Govt dismisses Chamisa

HARARE - Government has dismissed calls for the establishment of a transitional authority as wishful thinking, a view that apparently is also being shared by former liberation war fighters.

On Tuesday, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa proposed a transitional government as a panacea to the economic meltdown the country is currently grappling with.

He also accused war veterans of reneging on an earlier undertaking to facilitate a power-sharing arrangement between Zanu PF and the opposition after the demise of former president Robert Mugabe in November last year.

But Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi told the Daily News yesterday that there was no room for a transitional authority, except for the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) introduced by government to cure Zimbabwe’s economic crisis.

“The transitional government that had been proposed by war veterans during former president Mugabe’s rule is now a brutum fulmen,” Mutodi said adding that “it has been taken over by events”.

“We now have a new government with a five-year mandate from the people and it is this government led by (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa that has now introduced the TSP with the aim to stabilise the economy following many years of economic instability,” he said.

In legal terms, brutum fulmen means an ineffective order or empty thunder.

The former musician, however, said the Mnangagwa administration will maintain an open door policy, tolerate dissent and respect the opposition.

“This is the spirit of inclusivity, tolerance and cooperation brought about by the Second Republic. We will not shut the door on anyone as we represent a clear break
from the past.

“However, anyone seeking the attention of government must understand that issues to do with the legitimacy of the government and its leaders were dealt with by the elections and now is the time for us to fulfil the electoral promises we made to the people of Zimbabwe,” said Mutodi.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) has also dismissed calls by Chamisa, saying the MDC leader was merely dreaming.

“That should remain his dream that will not see the light of day as the matter was already resolved on July 30 when a people’s government was elected,” said Sam Parirenyatwa, the ZNLWVA chairperson for Mashonaland Central Province.

Parirenyatwa blamed the MDC for conniving with “imperialist handlers” to cause the worsening economic situation in the country.

He said Mnangagwa and Zanu PF have capacity to extricate the country out of the economic mess “as long as we put our house in order”.

“The solution lies in the president cleaning up our house which now has elements who are stuck in the past and do not want to move forward

“We must get rid of those people otherwise we will continue to go round in circles,” he warned.

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l as an expert, also hold on the credent that Mr Chamisa of MDC is merely dreaming for the transitional government which could not be possible at the time we are now, maybe Chamisa needs to tell west about how difficult it is to penetrate Zimbabwe bars to the throne.

Diles - 25 October 2018

Chamisa is power sick, that boy must rot in jail as he is an anti revolutionary. Chamisa is puppet of Donald Trump and we must guard Zimbabwe against him, he leads a bunch of powerful people with loads of money and are the cause of foreign currency shortages. They got street hwindis whom he employs to buy all the money and keep it in suitcases. Chamisa is the disease outbreak of Zimbabwean ills. He is a principal saboteur of Zimbabwe economy

Pfeee Mazinyo.Com - 25 October 2018

nero ave murwere wepfungwa uye vachiri kumuteerera vakarasika zvikuru. power drunk dictator

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 25 October 2018

If Chamisa is really calling for another GNU, then he is whistling in the dark and demonstrating insufficient political acumen to reorganize his party and its activities after the 2018 elections going forward. With issues of legitimacy still topical, Chamisa should invest his energy in electoral reforms and avoid agitating for a coalition with a bunch of losers and no hopers who can not manage an economy endowed with abundant natural and human resources like Zimbabwe. There can be no upturn in an economy in which the demand always outstrips the supply side and there are virtually no savings resulting in the government living from hand mouth. The plain truth the government is flat broke and it can not pretend otherwise, notwithstanding the fact that, there is a trickle of revenue from a few last gasping businesses that remain open. Any efforts to introduce and superimpose fancy remedies like TSP amount to putting plaster on a acutely infected wound as the solution. Hon Mutodi should cease hoodwinking the public and pretending we have an economy that responds to the conventional and normal stimulus. We need to go back to the trenches and begin to apply the principles of basic economics which involve increasing productivity while reducing wasteful public expenditure.

Jaikolu Maison - 25 October 2018

Transiting to where now. This college mate of mine is damn confused indeed. Soon after the elections, you told the world that you won the elections and you did not want to associate yourself with ED's illegimate government. Now whats in your mind. To me...Liarson as my collegemate, you seem to realise that ED is now reforming himself. He has brought the best brains around. You are a loser my boy hence ZANU PF has rejected your proposal. They proposed the idea of GNU and you and your minions refused......Go to hell and forget boy. You have even refused the post of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament and now, What do you want boy. Your advisers are so daft and dull. They have no focus at all.

Clemence Tashaya - 25 October 2018

@Pfee you look like the real puppet. pull your head out of your ass. It stinks down there. What revolutionary party are you talking about? What's the use of a revolution when the end result is poverty and hunger? Just shut up you fool.

