a person is said to be born again because of turning to God. But why these two gentlemen choose to be judges upon ED is something else. The truth is you just hate him. But any way you are not the Zimbabwean majority so continue with your hate until you hate no more.

shunguhadziurayi - 26 October 2018

Well guys don't mind this Luke character. He has been hired to make sure his preferred presidential candidate who lost the July 2018 elections remains relevant in the political sphere. After all 2023 is still miles away. He has been blinded by his loyalty to the losing president so much that he ca't see the little good things ED has done so far. The freedom of speech he is enjoying and abusing came from ED. Had it been Bob at the helm, he wouldn't have dared to demonstrate his newly found freedom of speech. Bob would use his sjambok very hard on him. Anyway, it's his democratic right to pretend not to see the little good that's coming out of ED so far.

mabhengeza - 26 October 2018

I too see the promise of more poverty and more hunger.

citizen - 27 October 2018

Shunguhadziurai to see Mnangagwa as a new person is the question that I suppose to ask you if you are a Zimbabwean because a real Zimbabwean can't see him as new something might be wrong with you man seeing him as new that is sick I see you don't know him well by the way I don't blame you because if you are benefiting from him he is new because he was not doing that to you so fine buy you idya wakanyarara kwete kuda kutinyenga nenhema

Innocent - 27 October 2018

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