Struggling Zimboz need a reprieve

HARARE - Todays’ Asian tigers, China included were nonentities when we attained independence in 1980 with Singapore a laughing stock. Thirty years on, these nations have ushered in sound economic policies that raise the standard of living for their people and have become global players of note.

To date sheepish Zimbabwean leaders rush there for medical treatment and holidaying not to talk about their children’s education.

Who shall knock sense into our current crop of politicians that it is attainable, it is possible to lift the economy from where it is and create an environment where everyone prospers not just those in power?

As the church we see a leadership reminiscent of the Old Testament times who, when they forsook their God, they plunged the entire nation into an abyss. Isaiah 1 verses 4-10 esp 7. We see the rampaging China pillaging on our resources year in year out as a sign that we are not in synch with God hence marauding heartless foreign nations plunder us always especially, when we are about to harvest and Chiadzwa becomes a case in point.

Again we pray that may God rid us of such insensitive cruel leaders who care about themselves and not the people they lead.

Our economic blue prints are never genuine and are not meant to uplift the economy but a window dresser and whitewash to create an impression, to win elections and as such we will never realize our real and full potential.

The recent fiscal measures are nothing new as we have been down the same road before during and after 2008.

The nation must just tell the political leadership that you are mortgaging the present and future of this nation to hostile forces.

Current winds indicate China is on a takeover drive of Africa and the region has seen causalities already.

The question where is, the so called regional body SADC when the regional members are being re-colonized this time by China?

It is again that questionable African brotherhood that cannot admonish nor critique fellow brethren even when they are clearly totally off side. Is it not time to abandon African idiosyncrasies that continue to underdeveloped Africa in a rapidly developing global economy?

Zimbabwe is one of the most highly taxed countries in the world and yet we have nothing to show for it. Where are the taxes going?

The government budget deficit continues to balloon yet the rest of the civil service is grossly underpaid where is the money going to?

Ever since the days of former president Robert Mugabe, fiscal discipline has continued to elude the system and surprisingly, even those who said would do things differently, seem to be getting worse hence the poor have to fund government’s insatiable appetite for unbudgeted expenditure.

This is ridiculous! No wonder why a multi layered tax regime. It is not about bringing in an economist from Mars but about best practice at government level, only and only then we experience an economic resurgence.