Moe Syszlack - 25 October 2018

@Pfee you look like the real puppet. pull your head out of your ass. It stinks down there. What revolutionary party are you talking about? What's the use of a revolution when the end result is poverty and hunger? Just shut up you fool.

Moe Syszlack - 25 October 2018

@Moe you shit drunk who don't give a bit of a minute to understand. If we could be asking who really has to shut up is you coz you stink understand shit. The Chamisa you support still think that by not recognizing EDs government things will change, but truly never. If he was born to be a leader he was supposed to be working to better Zimbabwe but only talks of being robbed of elections. You must go jump up the highest pick,die and go to hell

Pfeee Mazinyo.Com - 25 October 2018

I don't want to mention someone's name but you are talking nonsense let the boy sing his song of stolen votes just shut up your tins you have no idea how the votes were stolen so leave him alone you know nothing and point of correction transional government is not GNU I see you guys you are mixing that's why you are saying mnangagwa called him to unite and he refused he is not Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa is same as Bob he has no clue about the economy you can't teach old dog the new tricks only know the tricks to steal eggs.

Innocent - 25 October 2018

@Pfee I think you need kubikirwa doro. BTW who said Chamisa is my man? I just want any Zimbo with at least half a brain to take us to the next stage and not live this neanderthal life Zanu has given us for 38yrs now. Kana newewo nyarawo mhani. Chamunovhaira nacho muchiti muri kutonga chii iwe wakatopfeka nduwe yemubhero? Your wife too. Embarassing.

Moe Syszlack - 26 October 2018

Haiwawo a normal person cannot waste time talking to people like moe syszlack. If you are normal Moe_syszlack tell me where all these cars congesting the streets are coming from? Is there a Company somewhere giving cars to Zimbabweans? Where are all those building state of the art houses getting the money from? No one in this country is still using asbestoes to roof their houses its tiles everywhere. So if ZANU PF has failed why are people living luxurious life styles that did not exist during the boer rule? So if it not because of ZANU PF then everyone is corrupt and everyone must be investigated where he or she got the money to buy a car and built a house in a country ruined by ZANU PF. The truth is you are suffering because of laziness and you want to put the blame to ZANU PF. You think your certificate of writing nonsense on these forums will give you a job to earn a living. Second hand clothes are not anything to talk about because even your wife is a second hand from someone to you may more than one futi. So wearing second hand clothes is not an issue you can leave them if dont want them.

shunguhadziurayi - 26 October 2018

After seeing her mother being executed in the street and she was cast out as an illegitimate child, Elizabeth, imprisoned in the tower of London, narrowly escaped execution, later through court was declared legitimate and legally made Queen Elizabeth 1. She inherited the throne at a time when England's economy was at worst, in debt, though wasn't popular with people it was her economic policies that transformed England, cleared the debt and have a positive surplus, eventually putting England as superpowers

AG - 26 October 2018

Well, you may dismiss Chamisa suggestion of a transitional govt,but the naked truth is,if nothing concrete happens sooner than later ,believe you me another "we are targeting criminals surrounding the president" is inevitable.If at all Mnangagwa was the legitimate president we wouldn't be in such a mess.The guy really has no clue on to arrest the dire situation besides retorting the same old mantra of threatening economic saboteurs without any action taken.Remember when the army kicked out Mugabe ,it was on false pretext that they were targeting criminals surrounding the president but to date not even a "single criminal" who used to surround Mugabe has been convicted.To let people bring in goods through our borders without limit is not such a splendid idea because mostly corrupt govt officials and their kith and kin are the ones who have the forex to bring in those goods that are on shortage here.You cannot expect those that are down in Dotito to have foreign currency to go to SA.Illegitimacy is hounding you Ngwena.The good thing is all that are advocating for Ngwenya are also mugango mune munhu wese.

Janana wa Bikaz Bikela Bikaldo - 26 October 2018

Janana wa Bikaz Bikela Bikaldo really amuses me - Kkkkkkk. He/she illegitimacy is hounding Ngwena - really? Can this chap really understands what he is saying or is just throwing around English words!? Common sense will tell this chap that it is actually Chamisa who is being haunted by being out of power because he is talking about having some power in a transitional government. Ngwena has never felt pressured by anything to talk to Chamisa.I wonder if some people are really literate! I think this is what cost the MDC Alliance the election - its campaign might have been fronted by lots of illiterate or semi-literate people.

Mhofu Chaiyo - 26 October 2018

mhofu if there will be a transitional government it won't be including Mnangagwa either Chamisa understand the word transitional first before you mix it with gnu

Innocent - 27 October 2018

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