President Mnangagwa panics over economic crisis

HARARE - President Emmerson Mnangagwa is leaning heavily on his officials to restore sanity in the country's economy with analysts saying their knee-jerk responses betray unprecedented levels of panic.

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zanupf must swallow its pride and talk to chamisa zanu officials are drawing money and sell in black markets foreigners like chinese nigerians parkistan congolese indians they do business and dont bank money but take it through your open boarders the dollar is being looted by these foreign national stop offeing shops to foreigners and ignore your own people who can do business and bank the money in zim instead of these foreigners who are taking the dollar to south africa the take planes at or tambo to their countries open you eyes and ears

DAVID - 11 October 2018

I am not too sure whether these officials referred to are civil servants or the recently appointed ministers. The President recently reshuffled his senior civil servants by retiring the dead wood and bringing in those who were in different departments or near the top. Surely he does not expect a dramatic change or rescue plan from this new group which does not bring much new value to the table. They are just obedient deputies and apprentices to the just evicted moribund mob. In any event theirs is a policy implementation role while the conceptualization falls squarely on the shoulders of the politicians . The new political kids on the block group include the likes of Mthuli Ncube, Winston Chitando, Sekai Nzenza et all. They are all accomplished practitioners in their previous vocations but they have been tasked with breathing life into a dead horse . I don't see any of them possessing the relevant capacity to resurrect this particular economy which has been sick all along and died after the July elections . Its too late the train has left the station Mr President as far as the economy is concerned and the most respectful and courageous thing to do is to throw your towel into the ring and let others give it a go. Its time to take heed of the Shona proverb "Zvakona n'anga murwere achirikuda kurapwa" (The doctor has failed to save the patient despite all efforts)

Jaiklou Maison - 11 October 2018

So MDC-A are the "Messiahs" of the "dead horse" you speak of? What care does Chamisa and Mafume have for the masses than for themselves?? Who cannot see the change in chamisa and mafume's bodies since they "grabbed" leadership at the MDC?

Ba Kuku - 11 October 2018

As long as we do not unite in rebuilding our nation whatever idea whoever brings is dead wood. These politicians are humans like us looking for a career path not at our lives' good. Have you ever stopped to see how the few whites left in the nation are still ones with flourishing ventures, they work as units!!!

Ba Kuku - 11 October 2018

Jaiklou what ever your name is. Firstly you dont understand the basic principals of live. In life there is no successful thief. Thieves lives in fear, ED and Chiwenga knew they stole elections, hence they killed those innocent people. Now since they know the truth, and God is the God of Justice who sees our thoughts and our doings in darkness can never be fooled. Maybe if I use soccer as an example you might understand. If a player cheats or does something against the rules of the game and the referee did not get hold of it, these days they go to the screen and play back and if the player is guilt he will be punished accordingly and its the team that suffer. Thats how God deals with people who kill and steal. They might have power but they live in constant fear. They dont trust anyone even their spouses as it stand now. So what I am try to say is that a thief, a killer do not build they destroy. Theirs is to consume what they did not work for. Now that all eyes are on them they now want to pretend as if they are the good guys. The hand of God is not to short to save, nor does He sleep. He is the God that will not promote evil. Another good example is Mugabe. He was so evil to the born and cared less as long he cheats his way to power. He never built anything, he constantly shouted at Tsvangirai, which is now what ED is trying to avoid to do, but later if he does not reform he will be worse than Mugabe

Gumbo - 11 October 2018

Well said Gumbo,these ruling elite think that they can do all sorts of cruel thing to the citizens with impunity.The devil makes them think that as long as they control the levers of power they can kill,abduct,torture,steal with no consequences at all.They tend to forget that they are are made of flesh and blood like everyone else.They know that there is a living God but their warped minds always tell them that everything starts with them and ends with them.Mugabe should serve as a practical example to them but as usual they will tell you that they will be more cleverer than Mugabe.Beware of God's rage when He finally says enough is enough.Like cattle lined up for slaughter they always repeat the same old evil ways which always end with their demise.Take heed all evil political leaders.God is always watching you.

Luke Bikaz Bikela Bikaldo - 11 October 2018

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