Chamisa mobbed by motorists in fuel queue

HARARE - MDC leader Nelson Chamisa was yesterday mobbed by motorists after he queued for four hours at a fuel station in the Harare Central Business District.

Chamisa joined the queue at a Puma Service Station along Sam Nujoma Street, where his presence sparked a frenzied interest from motorists.

Chamisa, a former pastor and lawyer who narrowly lost the July presidential election, polling 44,3 percent of the vote, joined the long and winding fuel queue near the centre of town mid-morning, and was mobbed by motorists after he did a walk-about.

Many complained bitterly to him about the shortages of petrol, food and medicine and appealed to him to “do something.”

Nelson Chamisa at fuel queue in Harare

This comes as vital commodities have become scarce, with motorists in the capital  spending inordinate amounts of time in their cars in queues outside petrol stations, supermarkets rationing purchases or shutting entirely, and chemists unable to provide some basic medicines and food prices have soared.

Chamisa shook a few hands along the way to the pump station.

He eventually fuelled his car after four hours after creating a scene at the filling station.

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Do something! Something like what. You think he has a solution. The dude can't even fundraise to pay hooligans masquarading as workers at Harvest House and you expect him to fix the economy. Zimbabweans pretend to be educated yet the exude stupidity at each and every turn. No easy walk to economic prosperity. As usual he has 'no secret weapon' as you rightly saw last time in the court case.

willo - 21 October 2018

I don't know why you hate him that much even he didn't open his mouth you still attack him why not attack those people who seem to be praising him especially wham he did not say anything I wonder what he has done to you when ever they mentioned his name you attack him something might be lacking on you

Innocent - 21 October 2018

@ Inno, Wamba Chamisa and Tindo mBiti opened their immature and silly mouths and begged Drumpt the Donald on bended knee to extend illegal sangishengs on us and now we are feeling the effects of their folly!

Tinowaziwa - 21 October 2018

Shame guys I didn't know kuti you can contradict yourselves like vanhu vasina kumbodarika nekuskool don't tell me you can allow yourselves to be brainwashed with cheap politics like that shame not long ago you were saying Chamisa is a lier when he said he met Trump and being promised $15m to boost the economy even us embassy also quarted saying his president never met that boy Chamisa also hardtalk show in UK lay out that he never met Trump and people mocked him as a lier now you are saying he went to beg for sanctions how did he do that lol ill come on guys you still believe that propaganda of old Mugabe is still hunting you guys I thought vanhu vakadzidza havavharike zvakapusa kudaro

Innocent - 21 October 2018

If Chamisa was squatting and shitting behind some bushes, I bet he would make "BIG NEWS" at the Daily LIES!! Ooops! sorry guys, I have just FARTED, innocently though!! Excuse me...

Will Blackman - 21 October 2018

All you fools show just how stupid Zanuoids can be. Why are you calling him names or asking him to do something? Hanti ED wenyu 'won' in a landslide? Chitongaika. Imbeciles. How can you wish such a neanderthal living on your fellow Zimbos? Just evil.

Moe Syszlack - 21 October 2018

Leave Chamisa alone , what is your ZANU PF doing after stealing the election ????

Khalabemgeza - 22 October 2018

Facts do not lie. ED was either voted by people who do not understand the economics matrix. The learned that voted for ED its either they are learned fools or are just as stupid like Acie Lumumba. Real business people and normal human beings will never vote for Zanu pf after years of destruction and you expect them the build. Chiwenga is a killer he does not have time to put his brains together and think, thats why Jonathan Moyo always outsmarted them, their only way of survival was to use arms of war to. These guys to expect them to deliver is just a joke. ED used to smuggle gold to SA when he was a minister of God father of Midlands, they stole explosives for S Sekeramayi in Kwekwe and up to now no arrest have been made. Then to expect these guys to run a country it is a joke for the year. They are mafies

Gumbo - 22 October 2018

You , silly willo you hate chamisa but today urikumama

bigshons - 22 October 2018

KO tikangova business minded, tosia politics , because hazvishandi ku complainer nguva nenguva kana une chaurikuita kuti urarame ita plus be mobile endai kunze kwe nyika mungo vasia Jehovha vachapindira nerimwe zuva

solomon - 22 October 2018

I'm confused by these guys coming here saying daily news is daily lies why bothering yourselves with lies you shouldn't be here as far as I'm concerned I don't read Herald chronicles and Sunday mail because they lied so I don't waist my time opening them and try to convince those who read it that they are lying they are going to see that it's lies so leave us alone here with our daily news if it is lying that not your duty to tell us here that daily news is lying u don't need to read lies and try to convince us that daily news is lying the way you are concerned about the daily news means it tells the truth and you know it but because of your arrogance and ignorance you think everyone must think what u think leave daily news alone or for us who want to hear it's lies and stop attacking Chamisa mostly when he didn't say anything

Innocent - 22 October 2018

I thought with the education we have as Zimbabweans we are able to see the good and the bad but its not so. you blame Chamisa for everything the same you were doing to Tsvangirayi, why can't you admit kuti zanu pf has failed for these 38 years, see the roads, the building infrastructures Smith left what they are now. the majority of farm lands, how many ministers ne MASHEFU ane 2+ farms you don't say anything, see Chiadzwa diamonds how they were looted and other gold mines, the money changers in every corner of our streets you are so blind to see and know that the BIG SHEFUS are doing that, what you only see is Chamisa shame on us lets not be so low to that extend. NDANYARA, you can't confront evil but good shame maybe you are an angel of darkness who is there to steal, kill and destroy.

