CNRG announces date for Operation Hakudzokwi commemorations

HARARE - The fourth edition of Operation Hakudzokwi commemoration in Marange diamond community is scheduled for November 1 this year, the Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) has announced.

Operation Hakudzokwi commemoration is held in memory and honour of fallen and bruised community martyrs, the dispossessed and displaced community members who lost everything to pave way for diamond mining in November 2008.

CNRG’s communications officer Simiso Mlevu said Marange residents and solidarity groups will jointly convey demands for development and the end of human rights violations, at this year’s commemorations.

“The fourth edition of the Operation Hakudzokwi Commemoration will be held on November 1 at Betera Primary School in Marange where thousands of Marange residents and solidarity groups will converge to demand development,” said Mlevu.

“The commemoration which has become the largest annual gathering of progressive minds in Zimbabwe, will again see people sign a petition to be handed over to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Parliament of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, the Gender Commission and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission demanding compensation for those dispossessed of their land, an end to violence by ZCDC and resource plunder.”

Last week, CNRG launched a documentary detailing human rights abuse in the mining community of Marange.

The 24-minute project titled, Marange: The imprisoned community, details violations by State and non-State actors in the diamond mining area of Marange communal lands.

The film captures the thoughtless attack on people’s rights like the right to life and human dignity, environmental rights as well as the violation of the people of Marange’s freedom and torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment.

CNRG is an organisation that advocates for non-violent and conflict free extraction of natural resources.