Zimuyangu - 22 October 2018

Chamisa is not even in parliament,so how can he contribute? The way to go is to change our constitution so that the leader of the opposition can also sit in parliament. That's how some functioning democracies operate. Perhaps we should adopt the South African model where the president is chosen by Mp's after the parliamentary elections have been concluded.

norman, tendayi miti - 22 October 2018

Accurate information and facts are such an inconvenience to some people. There is nothing wrong in people idolising Chamisa, it's a democracy! Chamisa has many followers especially in urban areas, and it shouldn't come as a surprise when he is mobbed in Harare. What I find absurd is that some people criticise other people's choices, and openly lie that Zanu Pf failed the country for 38 years - I wonder where that comes from! The reality is Zanu Pf and ED garnered sufficient votes to form a government. Mr Chamisa and the MDC Alliance did very well but did not make sufficient numbers to be declared winners and form a government. Zanu Pf is at risk losing power if it does not fix the economy and on the other side if the MDC Alliance embark on a realistic election campaign. I am happy Mr Chamisa is enjoying is freedom with no fear of harm. He is grooming himself to be a better leader by interacting with ordinary people.

Mhofu Chaiyo - 22 October 2018

Mhofu chaiyo I have been following in regards with your comments this is the best comment don't get me wrong I'm not saying other comments were not good but this one is the truth you have said.

Innocent - 22 October 2018

Well done Chamisa for the wonderfull PR exercise. If you opponent blunders, its only natural that you take advantage. So far ED its blunder after blunder. The economy is in a tailspin with no end in sight. The promised mega deals were nothing but plain, blue lies. So for Chamisa its only natural to show us what poor leader we have.

Samaita Dube - 22 October 2018

It's a shame how we are so divided over political affiliations. I can guarantee you that both ED and Wamba are doing just fine. It's the ordinary people that suffer. It's just shameful how we fall for these political gimmicks. Someday the powers that be will answer to a much a higher authority. Sadly the suffering must continue until the time is right.

Anonymous - 22 October 2018

Inno na Willa hamufungi, makadyisiwa.

Zabadawo - 22 October 2018

Some of the people who comment on these platforms are so arrogant. People like bigshons seem to tell us that the price hikes ate only affecting ZANU PF members whilst in reality everybody is affected. You can hear mdca members talking once they get into a lift saying hey muri kuzvigonawo seyi hee nyika yaoma hee Mnangagwa akonewa just to spark silly comments which are not even solving anything at all. I know there are some who are paid just to do that as a way of drumming up support for mdca, but the truth will remain that we are all feeling the pitch. Some are even praising the business people for hiking prices in the hope that this will lead to the ouster of ED for chamisa, surely what kind of mental disorder is that? Hazviitike izvozvo. Chamisa just did what he did just to do some show off like what he did when he visited chorrela patients. Some talked as if he wakened up the deceased. Why was he not being seen at service stations all along, only to just appear when things are not good? He was just after publicity as usual, and the next thing he will be at press conferencing on you tube. NONSENSE.

shunguhadziurayi - 22 October 2018

38 years of plunder, thieving, murder and corruption never seen anywhere in the world, now you reaping what you sowed. You can blame anyone, every one but the truth is on the wall, zanu is a grouping of murderers and thieves that's why the country can not move forward.

Kufandada - 22 October 2018

zabadawo ndiwe wakatodyiswa handifunge papi pacho iwe unofungei wakagezwa pfungwa nezanu woda kuti munhu wese afunge sewe sei iwe funga zvako zvekuzanupf kwamunonyeperwa ikoko and leave me alone ndichitsigira Nero I'm waiting for your respond kuti day I handifunge ndaitasei unotaura zvekudyiswa iwe hauna kudyiswawo nezanu here unogona kudyiswa kwevamwe

Innocent - 22 October 2018

You put it so well @Kufandada. Half the voting population thinks crooks, criminals, liars , murderers and thieves will create heaven for the poor ha ha ha! Just recently, ED speaking at a grad ceremony, told graduates to 'create their own jobs'. On the other hand, he talks of a middle class by 2030, meanwhile his political power hinges on the poor rural people remaining poor, desperate and loyal - see the confusion. How do some people miss this if they are 'reasoning' at all?

Sagitarr - 23 October 2018

it seems as if Chamisa is the president of Zimbabwe because the attention that he gets wherever he goes is just extraordinary. For eg he's being blamed for queuing for fuel. What's wrong about that? The interesting thing is that those who seem to hate are the ones who keep on writing stuff about him. Come on guys you like him but you just cowards who can't stamd on their on.

Zvichiitirwei - 23 October 2018

Just check the number of comments when a story about Chamisa is printed as COMPARED to those when the story is about ED. Something is not adding up here.

Zvichiitirwei - 23 October 2018

In this same paper there is a report of war veterans demonstrating against some of their party leaders or "employees" and their spokesperson indicates that for 38 years the economy has been declining. What a confirmation of the corruption and thieving by ZANU(PF) . So leave Chamisa alone and focus on giving us solutions to the problems that ZANUPF created

Politics - 27 October 2018


calvin - 28 October 2018

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